‘Hawkeye’ Episode 3 Recap – Maya Lopez Origins, Is Kingpin Her ‘Uncle’?

This week on Disney+ ‘s Hawk Eye, light was revealed on Clint and Kate’s captors, before a boisterous car chase and fwip!one of the sickest trick arrows in the MCU when.

Episode 3 of the six-episode series opens with a flashback to the childhood of Maya Lopez (aka Echo), the Tracksuit giant whose goons now have Clint and Kate strapped to their hands. rocker in the playground. A born deaf, Maya had to attend regular school because her father, William (do Fargoby Zahn McClarnon) cannot afford special education. William talked about how Maya would forever have to “jump between two worlds,” of the deaf and the deaf. As such, Maya grows up and learns to pay more attention to everything, including her athletic karate classmate’s weaknesses. (After finishing the class, William tells his daughter that her “uncle” will take her home, when an invisible figure is seductively touching the girl’s cheek…)

Flick forward a few years, and we see Maya as a young adult witness the scene where Ronin bursts into the Tracksuits’ hideout – and he ends up inflicting a fatal wound on her father. Eat her beef with Ronin, or at least whoever was running around in his suit. To this day, Clint has to deal with his captor, who noticed his hearing aid but was really disappointed to see his lack of ability to communicate through ASL. With Maya’s cohort, Kazi as the interpreter, Clint and Maya have some say, at least until he is able to remove the duct tape that’s binding his hands and get out. Then, in a foot chase through the loft, Clint does some nice acrobatics until he can get a promotional bow to drive an arrow through Kate’s own duct tape. She then joins the fight, nearly defeating Kazi, after which she and Clint get into a sedan outside and start driving.

blankblankWhat followed was a seven-minute car chase where Kate spent most of her time dangling out of the passenger window, grabbing Clint’s random arrows as he drove (occasionally, backwards) again). The joy is in seeing (and watching Kate will see) the effect of each trick arrow, from the bubbly bullet hitting the windshield to the impressive explosive to the one that can tie dozens of Christmas trees up. the car of the bad guys.

The car chase culminates on a bridge, where Clint parks in all lanes and he and Kate prepare to take on the oncoming bad guys. He handed Kate a seemingly ordinary arrow to “shoot up high”, letting it slam into the oncoming truck. Then Clint grabs a Pym-branded arrow, and… you get goosebumps just visualizing what happens next. And sure enough, Clint aimed his arrow to hit Kate and “launch” it, about the size of a telephone pole (if not larger), and it swooped down into the truck.

Alas, in the midst of this sprawling clash with the Tracksuits, Clint’s hearing aid at one point broke, and Maya defiantly crushed it with her foot. As a result, there is a breakdown in communication between him and Kate in later scenes, where they (sweetly but separately) express concern about Pizza Dog needing a walk. After fixing her hearing aid at a local store, Clint filled Kate with some information about Swimsuit’s past, alluding to who Maya’s “uncle” was (ahem) kingpin of criminal enterprise. Clint is worried about other souvenirs from the Avengers complex that Maya is clearly peeping on after the auction, but Kate is worried about Jack Duquesne’s obvious nefarious actions. At Eleanor’s apartment (whose splendid nature amazes Clint), Kate logs into Bishop Security’s database to perform some sort of spying on Kazi (who has ties to something called Sloan Limited), while Clint touted… until Ronin’s blade pierced his throat, held by the aforementioned Jack!

What did you think about Hawk Eye Episode 3, titled “Echo”? And is Maya’s “uncle” really who we think/know him?

https://tvline.com/2021/12/01/hawkeye-recap-episode-3-echoes/ ‘Hawkeye’ Episode 3 Recap – Maya Lopez Origins, Is Kingpin Her ‘Uncle’?

Aila Slisco

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