How Confident Are You in Your Writing Abilities?

On several occasions, we are overtaken by intense feelings of self-doubt about our writing capabilities. We keep on asking ourselves a lot of questions surrounding our writing because we do not completely trust in ourselves. Ever written a research paper and after the whole process when you read your article, it feels very flat and it even, unfortunately, does not gain influence or feedback. What you need to know is that all these feelings of hesitation and indecision will never make you a good writer, regrettably. They will negatively impact our writing. What we need to conceptualize is that writing is a skill like any other that requires intense training and practice. You need to project your work with utmost confidence. This way you will be able to solicit influence. With all this information at your fingertips, do not forget that the writing industry is saturated with a lot of professionals and each one of them is striving to be recognized. This calls for students to write content that stands out to remain relevant and influential. You can hire essay writers to help you professionally with your academic writing. 

Listed are some things you can do to improve your confidence in your writing capabilities.

Write first

To boost your confidence, you may need to first write your article down. Fight that inner thought that keeps running in your head purporting that you are not good enough. A lot of people, when writing, ask themselves a lot of questions in the process of writing until they completely lose it and come up with completely substandard articles. After writing your article and exhausting your ideas, you will notice that you will have plenty of time left to edit your work. While editing, you can add or omit anything, which means no need to worry so much while writing.

Do your research

Any content that is written on any occasion should be a representation of truthful information and not a mere fabrication of individual thoughts. Students need to conduct thorough research on whatever headline they are writing about. There are a lot of reference materials available in books and even online resources. As a prolific writer, no stone should be left unturned. When you pen down a thought, it should be a piece of factual information. Research also will help you gain confidence since you trust your information is from the right sources. Fabricated information is the leading cause of feelings of self-doubt in students. Your research process should not be a reason to make you lug from completing your writing. In your writing, include statistics and valuable data to solidify your research.

Improve your spelling and grammar

After completion of your writing, cross-check to see if there are any mistakes. If you find any, correct it. Clean writing that is free from grammatical error is a confidence booster since the students know that they have arranged their sentences well and grammar is on point, which boosts the readability of the article. You can always opt for some online websites that help in correcting grammatical errors and help catch those mistakes we can’t find. These websites always have suggestions on the corrections required, which leaves your work being of premium quality. You can also opt to use expert writing services. Some of these websites provide these services freely of charge. Some require little tokens to use. You can also use the second set of eyes. Ask your friend to help you in spotting these errors.


Reading is very important to any student who wants to change how they are writing for the greater good. Being in a position to read what other professionals wrote acts as a pivotal stand where students can lean on. You can study their word choice and the way they use their language. You can know more about what to use to capture readers’ attention. How they manipulate their words, how they arrange their sentences, and how they manage to create humor in a good way. Make it a routine that you endeavor to read every day and see the big difference in yourself.

Accept critique

Nobody ever climbed the success ladder without facing critique. An outside perspective is always important. As a student, you need to master how to deal with this issue. Some people often do not know how to handle it and in the process, a mere critique makes them suffer a hard blow. If someone critiques you, possibly they might have noticed a discrepancy somewhere and maybe a good source of assistance by helping you spot it. It is at this point that you need to look at it keenly and correct it. Failing to accept criticism means failing to accept growth. We grow by correcting our mistakes. Professional writers’ motto is that there is always room for improvement.

Create an outline

This is very helpful when writing a considerable, large article. Some articles may require a twenty or more-page article, which is very big. To be on the safe side, it is always advisable to create a solid outline from which you can use. An outline will enable you to arrange how your work will flow and how points will follow each other. It will help in dividing how you will discuss your ideas, thus striking a balance to avoid discussing one particular thing for a long time. This will help you complete your project in time and help you be focused on your writing.


Writing is not magic, but rather a process that requires a lot of training and practice for success. 

To gain confidence in your writing, you need to be very open-minded and be ready to accept criticism from people. There’s no need to be defensive all the time. A good research project is the one that can strike influence and feedback and as such, research and a lot of reading should be on every student’s table to ensure success in the endeavors. Lastly, editing your work is very important. Your final output should be free from spelling and grammatical errors, and the sentence structure should be correct. You can also seek essay writing help.

Huynh Nguyen

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