Guide to Lunalu in Granblue Fantasy Versus

Randomly chosen characters are a familiar concept in fighting games. For example, consider Mokujin from Tekken, Charade from Soul Calibur and more recently Eleven from Street Fighter 5. However, Granblue Fantasy Versus‘randomly chosen characters, Lunalu, which brings some fun and personality to the concept.

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However, not all randomly selected fighters behave the same. Some reflect their opponent’s fighting style. Others change play between rounds. So, how does Lunalu’s random selection work? Continue reading this guide for a more in-depth look.

Who is Lunalu?

Lunalu draws the heroes she idolizes in Granblue Fantasy Versus.

The lore of Granblue Fantasy is extensive. For example, GBVS has a large glossary of different terms about its great story. So figuring out where Lunalu fits in can feel intimidating to those new to the series. Luckily, you don’t have to know everything about Granblue Fantasy to enjoy Lunalu’s plot.


Lunalu is a Harvin, of the same race as Charlotta and Anre. She likes men with undyed hair and a chivalrous nature. However, while she likes to have a beard in the morning, she doesn’t like all mornings and a beard.

More importantly, Lunalu is a famous artist. Her descriptions of bone-chilling monsters are what made her famous. However, her real passion is painting works of delicate beauty. While all of that sounds great on paper, Lunalu’s drawing not always on paper. Witnesses have claimed to have seen her drawings magically come to life.

What’s it like to play as Lunalu?

Lunalu's victory pose in Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Lunalu fights using drawings she animates. In this case, these drawings are different characters in the GBVS list. Furthermore, when playing online rematches or progressing through the arcade mode, the summoned character of Lunalu change from match to match.

However, the loveliest things about fighting as Lunalu are her quirky on-screen animations and in-game voice acting. While some randomly selected boxers feel gimmicky, or more so in the area of ​​palette swapping, Lunalu stands out alone. Yes, she does not affect the boxer’s play at all, but these little touches remind you that you’re playing a meaty character.

In what mode can Lunalu be played?

The rivalry between two Lunalus in Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Lunalu is accessible in most modes in GBVS, including Entertain, Duel with, and Online modes. For example, you can include Lunalu in Ranked matches, Player matches, room matches, and Blitz matches. The only modes where you will feel her absence are RPG Mode and the game is very diverse Training mode.

Tips to play as Lunalu

Lunalu pauses as Charlotta performs her Skybound Art in Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Mastering Lunalu requires a solid knowledge of full list of GBVS. However, compared to other technically complex fighters, achieving this feat is within your reach.

First of all, the game of simple input allows you to choose any fighter you want without studying a bunch of different command inputs. Of course, you can learn the technical inputs for each character if you want, which will give you the advantage of reloading your skills faster. However, it is not required.

However, we would like to emphasize that you Learn how each character’s skill set works. Luckily, GBVS offers plenty of resources to learn the strategies behind each warrior. Eg, Character-specific RPG mode quests offers great real-time tutorials that explain when specific skills are most useful in battle. Furthermore, GBVS’s Mission training mode includes everything you need to know about its cast of characters. These missions include skill guide, combo challenge, and even matchmaking guide.

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