Halo Infinite: FFA Tips and Tricks

Recent update for Halo Infinite bring back many of the playlists fans have requested, allowing them to pick and choose what they want to play to make completing challenges easier, and welcome back some of the fan-favorite modes absent from the game’s launch. Among those modes is the classic Free-For-All, which removes the team aspect from Halo and relies on your individual skills to win the match.

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Free-For-All may be a priority for some players, as teamwork and playing with your friends are one of the key aspects of any good Halo title, but you should also give it a try if you like the fast-paced arena action that Infinite has to offer. Even if you’re new to the franchise, Free-For-All can be a great mode to hone your skills.

Map locator

A Spartan setup with good map positioning in Halo Infinite

One of the most important factors for a Free-For-All match is where your map is and how you decide to revolve around it. Staying in the same spot for too long is bound to be troublesome as you can’t predict spawns as easily as, for example, party based modes and will be constantly challenged by opponents one after another.

However, if you pick a spot to post and get a few kills, the rule of thumb is to rotate to the next empty room and avoid being outdoors. The goal here isn’t necessarily camping. It’s to get to a location where you know a few enemies will pass, maneuver them and move on to the next one for them to guess. The more opponents you have focused on you, the more you can lure them to an area and finish off what others may have started.


Weapon Selection

Commando Rifles in Halo Infinite

Since Free-For-All is a Quickplay mode, everyone will start with Trustworthy AR and Sidekick. However, as is the tradition of Halo, there will be many weapons scattered throughout the map that you should absolutely consider picking up to have an advantage over your opponents.

In addition to the obvious power weapons, we recommend equipping yourself with a BR for medium to ranged skirmishes. Since everyone’s initial precision weapon will be the Sidekick, they end up having no way of knocking you down from any significant range, giving you the upper hand in most battles.

Become a thief

Spartan running with Heatwave weapon in Halo Infinite

Yes, you read that right. It’s time to hide in the shadows and Yoink kills other players. If you have a good precision weapon like the BR or Commando, you can wait until you see someone’s shield weaken, rush in to credit the kill, then return it. And, sure, that sounds a bit “dirty,” but there’s no such thing when it comes to Free-For-All.

Furthermore, if the enemy you kill is in battle with another player, you will also have the upper hand against them, as they are also weakened in battle. While you can’t use this strategy to win, you can earn a few kills with little effort, which is always useful in Free-For-All.


A gunfight with the Commando Rifle in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is a fast-paced arena shooter that requires you to flick across the map with a grappling hook or sprint like a crazy cat. However, when it comes to Free-For-All, learning when to engage an opponent or make a big, strong push can determine whether you win or lose. We recommend a bit of passive play early in the match, but if you can manage to land a good weapon or one of the power-ups, all bets are off and This is your time to shine.

Also, don’t be complacent or careless if you’re ahead, no matter how much. Remember, everyone is an enemy, and the person right below you can eat everyone else if you’re out there somewhere. You have to find the rhythm of the game and be aggressive when it calls for it, but also learn when to turn things back a notch when the situation calls for it, which requires patience, gameplay. smart and a little lucky.

Nade Like No Tomorrow

A Spartan Throws a Fragmentation Grenade in Halo Infinite

The best part about the Free-For-All in Halo titles is that everyone is the enemy, so you don’t have to worry about where to shoot from SPNKR or if your grenade can blow up teammates causing you lose points or map navigation. . This kind of freedom allows you to be careless with your grenades, allowing you to hide them in any room where you see a confrontation coming.

Traditionally, if you saw bullets lighting up a room, you knew the battle was going on between your enemies and teammates, but that simply wasn’t the case with Free-For-All. With both being enemies, it’s very likely that a well placed enemy can kill you two lives painlessly. Well, at least it’s not painful for you.

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