Halo Infinite really comes to life on hero difficulty

I can’t earn achievements while playing my review Halo Infinite, which pretty much everyone thinks I’m a fake gamer. I don’t have a number on my profile to show I finished the fight, so I probably wouldn’t mind either. Fortunately for me, 343 Industries‘the mental reboot is brilliant and I’m excited to be back for another round. This time, I decided to spin everything on Hero difficulty. It’s faster, more challenging, and a lot more satisfying. Once you get the hang of Master Chief’s new repertoire, he’ll feel unstoppable.

For decades, Halo has had the same four difficulty options – Easy, Normal, Heroic and Legendary – and hitting the top is always a mark of honor for friends and family. mine. My brother and I beat all of the original trilogy on Legendary that day, even if it took countless hours and countless frustrating deaths when we were essentially forced to find a way to win. This month, with the release of Halo Infinite, the tradition of conquering the campaign on Legendary returns. Well, almost – I’ll stick with Heroes until they patch up in co-op because I’m a big baby.

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I find Normal to be a bit too easy, except for the boss fights that are suddenly difficult that require you to take full advantage of Chief’s abilities and comfortably abuse energy weapons to take down enemy shields . Outside of these cases, the majority of enemies can be killed with a single headshot, with our tough hero able to enter even the most explosive battlefields and emerge unscathed. love. It’s all a bit predictable, and the challenge isn’t consistent with choosing shiny new tools at my disposal. I will rush in, kill everyone, complete the objective, and go my way.


Heroes change everything. Just emerge from cover and you’ll find you’re greeted with a barrage of gunfire, your shields dropping in seconds unless you immediately spot the nearest threats and eliminate them within seconds. shortly. I felt vulnerable, but I was still acutely aware that with the right execution of the moves, skills, and abilities, I could go into battle and emerge bloody but victorious. Saving marines and conquering outposts no longer feels like you’re ticking off a checklist, they’re more like big situations that require clear planning to succeed. My environment isn’t just a fanciful biome to traverse anymore, I have to consider the vantage points, shards, and weapons that best suit each new situation.


One of the bounty hunter quests that really stood out for me. I have a standard assault rifle and carbine with me, low ammo, and a small army of heavily armed men waiting on the battlefield. I died countless times, desperately trying to hurl dynamite at my enemies and sprinting forward while under the gunfire. It didn’t work, so I looked around and weighed my options. In moments, I was at the top of a hillside, killing a dull sniper jackal as I stole its rifle and began snapping casual shots of the creatures below. I focused on the little things, leaving my main goal for later when I had a heavier gun and the confidence to face him.


When the land was mine, I struggled down, picked up a rifle and faced him. Movement has also become increasingly important, especially against enemies with jet packs or rocket launchers that can destroy you from a distance. I grapple close and do some damage before taking shelter just before my shield came out. After a few tense minutes, he came down and my mission accomplished. Halo Infinite feels as incredible as this, and Zeta Halo is filled with bespoke pieces of your own making that a traditional campaign experience can only dream of. Part of me wasn’t ready to take on Legendary yet, but with all the tricks I learned in this second playthrough, I’ll probably be ready sooner than I thought.

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