GTA quests are no better than three-leaf clover

Ask a GTA fan what their favorite mission is and they’ll most likely say Three Leaf Clover from Grand Theft Auto 4. Ask them what their favorite mission is. The hardest and you may get the same answer. This downtown heist lasted 25 minutes of confusion and tension, as Niko Bellic and a group of idiots attempted to rob the largest bank in Liberty City. For many years it had a reputation for being challenging, which can overshadow the fact that it really, really good. I finished it today and can confirm: it still has the whip.

Three Leaf Clover is bold, thrilling, and expertly choreographed — and just as exciting as the GTA games. It was a mission that people still talk about today and is often considered the best example of the series. In fact, it’s become so popular that Rockstar has made bank robberies a staple feature of both Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online component, GTA Online. It’s a lot simpler than the multi-stage missions in those games, but the heist and then the Heat-inspired gunfight on the streets of Free City is still super fun. taste.

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Niko gets a text from Packie McReary saying he’s planning a big job and asks him to go to boutique clothing store Perseus to buy a suit — because if you’re going to rob a bank, you have to looks really sharp. Niko, who up to this point in the game has a bit more money to throw around, drops a custom black suit and some shiny new Oxford shoes, then meets the gang at Packie’s house to plan the heist. Packie and his goofy brothers argue between bottles of beer and lines of coke, your first clue that this business won’t go well.

GTA 4 Three-leaf clover

Niko drove the delegation to the South Algonquin branch of the Liberty Bank in a black Feroci sedan. On the driveway, Packie devised a plan. He and Saint Michael will deal with the civilians; Niko and his brother Derrick will take care of the staff. “Anyone tries anything,” says Packie. “You put them down difficult. “Then, once everyone in the bank is under control, Derrick will blow open the vault door. Compared to Lester Crest’s meticulously planned heists in Grand Theft Auto 5, it all feels a bit overwhelming. amateurish and rude.

It’s been a long and stressful drive across the bridge to Algonquin – this is even worse if you’ve played the game before, because you know you’re about to take on one of the hardest missions in the game. entire GTA series. Niko must have been feeling pretty stressed as well as the childish, gas-filled argument earlier continued in the car. “If you can stop arguing for a few minutes,” he said, impatiently. “I think we can be fine.” The crew parked their car outside the bank then burst through the front door, guns mounted, faces obscured by balaclavas.

One of the bank’s customers, who obediently fell to the floor when the crew stormed in, was a guy in a black and white coat. This is Luis Lopez, the protagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony. As Niko you can actually shoot and kill him after the police arrive, although he shows up in later missions and is seen leaving the scene of a robbery in the Gay Tony expansion, so it’s not a rule at all. He was lying on the floor next to the hostage Eugene Reaper, who had foolishly decided to solve his own problems.

GTA 4 Three-leaf clover

He said he had a gun. Luis tells him, wisely, that this is a bad idea. “My friend, the world is built on bad ideas,” he said, revealing a concealed pistol and killing Saint Michael — before being shot down by an angry Derrick and Packie. Between this and the brothers inadvertently disclosing identifying information about themselves to the hostages, the heist got off to a disastrous, amateurish start. Then the C4 on the vault door suddenly exploded, triggering the alarm and triggering the 5 star wanted level immediately.

Three Leaf Clover is a master class in the escalating chaos. Grand Theft Auto 5 heists captures some of this feeling — but the reality is that you’re part of a group of mostly experts, in jobs carefully planned and outlined by a expert, which means it’s more control chaotic type. In Liberty City, as soon as the alarm goes off, the mission suddenly spirals out of control. Niko plunged into the cellar and filled his gym bag with stacks of black money. Outside, sirens blared as the full power of the LCPD descended on the bank.

This is where the Three Leaf Clover radiates heat. Image of a group of bank robbers wearing gym clothes stuffed with cash slung over their shoulders, battling waves of police on a busy street with assault rifles, breaking out of Michael’s classic crime movie Mann. Rockstar often pays homage to hit movies; here it just says, go on, pretend you’re in the Heat for 15 minutes. Enjoy it. The crew fights through a series of streets, alleyways and subway tunnels against tidal waves of happy cops and a police helicopter. It doesn’t stop.

GTA 4 Three-leaf clover

Three Leaf Clover’s reputation for being difficult to play is largely due to Grand Theft Auto 4 being completely devoid of any kind of checkpoint system. If you’re wrong, even if you’re only seconds away from completing the quest, you have to do it all over again—and every drive from Packie’s house to the bank. This can be quite annoying, but it has the positive side effect of making every second of the theft more intense. It gives it real stakes, because death is something you actively, desperately want to avoid, not just a minor inconvenience.

In the final phase of the mission, the crew jumps into a flashy Huntley Sport SUV, the worst vehicle in a police chase, and tries to escape their bounty — which has been mitigated. downgraded to 3 stars after the previous deadly rampage. This is the easiest part of the task. Get rid of the fluff successfully and you are at home freedom. You go back to the Packie’s house and claim your loot: a wonderful $250,000. A big payday, though there’s not much you can really spend in GTA 4 other than clothes and weapons.

Up until this point, Niko was mostly just a little crook. Now he is a master criminal who stole from the largest banking institution in America and lives to tell the story. Every GTA game is structured around this kind of rags-to-riches story, but there’s something special about this quest—playing a poor immigrant to a city with no name—that is. that gives it a bigger impact. Niko is a ruthless criminal and basically a very bad guy, but after this is all over, I feel strangely proud of him.

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