Honkai Star Rail: Ghost Actor Hidden Mission Guide

HoYoverse is an expert when it comes to creating spooky missions, especially with the latest hidden quest, “Ghost Actor.” Honkai: Star Rail. While many game missions appear on the map, this one is a bit difficult to find. While many will want to complete the latest Trailblaze Continuance quests to get Stellar Jade and other fun rewards, it’s always good to stay in the new area and follow the spooky sounds. As scary as it sounds, the rewards for finding this mission are great and it also offers some interesting lore for Luofu fans.

Honkai Star Rail: Ghost Actor hidden missions walkthrough

Honkai Star Rail Ghost Mission
Image source: HoYoverse via The Nerd Stash

This quest is hidden in the Fyxestroll Garden and will only appear once you have completed the introductory mission leading to the event. Even if you find out where the ghost is, you won’t be able to do anything until you unlock the event. Here are the steps to follow once you’ve unlocked the entire new area to explore:

  1. 1. Go to Fyxestroll Garden

    After unlocking the event, go to the upper right corner of the map and return to the area where the dividers are located. The easiest way to reach this location is to teleport to the venue.Hidden ghost place

  2. 2. Talk to the ghost behind the partition.

    On the other side of the corridor you will see a partition. Interact with it to speak to the ghost and begin the quest.Hidden Ghost Quest

  3. 3. Select “I will learn from you”.

    When speaking to the spirit, select the “I will learn from you” option. You will hear her song and she will tell you to come back the next day to find out more. This means an actual day in real life, so you’ll have to wait at least for the server time to reset.Hidden Ghost Quest First Day

  4. 4. Come back the next day and memorize the song.

    On the second day it starts, so to speak. Speak the spirit and listen to their song again. This time though, remember it as you will be singing with her. You can use the Story Recap feature to see the lines.Ghost song lines

  5. 5. Choose the correct lines to complete the song.

    Choose the following lines to complete each part of the song:
    1. My heart longs for devotion to be recognized by you, my love, in return.
    2. Candles flicker and cast shadows on the wall. My bones are the wick, my flesh the call of the fragrance.
    3. Robes fall away and reveal my desires. Our passions should be expressed in the hibiscus tent.
    4. At night we will hug as one, very tightly. Come tomorrow, you’ll catch your flight.Honkai Star Rail Hidden Ghost Options

Once you complete the quest you will receive the Mountain of Recto, water of Verso Perfomance. Like others, this one also gives you five Stellar Jade, which is helpful. In addition to currency, you will also receive credits, lost gold fragments, and Strale, the currency that you can use to purchase Xianzhou items. However, if you prefer a visual guide, here is a video from Funnyu Gaming showing all the dialogue and options for this quest.


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