How it got the CDPR permission to Bang Johnny Silverhand

Cyberbang 2069 Sounds like a piece of porn Cyberpunk 2077, but there’s so much more to it. Yes, it takes existing Cyberpunk characters and transplants them into the more erotic setting of a visual novel/dating sim, but monetizing a popular video game isn’t cheap, it’s not. instead, it’s closer to lovable fiction to better explore a world where the game only scratches the surface. I recently sat down with Triple Taste developers Nara, Bean, and Celest to see how the idea first emerged.

“It started after playing the entire story of Cyberpunk 2077,” Nara, the game’s artist, told me. “I was basically sad that I couldn’t date Goro in Cyberpunk 2077. Because Fem VI was frankly only given one choice. River okay, but a romantic character? It’s just sad.”

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While Goro was the one who started the game, the fire wasn’t lit until Nara ran into another character for a fleeting moment. “My depression made me like a guy named Sandayu Oda, who only had 15 minutes to watch a movie and didn’t get a chance to date. So I decided to do a dating sim with him. At first, the game was called The Rematch, with only Oda being a favorite. But our team has grown and many people want to meet more people to date. So we choose Goro, Johnny and Hanako. Due to a bit of a problem with Hanako’s path, we had to remove it and replace her with Vik. So here we are, with a full path for Sandayu Oda, and three demos for Goro Takemura, Viktor Vektor and Johnny Silverhand. “

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You may be struggling to remember Sandayu Oda. With 130 hours into Cyberpunk 2077, my first thought when I saw him in the visual novel was ‘oh yeah, that guy!’. But if he’s falling behind Johnny, Goro, or even Vic, then why focus on Oda? According to Bean, it’s all about the eyes. Bean said: “He had a really great voice actor, which helped a lot. “He just has a really deep, foreboding, emotional voice. For me, that’s what really attracted him. And then he also has these strangely beautiful eyes. Why does this scary man have such big blue eyes? It’s interesting when we talk about that. Apparently, his model wasn’t complete. He has no fingernails, no mature network control software, and lack of content combined with the interesting design and captivating nature of his character, we feel there is such a story. over there. I’ll admit that I’ve also written a lot of Oda’s fanfiction, and he’s just different in so many iterations of it, because you can extrapolate his character based on how he presents himself. body in the game. It was a fun experience to take his story and make it our own. ”

Bean joined the game after Nara and Celest had the idea ready, joined as a writer, and proved to be an important piece of the puzzle. “At first, the game didn’t have many chapters,” says Celest. “In just a few days, we planned six days. We want that to be the first day you meet Oda, the second you talk to him, you get to know him, until eventually, you know, knock him out. It was difficult for us because neither Nara nor I are native speakers. We knew Bean from a server and we thought ‘She’s really good at what she does, why don’t we ask her?’ and she basically saved the game. That’s how we did Triple Taste because it was just the three of us in the beginning.”


Other than the game itself, one of the most interesting aspects of Cyberbang 2069 is that it was made with explicit permission from CD Projekt Red itself. Many assume that a tweet praising the game from a Cyberpunk developer constitutes this ‘permission’, but Bean explains that it all happened long ago behind the scenes. After a friend suggested they check if their game was allowed, the developers went to CDPR’s website.

“We read their terms of service and for the fan art, that was really cool. You can monetize fan art, you just can’t lock it behind a fee wall. We knew it was going to be free, but they said ‘don’t make video games based on Cyberpunk’, which makes us question a bit about the content of a visual novel, because some people will say it is not a video game. It’s fanfic mixed with art in a more immersive style, really. ”

This prompted Triple Taste to send an email asking if their project was allowed and the best way to change it. Bean said: “We were expecting some sort of obvious explanation like, ‘Oh, is this about Johnny? “. “Because there are some problems with his character [in the past] because of Keanu Reeves, but they just sent back, ‘Just do it’. That was just a few months into our development, last April. I’ve seen a lot of articles referencing tweets from Patrick [K. Mills, CP77’s quest designer] like ‘Oh, look, they let’ but we were allowed [before]. ”

Us Cracks Cyberpunk

The game’s success has skyrocketed recently after several press outlets picked up the demo, and the immediate plan is to turn existing demos into complete paths like Oda’s. After that, the team doesn’t rule out bringing in even more characters, but the plan is to highlight those who aren’t romantic at first.

“We really wanted to do more,” Bean told me. “At this point, we will not promise anything. But what we can say is that our focus will definitely be on the unsentimental characters in the game. Because there are so many characters that are very interesting and have such story potential. Cyberpunk fandom is terrible. So there are a lot of people who choose an NPC, and that’s just their people.

“We’ve tweaked the experience for a lot of customization. So you can be female, you can be male and you can be transgender, you can have different skin tones, just so people can really feel it’s their V, their experience. . We wanted to give them an experience they couldn’t have in the game. I especially love Blue Moon. I would love to do a story with Blue Moon, because there’s an open-ended romance in the game where you can ask her out for a date and she laughs at you. And then it broke my heart a little bit. So I really want to explore something like that. But we’ve also been asked about Mateo, Meredith, Claire, Jackie, there’s a lot of characters that we can expand on and I really hope that we can move on. ”

Cyberbang 2069 is available for free at itch.iobut you can tip the developers Kofi page here.

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