How MI6 spies could help overthrow weak Putin by wooing Russian coup plotters with cash, yachts and gold Rolexes

MI6-SPIES could help topple Putin by courting Russian coup plotters with cash, gold Rolex watches or even Wimbledon seats, security experts say.

A lightning mutiny by mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner Group exposed cracks in Putin’s weakening power – and now the West could step in to topple Vlad’s house of cards for good.

Putin appears to have been weakened by the uprising


Putin appears to have been weakened by the uprisingPhoto credit: Zuma Press
Experts said MI6 could help Russian putschists to overthrow Putin


Experts said MI6 could help Russian putschists to overthrow PutinPhoto credit: Getty
It is believed that Putin's inner circle may be ready to overthrow the Russian tyrant


It is believed that Putin’s inner circle may be ready to overthrow the Russian tyrantPhoto credit: AFP

It is suspected that Putin has a leadership crisis ahead of him, and one that will galore wolves They are waiting in the wings, ready to carve their way to power.

Security analysts are convinced that the extraordinary Wagner uprising marks “the beginning of the end” for the tyrant who emerges shattered, weakened and exposed from the attempted coup.

It is believed that Putin’s inner circle and top military officials could be to blame next strike with a revolt.

The West is watching closely as it prepares for a Kremlin collapse – with Britain preparing “for a range of scenarios” following the Russian upheaval.

Three leading security experts laid out how such a coup could work – and how the West could offer the Russians support, sanctuary or even bribes.

Western nations have supported regime change before, for example by supporting rebel groups in Libya and Syria.

The UK itself could even help overthrow Putin by hiring MI6 to support a rebellion against him, said Professor Anthony Glees of the University of Buckingham.

He told The Sun that foreign intelligence would carry out the order “under conditions of the utmost secrecy”.

And given Prigozhin’s apparent failure to overthrow Putin, MI6 secret agents may seek to give Vlad’s evil regime a final push.

“The problem would have to be developed by MI6,” Prof Glees told The Sun Online.

“If the PM gave them the signal to leave, it would be up to MI6 to carry out the order under conditions of the utmost secrecy.”

Prof Glees said the head of MI6, Sir Richard Moore, would “let himself be guided by history”.

“I think he would argue that history shows that the best way to overthrow Putin is to support a successful uprising against him,” he said.

“This has two major advantages over an assassination attempt.

“Putin could be captured alive and thus transferred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where he could be tried for his war crimes.

“Secondly, Britain’s involvement in its elimination could be kept secret, thereby avoiding any kind of retaliation.”

“MI6 officials would have to try to identify Russian military officers who want to attack Putin and then covertly offer them the strongest political support and inducements to act.”

“It could be cash donations, offers of help to Russia, gold Rolex watches, places at Wimbledon or places at Eton for their sons, the usual MI6 gifts.”

Prof Glees said MI6 would look into Operation Foxley – the plan hatched in 1944 by Britain’s Special Operations Executive, a secret World War II organisation, to assassinate Hitler.

They invented two ways to wipe out Hitler – either by adding poison to the drinking water on Hitler’s train or by shooting him on his morning walk.

But it never happened.

I think Putin is a cold, hard, insane killer who tries to fight his way out of every corner he’s in through threats and assassinations

Anthony Glees

In July of that year, German army generals rebelled against Hitler — and Hitler “exacted a terrible revenge,” said Prof. Glees.

“The conspirators were hung from piano wire, their agony filmed for the Fuhrer’s amusement,” he explained.

“Ultimately, as we know, it was the RAF and Allied troops who got rid of Hitler by practically tearing Germany apart brick by brick.

“Indeed, as Operation Foxley found, it is very difficult to get close enough to someone like Putin to ensure a quick, clean assassination, even if you know his whereabouts, which will always be very complex.”

But Prof Glees said the West should “do everything we can” to hasten Putin’s downfall and stop him from doing anything stupid and dangerous.

He told The Sun: ‘Bride them with the sunlit highlands of a brighter future where we’ll buy their petrol and oil back; offer them gold Rolexes and luxury yachts, whatever, but first they have to kill Putin.”

Glees warned that the bully may not even live to be 71.

“Things like that can often happen very quickly,” he said.

“I think Putin is a cold, hard, insane killer who tries to fight his way out of every corner he’s in through threats and murder.”

“I think he’s hated, and once his authority is finally exhausted, I think he’ll try to flee, maybe to Cuba, near the amounts of money we think he’s throwing in for a bad day.” held in a trust fund in British Virgin Islands.

Security expert Igor Shchebetun agrees that the West should intervene to help the putschists overthrow Putin.

“As long as Putin lives, Russia will bear the stigma of defeat and will be an international criminal,” Shchebetun said.

“There is no way to keep Putin alive for long – the ideal scenario is disempowerment and death in a short time.”

“If the West wants to prevent nuclear-weapons chaos, gain access to resources without blackmail, and preserve the status quo, the West should directly control the situation in Russia.”

Shchebetun explained how such an intervention would play out, saying the “range of tools” at the West’s disposal to overthrow Putin was “huge”.

“This type of operation is carried out indirectly and with someone else’s hand,” he said, citing foreign intelligence agencies.

Since the coup, Putin has been trying to convey an image of strength


Since the coup, Putin has been trying to convey an image of strengthPhoto credit: AP
Prigozhin has apparently gone into exile since his rebellion


Prigozhin has apparently gone into exile since his rebellionPhoto credit: AP
Wagner Group forces marched towards Moscow before turning back


Wagner Group forces marched towards Moscow before turning backPhoto credit: AP

“The Technologies of Black Diplomacy and the range The number of tools for overthrowing governments at foreign hands is vast and not only available to special services.

“The overthrow of the regimes of Gaddafi and Yanukovych and the attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria used the same methods and printed manuals.

“All of these coups were perfectly planned.”

Putin is reportedly terrified of the possibility of being overthrown and then killed – he’s obsessed with what happened to Gaddafi in 2011.

The top four Kremlin leaders who could seize the opportunity to overthrow Putin include Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Nikolai Patrushev, and spy chiefs Alexander Bortnikov and Sergei Naryshkin.

Former army officer Colonel Richard Kemp warned that any action against the Russian leader could be taken “very quickly and without warning”.

He told The Sun: “Many elites are deeply dissatisfied with Putin’s war, which has been very damaging to them and of no tangible benefit.”

“I would say that the likelihood of a crackdown on Putin has just increased.

“Given the extent of the Kremlin’s surveillance of individuals in any position of power, it would be very difficult to build an alliance that could overthrow him.”

I would say that the likelihood of action against Putin has just increased

Colonel Richard Kemp

“But in Russia the unexpected has happened before, and when it does, it usually happens very quickly and without warning.”

“Equally, an assassination would be difficult. Putin has the greatest possible security around him. But no security is perfect and it might be possible for someone or some people to get at it.”

“You would have to be very smart and also be prepared to die and possibly suffer torture whether the assassination succeeds or fails.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher.”

Although Russia is the world’s “hardest target” for Western intelligence agencies, Col Kemp said MI6 or the CIA may be able to identify a conspiracy inside Russia and provide some form of assistance.

He said: “Obviously that would be very risky as it could cause enormous damage if their involvement became known, even remotely.”

“But our intelligence agencies have achieved even more unlikely things in the past, and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility.”

“I think Britain and the US would like to see an end to Putin’s power given the tremendous damage he has done…not just to Ukraine, but to the international order and our economy.”

“But they also know that if he is overthrown, he could well be replaced by someone even worse.”

Col Kemp has warned that should Putin be ousted, “utter chaos” could ensue — and it could even lead to Russia’s slide into breakaway states controlled by warlords.

“Whatever the outcome of the current situation, Russia will remain a threat to the West, maybe not immediately, but certainly in the longer term,” he said.

“Europe should never again feel smug about letting its guard down and enjoying some sort of peace dividend.”


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