How Jeffrey Dahmer’s victim, Errol Lindsey, WAKE UP when a cannibal beast drilled holes in his skull in a sick “zombie” experiment

THE ELEVENTH victim of Jeffrey Dahmer was subjected to a “zombie” experiment at the hands of the twisted killer, who drilled into his skull and poured acid into his brain.

Errol Lindsey was just 19 when he met the sadistic killer on the streets of Wisconsin and was lured back to his apartment in April 1991.

Errol Lindsey was Dahmer's 11th victim and the first victim of his sick zombie experiments


Errol Lindsey was Dahmer’s 11th victim and the first victim of his sick zombie experimentsCredit: A&E
Dahmer was finally arrested in 1991 after killing 17 boys and men as part of his killing spree


Dahmer was finally arrested in 1991 after killing 17 boys and men as part of his killing spreePhoto credit: AFP

The teenager was the first of his 17 victims to be experimented on as part of Dahmer’s sick fantasies of turning the men he met into his zombie slaves.

In a heavily stunned state, the serial killer drilled into Errol’s skull and poured hydrochloric acid into the hole – in his sick attempt to take full control of his victims.

But the horrifying experiment suddenly woke the unconscious teenager before he uttered the words, “I have a headache. What time is it?”

Dahmer continued to drug him in an attempt to subdue him before strangling him and flaying his corpse to retain his skin.

He then decapitated his skull to keep as a diseased trophy, but was forced to dispose of his remains when his attempts to preserve his skin failed when it became “too frayed and brittle”.

Dahmer was finally caught in July 1991, but not before killing four other victims.

Between 1978 and 1991, the serial killer murdered 17 teenage boys and men, many of them at his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He would dismember most of his victims and keep body parts in his freezer as diseased trophies, even eating chunks of meat to fulfill his corrupted urges.

Though the crimes of the “Milwaukee Cannibal” are well documented, some of the details of his horrifying crimes are still shocking to this day.

Dahmer lured his victims – almost all from minority ethnic or LGBT communities – back to his apartment, often offering to pay them for nude photos in return.

Once there, he would drug their drinks before carrying out his evil deeds.

He later told the court that once drugged, he would drill a tiny hole in some of his victims’ skulls, “just enough to open a passageway to the brain.”

Dahmer said he would then inject them with hydrochloric acid to induce a “zombie-like state.”

In May 1991, Dahmer was almost caught after performing this nasty surgery a second time on his youngest victim, 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone.

Konerak was subjected to the same horrific torture as Errol Lindsay after he too was lured back to the killer’s apartment.

He was drugged before Dahmer took a drill into his brain and injected diluted hydrochloric acid into his frontal lobe.

He then left his apartment to visit a bar and buy more alcohol, but when he returned the boy had regained consciousness and was able to escape to the streets.

The boy spoke half-naked to three neighbors who, concerned about his condition and young appearance, called the police.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the teenager was naked, injured, bleeding and heavily under the influence of drugs when he managed to escape from Dahmer’s apartment.

But when the police arrived, Dahmer convinced them that Sinthasomphone was his friend and that he was just drunk.

Errol's sister Rita Isbell gave emotional victim testimony during Dhamer's trial - she has since slammed the Netflix series


Errol’s sister Rita Isbell gave emotional victim testimony during Dhamer’s trial – she has since slammed the Netflix seriesPhoto credit: YouTube
Jeffery spoke of drilling holes in the skulls of his drugged victims and pouring hydrochloric acid into them


Jeffery spoke of drilling holes in the skulls of his drugged victims and pouring hydrochloric acid into themPhoto credit: Getty

“The story I used was that he was a houseguest, a friend who sometimes drinks too much and runs out into the street naked,” Dahmer later testified.

He added that police had not discovered the hole he had drilled in the boy’s skull.

The women tried to tell officers to investigate, pointing out that the boy was bleeding from his rectum, but police ordered them to shut up.

One of the officers, Joseph Gabrish, noticed that Dahmer’s apartment had a putrid odor of decaying flesh when he escorted the couple back, but did not investigate further.

After police left, Dahmer said he gave the boy another injection of acid into his brain, which proved fatal.

“I listened for a heartbeat right after the injection, but there wasn’t one,” he testified in court. “I didn’t try to kill him, but that’s what happened.”

Sinthasomphone’s family later sued the city of Milwaukee and three police officers, two of whom were fired over the incident.

It later emerged that Dahmer had conducted a similarly twisted experiment on 19-year-old Errol Lindsey.

Errol’s sister, Rita Isbell, delivered an emotionally charged victim statement on the day Dahmer was convicted of murdering 16 boys and men and sentenced to life in prison in 1992.

She lunged at the killer while yelling, “Jeffrey motherf**ker I hate you…I could kill you.”

She was restrained by cops in the courtroom while the twisted killer barely batted an eyelid and remained emotionless.

Speaking recently to Insider, she said, “My plans were to go there and say how my mom felt about it and what it did to her and all these other things.

“But no, when I looked him in the face it was a whole new ball game. I recognized evil. I faced pure evil.”


The story of Errol’s horrific murder is told in a new 10-part Netflix series about Jeffrey Dahmer’s pathological crimes.

The series sparked fury from Errol’s family, who say Netflix never approached them before it aired, accusing them of “moneying off the tragedy.”

One episode plays the heartbreaking scene in the courtroom where Rita enrages her brother’s killer.

She told Insider: “When I saw part of the show, it bothered me, especially when I saw myself – seeing my name appear on the screen and this lady literally saying exactly what I was saying.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was. Her hair was like mine, she wore the same clothes. So it felt like I was reliving everything.

“It brought back all the emotions I felt at the time.

“I was never contacted about the show. I think Netflix should have asked if we mind or how we felt about it. You didn’t ask me anything. They just did it.”

In a tweet, she added after her interview, “My cousins ​​wake up to a series of calls and texts every few months at this point knowing there’s another Dahmer show coming up. It’s cruel.

“…It keeps getting re-traumatized and for what?” How Jeffrey Dahmer’s victim, Errol Lindsey, WAKE UP when a cannibal beast drilled holes in his skull in a sick “zombie” experiment


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