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This is part 25 of our official The Complete Guide and Guide to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, selected immediately after you defeat the Elite Four Lucian in the Pokemon League. It’s finally time to face Champion Cynthia.

Yes, here we are. End of the road. The top of the world. The final obstacle stands between you and the illustrious Hall of Fame. After running into her so many times throughout the main story, it’s no surprise that Cynthia is the Champion of the Sinnoh Pokemon League.

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While the Elite Four themselves may have earned you points, Cynthia is operating on a whole different level. To this day, she’s arguably one of the greatest trainers in Pokemon game history – it’s no wonder that the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl marks the fourth generation she’s appeared in.

cynthia pearl brilliant diamond

We’ll get to what makes Cynthia so great in a minute, but first let’s take a quick look at her party. Don’t be intimidated – we’ll be discussing exactly how to counter her in detail, so at the end of this guide you should join the newly crowned Sinnoh Champion.

Here is Cynthia’s team:

  • Spiritomb level 61

  • Roserade level 60

  • Gastrodon level 60

  • Lucario level 63

  • Milotic level 63

  • Garchomp level 66

Spiritomb may sound a bit odd at first, but it’s an amazing choice to stop you right out of the gate. The only type where it’s weak is the Fairy and its massive Special Defense and Defense stats allow it to eat up most of the Fairy’s non-STAB attacks as if they’d Slip straight off Route 201. It continuously spamming Shadows and Shadows Pulse will continuously lower your Pokemon’s Special Defenses until they can’t take another hit, meaning that unless you have a plan, Spiritomb will get past Cynthia 1- 0 before the battle begins.

Spiritomb cynthia

Then what you need is a leader who can resist Spiritomb’s attacks and can deal a considerable amount of damage without taking much on his own. Empoleon is great for this, although if you choose Chimchar or Turtwig, there are plenty of other Pokemon that also fit the bill. Togekiss can make good use of STAB Fairy attacks to quickly deal with Spiritomb and wall it. Any big giant like Tyranitar, Gyarados, Dialga, Palkia etc will also be able to quickly reduce its health with powerful STAB moves, especially if you manage to do a buff move like Swords Dance or Dragon Dance.

Roserade is much easier to do. While it’s terrifyingly fast and can hit pretty much any of your Pokemon with its STAB Sulf Bomb, it will also be knocked out in one hit for any powerful Fire, Fly, Ice, or Ground move. If I were you, I’d take it down with Infernape, Staraptor, or any Pokemon with STAB Earthquake, but be careful with how much damage you’ll take if it exceeds you. You only need one hit, but you also don’t want to give up 3/4 of your health bar this early in the fight.

Pokemon Diamond Brilliant Shining Jade Battle Cynthia

Gastrodon is one of Cynthia’s weakest links. The important thing to remember here is that despite having the Sticky Hold skill in the original games, Cynthia’s Gastrodon now has Storm Drain. I learned this the hard way when I did two Dragon Dances with Gyarados. I defeated Spiritomb and Roserade and was confident that I would win the battle. Then I hit what I thought was a Sticky Hold Gastrodon only to see my Waterfall converted into a buff special attack. Gastrodon hits me with a Rock Tomb and lowers my red HP. Given that I can’t single-shot it with Crunch or Avalanche, I either have to move out or die in the second Grave. If you can help it, you should really run Roserade or Torterra against Gastrodon, both of which can OHKO it with super effective 4x STAB Grass attacks.

Oddly enough, Lucario wasn’t too scary at all. While generally a great Pokemon, it was the most annoying ‘mon’ on Cynthia’s team by a long shot. It is weak to Combat, Fire, and Ground attacks and has a lower base Speed ​​stat: Infernape, Staraptor, Aerodactyl, Crobat, Rapidash, Scyther, Charizard, Ninttales, Salamence, Houndoom, etc. This Pokemon all has access to at least one powerful STAB against it, and four of them have been consistent mainstays of our recommendations for the best Pokemon to bring to the Elite Four throughout this guide. Realistically speaking, chances are Lucario won’t touch you.

Milotic is basically a giddy. While it didn’t have the items kept in the original games, it now has a Fireball. While this may seem like a bad thing, it’s important to remember what was previously its signature ability: Marvel Scale. For those unfamiliar with this ability, it means that Milotic’s Defense increases by 50% when it has status. Yes, it can deal light damage per turn, but it’s also capable of knocking your attacks away as if you were covering them with a wet tissue. Obviously the best bet is to target it with an Electric or Grass move. Since Marvel Scale increases Defense, it doesn’t really matter whether you choose to use physical techniques or special techniques – both will deal roughly the same amount of damage. Just remember that this Milotic knows Ice Beam and can easily shred Grass ‘wind. Roserade with Giga Drain is a good pick when it works due to your health regen, but one crit and you’re out. Given that there’s nothing to hit the Electric types, Luxray, Magnezone or Electivire are probably your best bets.

Which brings us to Cynthia’s best and last Pokemon: Garchomp. Cynthia’s’ Chomp is well known among Pokemon fans as one of the most powerfully popular Pokemon in any of the main games. What makes matters worse is that this ‘Chomp’ is even better than in the original games in that it has access to Swords Dance.

cynthia garchomp diamond brilliant pearl luster

I really don’t know what to tell you here other than the obvious. Garchomp has STAB Earthquake and Dragon Claw, which means if it’s done Swords Dance, it can single-shot almost anything you throw at it regardless of the type’s effectiveness. It also has horrendous Speed ​​and Attack stats, which means it’ll take a 1v1 win with pretty much anything you get on your first Elite Four run.

Oddly enough, Garchomp is a great opponent against Garchomp as long as your level is higher than Cynthia’s level. Failing this, Weavile can knock it down in one hit with a STAB Avalanche if you’re slower than it and equipped with a Focus Sash. Mamoswine can also swallow a hit, retaliate with an Ice Fang or Avalanche, and get priority next turn with an Ice Shard. If you don’t want to go down the Ice path despite the fact that it’s super 4x more effective than Garchomp – admittedly Physical Ice attacks aren’t the strongest in the world – Togekiss saved you from Spiritomb will also fend off anything Garchomp throws at it while being able to bombard it with super-effective Moonblasts or dazzling Gleams. You have options here – you just have to look at them before sending in all five of your other Pokemon and watching them drop like flies. At least if your counter dies you can revive it by firing someone else.

There you have it – the ultimate guide of our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl complete guide with a complete breakdown of how to fend off Cynthia’s ridiculous team. If you asked us to narrow it down to six Pokemon now to take on the entire Elite Four, we’d probably go with a balanced combination of the following:

  • Kickstart your development completely

  • Togekiss

  • Roserade

  • Gyarados

  • Staraptor

  • Dialga

  • Palkia

  • Tyranitar

  • Houndoom

  • Garchomp

  • Magnezone

  • Luxray

  • Salamence

Now that you’ve successfully made it into the Hall of Fame, be sure to follow all of our post-game guides that will tell you everything you need to know about legendary Pokemon, shiny hunting, edge combat painting, livestock, and more.

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