Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘family manual’ given to Epstein’s housekeeper reveals staff have been silent about ‘vile’ rules

GHISLAINE Maxwell handed Jeffrey Epstein’s housekeeper a “degraded” 58-page booklet in which the employee was asked to “see nothing and say nothing.”

Maxwell, 59, Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, faces six charges of abuse and sex trafficking – charges she denies.

Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of aiding ex-lover Jeffrey Epstein to abuse young girls


Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of aiding ex-lover Jeffrey Epstein to abuse young girlsCredit: Getty
A page from the pamphlet staff was given out at Epstein's facility


A page from pamphlet staff was given out at Epstein’s facilityCredit: Splash

Juan Patricio Alessi, 72, who worked at paedo’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida from 1990 to 2002, is taking a stand on the fifth day of the New City social trial today. York after her arrest last year.

He said that Brit once gave him a huge brochure with a detailed checklist of tasks he had to perform for “house maintenance” – which he said he saw “degradation”.

The book, which was filed as evidence, released today shows that employees are required to follow stricter rules.

Staff were asked to “be cautious of voice and noise levels” while working at the hotel.

They were also told: “Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed at you.”

Employees are prohibited from eating or drinking in front of Maxwell, Epstein or their guests and are also instructed not to apply “heavy perfume or aftershave lotion.”

Alessi, who is being re-examined by Maxwell’s attorneys today, said this morning working conditions at the Florida home were like “slavery”.

He told the court he was expected to be called to Epstein 24 hours a day.

Staff are also taught how to use “appropriate language” around the property.

Words like ‘yes’, ‘definitely’ and ‘right’ were deemed inappropriate and workers were instead asked to say things like ‘I’m happy and of course you’re . . .

On Thursday, the home’s manager, who moved to Florida from Ecuador in 1984, was asked by the prosecution “how things changed” when Maxwell was involved with Epstein.

He replied: “Things are less intimate. Talk less. I am not allowed to see Mr. Epstein anymore, unless he asks me a question.

“Miss Maxwell said, ‘Don’t look him in the eye, look at his other side.'”

Former Epstein employee – who first met the social site in 1991 – described Maxwell as “the lady in the house” who referred to him as “John”.

He said: “From the day she arrived in the house, she immediately took over. She told me she was going to be the lady of the house. She also told me that she depended on the house. responsible for (Epstein)’s other properties.”

One of Alessi’s jobs was to stuff $100 bills into every millionaire’s car.

Asked how many times he’d seen women bathing in the mansion’s swimming pool, Alessi said: “hundreds of times.”

Juan Patricio Alessi testified in court that Maxwell was'the lady of the house'


Juan Patricio Alessi testified in court that Maxwell was ‘the lady of the house’Credit: Mirrorpix
Mr. Alessi worked at Epstein's mansion until 2002


Mr. Alessi worked at Epstein’s mansion until 2002Credit: Splash News


GHISLAINE Maxwell faces six charges related to her allegations against Jeffrey Epstein:

  • Conspiracy to entice a minor to travel to perform illegal sexual acts
  • Attracting minors to travel for illegal sexual activities
  • Conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sex activity
  • Transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity
  • Sex trafficking conspiracy
  • Child sex trafficking

When asked if the women were “topless”, the witness said: “75% of the time”.

Alessi said he first worked for Les Wexner’s mother before being introduced to Epstein.

Wexner, who founded lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret, is said to have allowed financier Epstein to manage his multibillion-dollar fortune from the late 1980s until at least 2007.

Butler Alessi – who lived at Epstein’s mansion – told the court that Maxwell would sleep in the pedophile monster’s bedroom while she was at home in Florida.

The 72-year-old told police in 2005 he would clean the vibrator and rubber penis after Epstein massaged the girls.

He said the bed sheets would be changed after each massage, indicating that there was some kind of sexual activity going on.

Giving evidence on Thursday, Alessi spoke of finding sex toys in his boss’s massage room.


He said: “I remember finding a big dildo. It looked like a giant man’s penis with two heads.”

Alessi said he put gloves on to wash the sex toy and placed it in a wicker basket in Maxwell’s closet, which also contained pornography and a black leather outfit.

He told the court there were “many photographs” of naked women at the mansion “usually kept at Mrs. Maxwell’s desk”.

The former employee said that the two girls, who appeared to be underage, also frequently stayed at the villa.

He testified in court as Virginia Roberts – who alleges she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew three times – and the alleged victim during the trial using the pseudonym ‘Jane’.

The Duke of York denies all allegations of misconduct against him.

Two photos of Epstein victim believed to be Virginia Roberts were sent as evidence today


Two photos of Epstein victim believed to be Virginia Roberts were sent as evidence today

When asked how old Jane was when he first met her, Alessi said: “She appeared to be 14 or 15 years old. She was very beautiful, beautiful eyes, long brown hair, very pleasant.

“Three times she was there with her mother. After that, without her mother. Many times.”

Alessi alleges he first met Virginia when she worked at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

He told the court: “I was at Mar-A-Lago with Ms. Maxwell. I waited in the car like the driver.”

Asked by the prosecution “how does she look?”, the 72-year-old replied: “young”, and when asked how old she was, he said: “14 or 15”.

This comes after Epstein’s former pilot, Larry Visoski, stated that he thought Virginia looked like an adult, saying: “She doesn’t look young.”

Today, the prosecution submitted two photos of the alleged sex slave as evidence.

Maxwell’s defense is expected to hinge on much of their case continuing to rest on the trustworthiness of the alleged victims.

Her first accuser “Jane” stood up yesterday on the third day of the trial.


She claims Maxwell cuddled her as Epstein pleased himself before the twisted financier abused her with sex toys.

Jane also told the court that a “lust mania” had taken place in the mansion’s massage room several times and that both Maxwell and Epstein were alleged to have participated.

Elsewhere, defense attorneys pursue glaring contradictions and errors in Jane’s account of events that occurred 20 years ago when she was a teenager.

She had previously told the British social media site how “in the room” was when multiple abuses occurred – including when she was just 14 years old.

Jane has repeatedly said that she cannot recall or assert errors in the first transcript of her comments when speaking to prosecutors in 2019.

It seems that a key part of Maxwell’s defense attorney’s strategy was to try to suggest that the victim’s memories had changed over time.

Jane, now in her 40s and an actress, also learned of the multi-million dollar payment she received from Epstein’s victims compensation fund.


“I wish I never received that money in the first place because of what happened,” she sobbed.

Maxwell’s lawyers also asked her about her acting career, including asking if she would play the role of a “slut” and if she could “cry when ordered”.

“This is real. I’m looking for an end. I’ve been running away from this all my life. I want to help in any way I can. And maybe find healing,” Jane said. .

And she added that she clearly recalls the first time Epstein abused her because it was the moment “her life would change forever”.

During cross-examination, Jane was asked by Maxwell’s attorneys if Epstein had ever introduced her to Donald Trump.

She agreed and stated that she was driven to Mar-a-Lago by Epstein in a dark blue car when she was 14 years old.

And then she also mentioned that she entered a beauty pageant sponsored by Trump.

Ghislaine spoke to her brother Kevin Maxwell in court earlier this week


Ghislaine spoke to her brother Kevin Maxwell in court earlier this weekCredit: Reuters
Trump and Epstein posing together in Palm Beach in 1997


Trump and Epstein posing together in Palm Beach in 1997Credit: GETTY

Trump has long been associated with beauty pageants, hosting the MIss USA pageant from 1996 to 2015.

There was no hint during the trial – or anywhere else – that Trump was aware of Epstein’s heinous crimes.

And she was also asked if she ever remembered being on a flight with Prince Andrew, friend of Ghislaine, but she also answered yes.

Andrew denies any wrongdoing to his friendship with Epstein – including strongly denying he slept with 17-year-old sex slave Virginia Roberts.

This is the third time Trump has been mentioned in this case – and the second for Andrew.

Both were named yesterday along with Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker as passengers on Epstein’s longtime pilot Lawrence Visoski’s plane.

And on both occasions, Maxwell’s team brought up well-known names during cross-examination.

Ghislaine appeared in court yesterday along with his sister Isabel, brother Kevin and a small group of supporters.

Epstein and Maxwell side-by-side with the rich and famous in the world – believed to be hiding in plain sight amid a web of sexual abuse.

Multi-millionaire Epstein will keep a “small black book” of power connections as he flies around the world allegedly with Maxwell.

Prosecutors argue Maxwell “serve” the young girl to her ex-lover and is also accused of participating in several assaults.

Her lawyer Deny all charges against her and claimed she was representing Epstein and painted alleged victims as money-hungry.

Gislaine Maxwell’s brother Ian speaks before the judges’ selection Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘family manual’ given to Epstein’s housekeeper reveals staff have been silent about ‘vile’ rules


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