Grammy fans furious after Aaron Carter was banned from heartbreaking In Memoriam tribute in shock awards show

GRAMMY viewers were upset after realizing Aaron Carter was left out of the in-memoriam tribute.

The singer passed away in November 2022 after a long battle with addiction and mental health issues.

Grammy fans are furious after Aaron Carter was snubbed by the In Memoriam tribute


Grammy fans are furious after Aaron Carter was snubbed by the In Memoriam tributePhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty
The star's name was mentioned on a Grammy website but was snubbed at the show


The star’s name was mentioned on a Grammy website but was snubbed at the showPhoto credit: Getty

Kacey Musgraves, Sheryl Crow, Mick Fleetwood, Bonnie Raitt, Christine McVie and Quavo were just a few of the stars who graced the stage for a live performance during the In Memoriam segment at the Grammys.

They honored stars like Loretta Lynn, Takeoff, Twitch and other stars who left too soon.

Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but note that while dozens of people were remembered, one deceased star seemed to be missing: Aaron.

The pop singer was found dead in the bathtub of his California mansion in late 2022 and was pronounced dead at the scene.

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His photo did not appear in the tribute, but he was listed among the stars to be honored on a website linked to the Grammy Awards.

Outraged that he would be forgotten, fans of the late musician took to Twitter to spread the word.

Several fans incorrectly suggested that Taylor Hawkins – the late Foo Fighters drummer – was also snubbed, forgetting he had been honored the year before.

One fan wrote: “Shame on you Grammys. You left out Taylor Hawkins AND Aaron Carter from the memorial segment.”

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Another tweeted, “Um… didn’t see Aaron Carter at this tribute.”

A third fan wrote: “Wow the Grammys let Aaron Carter out of the memorial? Wow, really terrible. No matter how you felt about AC, he made a huge impression in the business at such a young age. He should have been included.”

Another added, “Where was Aaron Carter in the memorial video?!?!”

Another fan wrote: “Grammys. Why not put Aaron Carter in memoriam? Don’t want to be associated with drugs or addiction? That’s so disrespectful and inhuman. Don’t say oh you didn’t have time to include him because he passed away in november and jeff beck passed away last month… hmmmm we love you aaron.”

Another chimed in: “Shame on the Grammys 2023! You knew you didn’t include @aaronCarter in the video tribute! He was so multi-talented! A pop icon! How discouraging.”


A month after his death, Aaron’s fiancé sat down with The US Sun for an exclusive interview about the moment she learned of her partner’s death.

Aaron and Melanie first met via social media in 2019, and their romance quickly blossomed when the couple moved in together after just a month.

He popped the question live on Instagram the following June before they welcomed their son in November last year after a previous miscarriage left them heartbroken.

The couple has had a difficult relationship at times, often due to Aaron’s battle with drug addiction and his mental health, but Melanie says she is determined to stand by him.

She recalled the tragic moment when, on November 5, she received the worst phone call imaginable, telling her that Aaron had been found dead at her home in Lancaster, California.

They had fallen out over his recent relapse when he was caught snorting on social media, and Melanie called the police several times for welfare checks.

The beauty influencer told The US Sun that she was staying with her family in Orange County during their brief separation.

Melanie said she was in the Del Taco drive-through when she got the call from her publicist who told her he had drowned at their home.

“The publicist is the one who called to tell me. And she said that she didn’t know what was wrong, but that he drowned. Breakfast.

“I think it was around 10 or 11 in the morning. Then, within 10 minutes, it immediately made the news.

“I just drove straight to our house and cried the whole time. I don’t even know how I got there,” she added of being “hysterical” during the two-hour, 40-minute drive.

“I thought he fell in the pool and maybe he passed out in it and went in the pool at night. I didn’t know what to expect [and] I also thought maybe someone put it in there.

“I thought so… maybe when I wasn’t there someone put him in the pool and did this to him. I don’t know it.

“He always said he was afraid of people around him. So I didn’t know what that meant. And when I got there, I found it was the bathtub.

“When I got there, there were already a lot of cars. Everyone was sad and there were reporters everywhere. They were there all day and I didn’t want to believe it.

“And then towards the end I spoke to the detectives and said, ‘Do you know exactly what happened?’ “I let her know I wasn’t home but I was staying at the residence. I was his fiancee, we had a baby together.”

The US Sun previously revealed Aaron’s body was found by her new house sitter, who was traumatized by the scene.

She was heard screaming by neighbors minutes before paramedics rushed to the house.

The woman, who chose not to comment, did not respond to Melanie in Aaron’s final week or after his death.


She said Aaron told her not to talk to Melanie and it left her with a lot of unanswered questions.

“I do not know if [she] I actually saw him physically that night,” she said. “I don’t know that.

“I feel like I deserve to know that, I was with him for three years. I was the last person to take care of him and start a family with him.

“I have kind of weird feelings about it. I’m just, I’m a little upset about the whole situation.”

Police let Melanie go inside after his body was removed to check on their pets, but she still can’t bring herself to speak out about the moment.

Melanie was heard sobbing as Aaron was brought out by the coroner and says she didn’t want to see his body.

During the interview, she broke down in tears again, saying, “It’s just so early. I will probably cry every time I hear from him. At least I have to say goodbye.”

When asked how she felt after watching the commotion around the house all day, Melanie said she said to herself, “It’s not real, I’m dreaming.”

Aaron was in a lot of trouble before he died.

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He previously claimed to have suffered more than 100 seizures as a result of his addiction.

Aaron and Melanie shared a child together, who she recently regained custody of.

Dozens of other deceased celebrities have been included in the In Memoriam tribute


Dozens of other deceased celebrities have been included in the In Memoriam tributePhoto credit: Getty
Aaron died in November 2022


Aaron died in November 2022Photo credit: Getty
He was found in the bathtub of his California home


He was found in the bathtub of his California homePhoto credit: Getty Grammy fans furious after Aaron Carter was banned from heartbreaking In Memoriam tribute in shock awards show


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