How is April Fool’s Day celebrated around the world?

JOKESTER, start honing your jokes – everyone else, stay alert.

It’s a prank or a prank when the April Fool’s joke rolls around.

Social media star StraightDropLace posed as The Joker in Miami Beach, Florida just before the April Fools' Day 2022 joke. (Pichichipixx /


Social media star StraightDropLace posed as The Joker in Miami Beach, Florida just before the April Fools’ Day 2022 joke. (Pichichipixx /

How is April Fool’s Day celebrated around the world?

April Fool’s Day falls on the first day of April fourth month of the year.

While the time for practical jokes is always right, April 1st is the official holiday of elaborate clowning.

It is not known where April Fool’s Day came from, but it is celebrated all over the world.

Colleagues, friends and romantic partners Do pranks on this day.

The ideas are even endless by texting.

Some brave parents might even go for it play pranks on their children B. by serving mashed potatoes under the guise of ice cream.

Sometimes the media gets involved in the fun.

The BBC’s Panorama has pranked thousands by claiming Swiss farmers harvest spaghetti from plants in 1957.


And the British went ballistic when the BBC published a bulletin that Big Ben went digital in 1980.

Not all pranks are appreciated.

K-pop star Jaejoong learned this the hard way his false coronavirus claim on April 1, 2020 earned him the ire of the internet.

However, most pranks are all fun.

Here’s how different countries put their own spin on April Fool’s Day.


English Officemates could compete to end the morning with the label “April Fool’s Day.”

The first person pranked throughout the day deserves the title.

The only way they can lose their low status is by pranking someone else.

That person becomes the next “April Fool’s joke,” and so on.

These pranks will be completed by noon.

Anyone who tries to thwart their peers in the afternoon hours is branded a fool for life.


April 1st is also known as Gowk Day Scotland.

Gowk comes from the Scottish word for cuckoo – birds that appear in spring.

On this day, ignorant victims are sent on “errands of fools.”


Irish April Fools’ Day jokes often involve passing around a letter that simply says, “Send the fool on.”

The recipient of the letter pretends that it contains very serious information and urges someone to pass it on to the next fool.


the Greek Tradition adds an incentive to pet.

If you successfully fool someone, you might have good luck until next April.


April Fool’s Day is known as Prima Aprilis in the US Poland.

It is well known that people lie all day long.

They say you shouldn’t trust anything a Pole says on April 1st.

You might even want to hire a food taster for anything edible or drinkable that is handed to you by a third party.


the Portuguese celebrate their version of the April Fool’s joke on the Sunday and Monday before Lent.

Her trademark is throwing flour at people.

France, Belgium and Italy

French, Belgian and Italian Pranksters have the same pet lazy joke on April 1st.

The day is known as “Poisson d’Avril” in French and “Pesce d’Aprile” in Italian – also known as “April Fish”.

The rascals in both countries slap a picture of a fish on the back of a schoolmate or colleague.


Brazilian call April 1st “the day of lies”.

Similar to the Poles, they test how many untruths they can get away with throughout the day.

Pranks abound too.


Iranian April Fool’s Day takes place 13 days after the Persian New Year.

The holiday is known as Sizdah Be-dar and is possibly the oldest such holiday in existence: believed to date back to the sixth century BC.

Iranians tend to spend the day outside having fun.

You might even indulge in a few jump scares.

Is April Fool’s Day celebrated in the US?

American Don’t stop the April Fool’s Day celebrations at noon.

They keep the pranks going all day, from home to school or work and back again.

In recent years, the media has joined in the fun.

NPR drew a quick swipe on his Facebook followers by posting a link that read, “Why does America stop reading?”

Angry commenters replied that they had indeed read.

But if they had clicked on the link, they would have read immediately that it was an April Fool’s joke.

Fast-food giant Taco Bell ran ads claiming it in 1996 it had bought famous historical landmark the liberty bell.

As the hoax gathered momentum, America’s National Parks Service held an emergency press conference to insist it wasn’t true.

Pay special attention to California-based Google each year.

The addiction animal is known to launch counterfeit products on April 1st. How is April Fool’s Day celebrated around the world?


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