How good is Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO?

The finale of Naughty season in Pokemon GO will give trainers access to a much more powerful version of Hoopa.

Like in the main games of the series, Hoopa will receive his Unbound form in Pokemon GO. The trainer will need to provide 10,000 Stardust and 50 Hoopa candies for this change, but there will be another item needed to change the form. This could be the Prison Bottle, which Hoopa uses to transform in the main games of the series.

New version of Hoopa is very strong in Pokemon GO


First of all, Hoopa unbound is greatly aided in typing. But on the contrary Hoopa is incarcerated Capable of importing Psychic and Ghost, Hoopa Unbound swaps Ghost for Dark.

Both types eliminate each other’s weaknesses. The Shadow Type removes Psychic’s weakness for Dark and Ghost, while Psychic removes Dark’s weakness for Combat.

Therefore, there are only two types that hit Hoopa Unbound for super effective damage: Bug and Fairy. Hoopa Unbound attack bug deals double damage super effective (256% power), but Bug types are not that common. It’s not like the Butterfrees and Vivillions are running around in the Master League these days.

Statistically speaking, Hoopa propels himself to the top of the glass cannon. Its attack stat 310 is higher than that of Mewtwo. As such, it will be one of the best Raid attack champions in the game.

Hoopa Unbound Attack & # 039; s is even higher than Mewtwo & # 039; s (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Hoopa Unbound’s attack is even higher than Mewtwo’s (Image via The Pokemon Company)

In terms of mobility, Hoopa has a great tool in quickly moving Confusion. This move causes massive DPS that will deal more damage than would come from a strong Pokemon like Hoopa Unbound.

For attacks, it is necessary to run Psychic to pair with Confusion as a Psychic-type Raid attacker. From there, the trainer can decide between Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse.

Each move has its advantages. Shadow Ball deals more damage, but Dark Pulse has better coverage.

All that considered, Hoopa Unbound would easily be one of the strongest attacking Pokemon in the game. It will compete with Mewtwo for the best Psychic style Raid attacker. It’s pretty weak for a Pokemon likely to be used in the Master League, but its sheer strength will still make it viable in that meta.

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