Horrifying images of a disc-shaped ’22-88ft UFO’ seen by a dozen shocked airline workers as experts were left puzzled

EXPERTS were stunned when frightening images emerged of a disc-shaped spot over a major city.

On November 7, 2006, an employee at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport saw a metallic, saucer-shaped object flying in the sky.

A UFO that hovered over a large city almost 20 years ago still baffles experts today


A UFO that hovered over a large city almost 20 years ago still baffles experts todayPhoto credit: History Channel
The incident occurred on November 7, 2006 at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago


The incident occurred on November 7, 2006 at O’Hare International Airport in ChicagoPhoto credit: AFP

The reported sighting lasted just five minutes but was witnessed by at least 12 United Airlines employees.

At the time, it made international headlines because of an audio tape released by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA said the incident was a “punch cloud,” a statement also confirmed by astronomer Mark Hammergren, who was associated with the Alder Planetarium at the time.

However, the case is still unsolved and has been widely discussed by UFO researchers.

Nearly two decades later, 30 Ph.D. Physicists at Applied Physics, a privately funded research group, believe the O’Hare UFO is a telltale sign of a theoretical interstellar system known as the “Alcubierre warp drive.”

The idea, described as a Star Trek-like “warp drive,” was first developed in 1994 by theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre.

It can reportedly travel between stars by bending the fabric of time and space around it.

Alexey Bobrick, a theoretical physicist and scientific director of Applied Physics, first published his calculations describing the perfect shape of an Alcubierre drive-in Classical and quantum gravity in 2021.

Bobrick believes the most energy efficient shape is a flat one.

“Some Models of warp drive spacetimes suggest that the shape of the spacecraft and the resulting geometry of spacetime curvature could significantly reduce energy requirements,” Bobrick told The Debrief.

“Depending on the specific design of the warp drive,” Bobrick said, “the passenger ship could benefit from a saucer or spherical shape according to the laws of general relativity.”

The AP team said the 2006 O’Hare UFO was similar to several cases of classic UFOs in that it was a traditional, low-flying saucer.

Witnesses said the object was between 22 and 88 feet in diameter.

Chicago Tribune Columnist Jon Hilkevitch said that the O’Hare UFO “was reported to the airline by up to a dozen of its own employees” and that some of the employees even contacted air traffic control.

The audio of that call was eventually released by the FAA under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Brandon Melcher is a physicist who studied dark matter at Syracuse University and also worked on AP’s team analysis of the O’Hare UFO.

He determined that the UFO movements were consistent with those of an Alcubierre drive.

“From that [witness testimony]“It seems reasonable to assert that a metallic object approximately 50 feet in diameter was hovering approximately 1,500 feet above an international airport passenger gate in regulated airspace,” Melcher said.

“After some time, the object accelerated almost instantly from 0 to about 1,000 to 2,000 feet per second.”

The AP team also said that there was no aircraft today or in 2007 that was capable of resting in the air and then accelerating straight up at several thousand feet per second.

Still, the evidence for the O’Hare UFO remains entirely anecdotal, and for this reason physicists admitted that their study cannot go beyond the category of educated speculation.

“The only way to fully investigate such sightings is to collect more data,” Melcher said, adding that “the reluctance expressed by several witnesses should be cause for concern, which is why we must remove this dangerous stigma.”

“The search for truth should be the norm,” he said, “and not the suppression of facts and scientific discourse.”

The AP team viewed the O’Hare case as a thought experiment and a way to share its work for the group’s Advanced Propulsion Laboratory and its collaborators Physical warp drives Project.

The lack of evidence in the O’Hare case still supports the possibility of a warp-drive spacecraft, the AP team said.

In the end, the FAA said the object was just a strange “weather phenomenon.”

But the AP team refuses to believe that.

“A fascinating effect of warp bubbles is how they also explain the absence of a radar signal,” Melcher told The Debrief.

“The Alcubierre warp drive also causes light rays striking from behind to bounce off the bubble, but deviate from their original trajectory.

“This would explain why there was no radar ping to the object said to be hovering over the passenger gate at ORD. If the light is deflected away from the object, there are no radar pings.”

Applied Physics, a privately funded research group, believes the sighting could be evidence of a warp drive object


Applied Physics, a privately funded research group, believes the sighting could be evidence of a warp drive objectPhoto credit: Getty
In the end, the FAA said the object was just a strange


In the end, the FAA said the object was just a strange “weather phenomenon”Photo credit: History Channel


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