Halo Infinite Battle Pass with more experience points cannot be fixed

Halo Infinite how wonderful. Everything that I’ve seen since campaign, plus free multiplayer, convinced me that Master Chief is finally back and here to stay. But the launch wasn’t perfect. Regardless of how fun the game is, the game’s progression system is plagued by icy speeds that aren’t comparable to similar live service shooters in terms of earning rewards and creating sensations. like you’re aiming for something.

This is the first time Halo has gone mainstream in over six years, and the landscape of online shooters has changed dramatically. Live-serve games are popular now, with titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Destiny, etc. maintaining an active audience thanks to seasonal updates and regular renewals to keep everyone going. things are always new. Halo needed to adapt, and Infinite does it in some great ways, yet the archaic nature of its progression system remains stuck in the past without the warm glow of nostalgia.

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Within the first weeks of its release, Halo Infinite was praised for its epic gunplay, imaginative maps, and approach to game design that ensured both die-hard veterans as well as non-combat veterans alike. new curious not abandoned. Sadly, the progression system has become an element of immediate controversy because of how slowly it is to earn experience and progress in a debut season that will run until May 2022. . long time in the context of a live-serve game, and it took 343 Industries a moment to realize that something needed to change.


Halo Infinite Tenrai

Experience points can only be obtained for completing challenges that can both run out once you clear them and require a change in gameplay that makes interacting with the game more efficient than it should be. This was remedied with a permanent challenge that awarded points for each game played, but the pain points of the challenges remained. Now, 343 Industries has introduced a new measure that will see points earned for certain matches played per day, decreasing in value as you reach a total of six full sessions. This way you can earn a total of 1,000XP (or a single battle pass level) per day without even thinking about challenges.

Unless the points needed to earn battle levels are higher than I know of, regular players should be able to accumulate all of the season’s offerings long before the May 2022 deadline, which means is that there won’t be much else to do but the return of Tenrai, which has its own line of custom cosmetics, challenges, and game modes that aren’t exactly fun. Slayer with random weapons is fun, but it doesn’t push boats out or show off the imaginative nature of Halo Infinite all of a sudden.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s current issues don’t begin and end with fixing the experience regarding challenges and progressing through battles. Cosmetics are rather bland, game modes are limited, and more frequent events will need to be introduced if the game is to hope to remain interesting and relevant in the years to come. There is an argument that we are focusing too much on the aesthetic side of things, trying to look good and get a sense of satisfaction for our development when the game itself is still fun to play. .

I understand that point, but games – especially online games – have evolved so much that such trends are now commonplace and failing to acknowledge them puts Halo at risk of being banned. leave behind. 343 Industries has proven that they are intelligent, communicative, and care about the well-being of the development team to such an extent that updates won’t be rushed out to appease a vocal minority, but still risky to opt out of the typical format for a live serve game. This transparency means that the world is in the context of modern gaming, and approaching even the blunders with humor and honesty will give Xbox a lot of favor in building Halo Infinite into the world. a platform that has real survival power. That, and the fact that we are still in beta.

Halo Infinite

By launching free-to-play multiplayer a few weeks before the campaign, Halo Infinite as a whole package can be tweaked and enhanced as 343 Industries responds to unexpected obstacles and complaints player’s will inevitably appear at a time like this. It was a smart approach and one that I didn’t expect to work, but here we are watching the studio as they react and communicate with the audience in a way that few major companies do. Going through the battle of Halo Infinite is one of the many challenges facing the game right now, but I believe it will overcome and continue to deliver one of the best shooters out there.

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Stalker 2 will claim 180GB on Xbox, according to Microsoft Store

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