How China Prepares To Attack Taiwan With Terrible Drone Swarms And A Million Troops On The Attack ‘Worse Than Ukraine’

CHINA is preparing to invade Taiwan in a massive attack that could be even more devastating than Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Swarms of high-tech drones, up to a million soldiers, warships and strategic bombers could all be hurled across the 110-mile Taiwan Straits.


Dire predictions of possible war come as China has vowed to retake the island they believe still belongs to Beijing.

Taiwan insists it is an independent nation after seceding from mainland China in 1949.

Fears are emerging that China, emboldened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, may seize the opportunity to attack Taiwan.

And former White House adviser David Ochmanek told The Sun Online the extent of the devastation was “unlike anything the world has seen since the Korean conflict in 1951.”

China will soon be able to occupy Taiwan full-scale, with war ignited at any time.
China prepares for high-tech TOTAL WAR against US over Taiwan

The Korean War killed up to three million civilians, the US dropped more than 600,000 tons of bombs and 32,557 tons of napalm on North Korea, and almost every city in the rogue state was “at least half wiped out.”

Mr. Ochmanek, a former defense analyst for the Obama administration, said the US and its allies would have “literally days … not weeks, not months” to defeat China if it launched an all-out war against Taiwan.

“[Beijing] will conduct a massive bombardment of the target country’s defences, meaning its surface-to-air missiles, surveillance radars, airfields and command and control will be attacked,” Mr Ochmanek told The Sun Online.

“We expect China to do this with its much larger stockpile of missiles against Taiwan,” he said, and against US bases if Washington decides to intervene.

In response, Western allies would need “thousands” of drones to counter Chinese air dominance in an invasion that would cost both sides “hundreds of thousands” of men, the defense researcher said.

“[We would] literally have days to defeat this massive invasion and stop them from presenting us with a fait accompli. Not weeks, not months.”

Swarms of drones are believed to be key to the invasion – with China possessing an array of advanced weapons for both surveillance and attack.

China has supersonic drones for spying, larger drones designed to take out American warships, and is even developing drones designed to hunt down soldiers in packs.

But many conventional forces are also deployed, with it being estimated that anywhere from half a million to 1.2 million troops are required for a successful attack.

Strategic bombers to raid Taiwan’s defenses, naval blockades by warships to prevent aid from arriving, and missile attacks from the mainland are all being used by China in an attempt to take the island.

Weapons analyst Sam Cranny-Evans said Beijing is already using elite spy drones to conduct covert missions over Taiwan.

He said the Asian powerhouse’s tactical drone of choice was the BKZ-006A, which would be used to conduct reconnaissance and could serve as an electronic warfare tool and communications relay.

Drones will play a key role in an invasion of Taiwan


Drones will play a key role in an invasion of TaiwanCredit: AP
New super drones being tested in China can hunt humans in packs


New super drones being tested in China can hunt humans in packsPhoto credit: AFP
Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to Joe Biden about rising tensions over Taiwan


Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to Joe Biden about rising tensions over TaiwanCredit: AP

Another is the WZ-8, which is dropped by strategic bombers and provides an “orbital” vision and tracking system to “spot a missile in flight in real time”.

The WZ-8 drone can fly at up to five times the speed of sound and spy on US forces at long range, while the CH-6 is designed to sink American ships.

Beijing has also launched an artificial intelligence drone mothership that can operate autonomously and potentially launch military attacks.

According to the Chinese, the ship is designed for marine research, but there have already been fears that it could be used to launch attacks on the US Navy and other adversaries.

The Zhu Hai Yun is reportedly capable of carrying around 50 aerial, surface and underwater drones and was launched at a shipyard in the city of Guangzhou.

Most of the rear of the ship is an open deck where flying drones can land and be stored, while there is also launch and recovery and other drones.

Mr Ochmanek said Beijing has stocked up on a variety of UAVs, including large Global Hawk-like drones and smaller to medium-sized ones with similar functionality to the US’s deadly Predator and Reaper drones.

A WZ-8 supersonic drone is brought down during a military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China


A WZ-8 supersonic drone is brought down during a military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of ChinaPhoto credit: Reuters
Air drones are launched from the rear of the ship


Air drones are launched from the rear of the shipCredit: Handout
Up to 1.2 million Chinese soldiers could be deployed to attack Taiwan


Up to 1.2 million Chinese soldiers could be deployed to attack TaiwanPhoto credit: AFP

This, combined with Beijing’s large arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles, “poses a serious threat to anyone wishing to operate from a large facility,” such as an aircraft carrier or an air force base in the South China Sea, he said.

“Hundreds of planes would be deployed, tens of thousands of people. The Chinese invasion force could number over 100,000 soldiers.

“The Taiwanese would also deploy hundreds of thousands of soldiers in their own defense.

“The lethality of the weapons that exist today would mean that the casualties on both sides would be very high.”

In the event of an invasion, Taipei could expect to be hit by long-range precision missiles and be ravaged by airstrikes combined with cyberattacks, electronic warfare and a naval blockade, Cranny-Evans said.

He said, “If you take military wisdom as one thing, you need a three-to-one ratio when attacking, and Taiwan has about 200,000 troops, including its reserves.

“That says you need half a million attack power. And most amphibious assault estimates on urban environments say you need at least a six to one ratio.

“For China to have any hope of success, face between half a million and 1.2 million people gathered opposite Taiwan, ready to disembark and invade.”


It comes as China’s biggest-ever high-tech aircraft carrier is about to be launched in just weeks amid fears it could be preparing for an attack on its neighboring island.

The launch of the Chinese Navy’s giant Type 003 supercarrier, which weighs 90,000 tons and is longer than nine blue whales, has been delayed by Shanghai’s strict Covid lockdown.

A Chinese Twitter user shared aerial photos of the near-completed battleship at Shanghai’s Jiangnan Shipyard last month.

The Type 003 is said to have more advanced aircraft launch technology, allowing it to field the new generation of FC-31 stealth fighters.

It is also much faster and has a larger arsenal on deck than existing aircraft carriers.

The ship is China’s third carrier and part of an attempt to modernize and expand the country’s military as part of a new five-year plan.

It also appears to have two large side-mounted aircraft elevators on its starboard side and is fitted with electromagnetic catapults that will launch fighter jets into the sky.

Work on Xi Jinping’s newest battleship began in 2018, which military analyst Robert Farley claimed will be the “largest and most advanced aircraft carrier built outside of the United States.”

It comes amid claims that China is building up its military ahead of a planned invasion of its smaller neighbor in the next few years.

Senior US intelligence official Avril Haines told the Senate in May: “That is our view [China’s leaders] are working hard to effectively position themselves where their military is capable of taking Taiwan.”

Speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee, she said it remains to be seen how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has affected China’s plans.

She added that the threat to Taiwan is “acute” by 2030.

China claims the island of 23 million is part of its mainland, while Taiwan has vehemently defended its independence.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, senior Taiwanese officials have warned Beijing not to prepare an invasion of the island 100 miles off its coast.

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Shortly after the conflict began, China said it was determined to “resolve the Taiwan issue in the new era,” in a daunting threat to the country.

And just like in the week, China’s gain doubled and warned the US it “will not hesitate” to launch a war to retake Taiwan.

Taiwan's defense minister said Beijing could invade the island soon


Taiwan’s defense minister said Beijing could invade the island soonPhoto credit: AFP How China Prepares To Attack Taiwan With Terrible Drone Swarms And A Million Troops On The Attack ‘Worse Than Ukraine’


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