How does the story end?

F is for family season 5 has landed on Netflix and people can’t stop talking about the series’ ending. With so much going on in the final moments of the season, you might need help unpacking things. So let us be your guide. We’ll break down everything that happened in the final episode of F is for family season 5 right here.

F is for family is one of Netflix’s top adult animated series and sadly we have to gauge its popularity Netflix Original adieu series. When Netflix decided to refresh the show for a fifth season in October 2020, it announced that the fifth season would be its final.

We really hate seeing this TV series go, but F is for family Had a good run. The sitcom has a total of five seasons with a series ending. Unfortunately, most TV shows don’t get such an opportunity.

Now, without saying more, let’s discuss the season 5 finale. How F is for family season 5 end?

KEY TYPES of SPOILERS for F is for family Season 5 is coming!

Can Ginny and Eileen ever get together?

Surprisingly, Ginny and Frank’s sister, Eileen, are back together in season five. We know Ginny wants love and affection from someone, but we don’t expect it to be from Eileen.

The attraction begins when Eileen compliments Ginny in episode 7. Later, as Frank leaves the house to head to the airport to prepare for the Buster Thunder jump, he encounters Ginny and Eileen walking out in his car. However, this is not a one-time ending. In the final episode, Ginny leaves Rustvale for California to be with Eileen.

Are you as shocked by this pairing as we are? At least, Sue doesn’t have to confront Ginny anymore.

Will Kevin and Alice end up together in F is for Family season 5?

Correct! Kevin and Alice end up together at the end of season five. The young couple started the final season in a good relationship. But when Kevin became too clingy and insecure, Alice broke up with him.

Kevin tries his best to get Alice back, but Alice won’t bring Kevin back. However, when Alice saw Kevin sing to the babies at Sue’s nursery class, she was amazed at Kevin and believed he had changed.

In the final episode, Kevin and Alice start dating again and almost sleep together for the first time.

Buster Thunder Jr. Can the jump be made?

After a night of drinking with Frank, we thought it was unlikely that Buster would be able to successfully fly his motorcycle over an Ala-Hican Boeing 747. Then when Buster complained about the misplaced ramps for his jump, we really thought he wouldn’t make it. However, in the end, Buster made a successful landing. I anticipate his drinking ritual the night before a leap doesn’t affect him.

Why was Frank demoted?

Frank was close to getting a promotion and Christmas bonus after Buster Thunder Jr. successful landing. However, all of that went up in smoke when Buster Thunder Jr badmouthed Ala-Hican Airlines on TV. To get a promotion and a bonus, Frank had to come up with an idea to fix Ala-Hican Airlines’ image and increase profits for the company.

Frank suggested that having Buster Thunder Jr jump one of Ala-Hican’s planes on live television would bring positive publicity to the company, but Buster had to step in and ruin everything. Since it was Frank’s idea, Ala-Hican fired him.

What happened to Pogo?

After Rosie and Pogo team up to take down the mayor and Gagliardi, their plan goes south when the enemy captures them at the Christmas Eve performance. Gagliardi aimed the gun at both Rosie and Pogo. While Pogo fears for his life, Rosie defies and taunts Gagliardi to shoot him. Pogo turns on Rosie and shouts at Gagliardi to shoot Rosie. Gagliardi, tired of hearing Pogo talk, shoots Pogo in the stomach. Pogo survived the shooting but is now paralyzed.

What does box 16 mean?

Box 16 is Big Bill’s last words, and Frank has spent the whole season figuring out what box 16 means. After much frustration, Frank finally figured out the meaning of box 16 from Dick in the season 5 finale. According to Dick, Big Bill didn’t say box 16. He said Bach 16. Bach 16 is his favorite piece of music. by Big Bill, and he wanted that song played at his funeral.

Frank is very disappointed by this news but still respects his father’s request. He went to the cemetery and played Bach 16 while standing by Big Bill’s tombstone. When Frank leaves the cemetery, he vows to move on with his life.

What happened to Gagliardi?

Gagliardi met his death when a large platform containing loudspeakers fell on him and the mayor. When Buster Thunder Jr was ready to make his jump, everyone scrambled for their seats, and some tried to climb to the high platforms for a better view. Because there were too many people on the platform, they became unstable and started falling to the ground. One finally fell on Gagliardi and the mayor.

I definitely saw his death coming!

What happened to the mayor?

I was surprised that the mayor was still alive after the giant platform fell on him. I mean, he was just as squashed as Gagliardi. However, things still didn’t go well for the mayor because reporter Jim Jeffords secretly recorded scenes alternating between Rosie, Pogo, Gagliardi, and the mayor. As a result, the mayor was forced to resign and was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder and bribery.

In addition, with the mayor’s resignation, the Valachi Toll Road is cancelled.

Does Frank spend Christmas with his family?

He does! Frank comes home from the bar, apologizes to Sue, and sits down at the family dinner table. When he was about to tell his family something, the phone rang. Frank walked over to the phone, picked it up, and was about to scream, but then he looked at his family and realized that he didn’t want to be modest anymore.

He hung up the phone and sat down at the table. Sue tells Frank that the call could be from Ala-Hican. Frank tells her it doesn’t matter and that spending time with family is more important. Bill made a joke, and everyone laughed. Based on this scene, we can say that Frank will continue to strive to be the best husband and father he can be.

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