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So you realize the Halo story and the general timeline. You’ve performed via the video games and felled 1000’s of enemies. However have you ever ever questioned what that Elite’s deal is? Or why the Grunts have these backpacks? These are nice questions, and we’re right here to reply them for you.

Let’s check out the eight Covenant races seen all through the Halo collection, and clarify the spiritual group’s major motivation for destroying every thing good within the galaxy.

What’s the Covenant?

The Covenant is a non secular group that serves as the primary villains within the Halo collection. It’s a gaggle of a number of species — some that got here to the Covenant willingly and others that had been conquered into it.

The Covenant are pushed by their worship of the Forerunners, the race of aliens that constructed the collection’ titular Halo rings. This worship informs “The Nice Journey,” the last word aim of the Covenant. They consider the Forerunner activated the Halos — the “Sacred Rings” — and took the Nice Journey, ascending them to godhood. In actuality, the Forerunners activated the Halos to purge the universe (themselves included) of life, ravenous the parasitic Flood species. However the Covenant don’t know that — initially, a minimum of.

Prophets (San’Shyuum)

The Prophets all speak together in Halo 2

Picture: Bungie/343 Industries by way of Halopedia

The Prophets are a really outdated alien species, they usually allied with people within the authentic battle in opposition to the Forerunners. Their dwelling world is Janjur Qom, and it was wealthy in Forerunner artifacts, priming the Prophets to be leaders of the Covenant.

The Prophets are principally non-combative race and don’t present up within the Halo collection till Halo 2.

The three most outstanding Prophets are the Prophet of Remorse, the Prophet of Mercy, and the Prophet of Fact. Grasp Chief beats the Prophet of Remorse to dying on Delta Halo in Halo 2. Mercy dies on Excessive Charity as a result of a Flood invasion, and the Prophet of Fact abandons him to die, guaranteeing Fact will acquire full management over the Covenant. Fact, all the time the chief, is the primary villain of Halo 3, and the Arbiter kills him within the Citadel on the Ark.

Prophets have hunched backs, giant heads, and lengthy necks. They apparently stand about 7 ft, and are even taller when using round of their “Gravity Thrones,” sitting at 7 and a half ft. Outdoors of the Covenant council, the Prophets are principally extinct.

Elites (Sangheili)

The Elites march toward the UNSC in Halo Wars

Picture: Ensemble Studios/Bungie by way of Halopedia

The Elites are most likely crucial and iconic race within the Covenant. They’re the first navy squad leaders for Halo and Halo 2, main primarily Grunts, Jackals, and Skirmishers in battle. All of them serve instantly beneath the Prophets as honor guards till the Prophets substitute the Elites with the Brute in Halo 2 (an occasion referred to as “the Nice Schism”).

Elites are a battle-hardened race and the warrior half of the Covenant founders (the Prophets act because the mind).

There are a number of notable Elites within the Halo universe. Probably the most vital Elite character is the Arbiter, Thel ‘Vadam. He’s a playable character in Halo 2 and a co-op companion to Grasp Chief in Halo 3. He performs an important function in Chief’s story, and the 2 finally kind a friendship. Rtas ‘Vadum, the shipmaster with the badass nickname Half-Jaw, additionally performed a serious function within the Elite’s defection from the Covenant, serving to to help humanity on the finish of the battle. He and Thel ‘Vadam finally helped kind a brand new Elite authorities after the battle.

Jul ‘Mdama was an Elite that maintained a Covenant cell after Halo 3, throughout Halo 4. He finally served the Didact, till the Spartan Locke killed him in Halo 5.

Elites are very tall, standing anyplace from 7 ft, 4 inches to eight ft, 6 inches — making Grasp Chief himself (who stands about 6 ft, 10 inches with out his armor and about 7 in full gown) look small as compared. In addition they have 4 jaws, every with a row of enamel lining the within.

Jackals/Skirmishers (Kig-Yar and T’vaoan)

Jackal Concept art

Picture: Bungie by way of Halopedia

Many of the different Covenant races aren’t practically as essential or complicated because the Elites or Prophets.

The Kig-Yar (Jackals) and T’vaoan (Skirmishers) are literally the identical race; the Skirmishers are only a sub-race that come from an asteroid colony.

The Jackals are an avianlike species with feathers and beaklike snouts. They primarily serve the Covenant navy as snipers or shield-bearing infantry assist. They’ve impeccable odor and imaginative and prescient, which is why they’re normally the primary enemy sorts to identify you — or kill you with a single headshot on larger difficulties.

Jackals stand between 6 and 6-and-a-half ft however hunch to about 5 ft.

Grunts (Unggoy)

Grunts in the Halo 2 Anniversary collection

Picture: Bungie/343 Industries by way of Halopedia

The Grunts are fascinating little creatures and function the — pun meant — “grunt” infantry of the Covenant military.

Probably the most fascinating reality in regards to the Grunts is that they breathe methane because of their dwelling world’s ambiance. That’s why they put on respiration machines in all of the Halo video games, and put on a backpack that steams any time it will get damaged.

By way of their tenure within the Covenant, the Grunts really brought on a little bit of a panic. After being bullied by the opposite races — and getting threatened with chemical castration — the Grunts incited a Covenant riot, which finally failed.

Grunts are the smallest of the Covenant; they’re in regards to the measurement of an adolescent human or brief grownup. At their tallest, the Grunts stand 5 ft, 6 inches, however they’ll solely be solely 4-and-a-half ft at their shortest.

Hunters (Lekgolo, Mgalekgolo when mixed)

A Hunter attacks a Spartan in Halo: Reach

Picture: Bungie by way of Halopedia

The Hunters are secretly the good Covenant race. Whereas they appear like large, strolling tanks, they’re really a set of worms all linked collectively by a swimsuit.

That’s proper, the Lekgolo are worm-like creatures from the planet Te. They’re mildly clever people that may pilot machines. However collectively, the worms can mix to turn out to be one singular persona or neighborhood. After they mix, they turn out to be extra highly effective and extra clever.

As extra Lekgolo mix, they finally turn out to be Mgalekgolo, able to configuring themselves into the highly effective Hunters the Covenant make use of. One other enjoyable reality in regards to the Hunters is that they all the time journey in pairs due to a singular bond they share. When Mgalekgolo get too large, they break up, however they preserve a connection to their former worm buddies. So two Hunters had been normally one at one level.

Hunters are additionally big. Whereas every Lekgolo is just a few inches, Hunters are a bit of over 12 ft tall and may weigh as much as 11,000 kilos.

Drones (Yanme’e)

Drones fly in Halo 2

Picture: Bungie by way of Halopedia

The Drones are four-winged flying bugs that prefer to eat meat. Gross! There are such a lot of of them that they virtually defeated the Covenant with sheer numbers earlier than the group assimilated them.

Drones didn’t make an look within the Halo collection till Halo 2, the place they principally simply fly round and shoot you with plasma pistols. Like flying Grunts, the technique with Drones is to overwhelm the enemy; they implement only a few ways in fight. Apart from their sheer quantity, their solely actual ability is in mechanics.

Drones could sound gross, however issues worsen once you understand that they’ll stand anyplace from 5 ft, 8 inches to six ft, 7 inches tall. They’re large enough to choose up a UNSC marine and carry them away.

Brutes (Jiralhanae)

Brutes stand together in Halo 3

Picture: Bungie by way of Halopedia

The Brutes are latecomers to the Covenant, however they rose via the ranks in a short time as a result of their sheer ferocity. They’re large, bushy, and don’t play properly with others — even these within the Covenant, as evidenced by their longtime feud with the Elites.

Brutes are one of the vital essential Covenant races, taking part in a serious fight function in a number of titles whereas that includes closely within the story. They don’t present up till Halo 2, however the Prophets rapidly used Grasp Chief’s assassination of the Prophet Remorse as cause to switch the Elites with the Brutes, because the Prophet’s guards. This brought on The Nice Schism, which led to the Elites leaving the Covenant to hitch humanity’s trigger. It’s additionally why Brutes are the first enemy sort in Halo 3.

There are quite a lot of vital Brutes within the Halo collection. Tartarus serves as the primary antagonist for Halo 2, and he makes an attempt to activate Delta Halo. The Arbiter kills Tartarus and stops the ring from firing. Atriox is the first villain in Halo Wars 2, however he wasn’t killed off. Escharum, the primary villain within the upcoming Halo Infinite, evacuated Atriox, so it’s probably we might even see each in Infinite.

The Brutes are essentially the most bodily imposing race outdoors of the Hunters. They stand anyplace from 8-and-a-half ft to a bit of over 9 ft tall, they usually weigh as much as 1,500 kilos.

Engineers (Huragok)

An Engineer floats around Earth in Halo 3: ODST

Picture: Bungie by way of Halopedia

The Engineers are historic, mysterious beings constructed by the Forerunners to behave as mechanics. The Engineers are literally fairly docile and support-focused quite than combat-focused, making their inclusion within the militaristic Covenant fairly unhappy.

Engineers actually solely present up in 4 Halo video games: Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, Halo Wars, and Halo Wars 2. Which means Grasp Chief by no means comes face-to-face with considered one of this stuff in a Halo online game, as they “mysteriously disappeared” someday into the human-Covenant battle. One Engineer does play a serious function ultimately sequence of ODST, however the remainder of them primarily simply present Overshields to their allies till destroyed.

Engineers are formed form of like a floating snail, or a rock with a snake poking out of it. Their top varies wildly between practically 6 ft and barely 8 ft.

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