Genshin Impact – How to get Oathsworn Eye and is it good

Oathsworn Eye can now be obtained in The Genshin effect. This is a catalyst weapon that is, as far as we can tell, only available during the Three Realms Gate Supply event. This is ours The Genshin effect a guide to help you get the Oathsworn Eye, as well as see if it’s any good.

Note: For more information on the game, see The Genshin effect guide and central feature.

The Genshin effect tutorial – How to get Oathsworn Eye in the Three Realms Gate Supply event

Get the Eye of Vow in The Genshin effect is relatively simple. Make sure you can access the Dedication of the Gate to the Three Realms event and progress further until you reach the Statue of the Lords. After Tsumi gave it to you Bokuso Box Widget, you will be able to interact with the statue. Check the Rewards tab to know that the Eye of Oath can be obtained after the Bokuso Box reaches level 4.

To get there, we’ll need to collect a bunch of Kingdom of Lights Marks (at low levels you’ll need 80 per rank). You should have enough starting time to get to level 1, that’s fine. For the rest of the 240x signs, we’ll plant and explore.

Genshin Impact Oathsworn Eye Is It Good Light Realm Sigil 1

We will mainly find Light Realm Sigils in The Genshin effect by opening the chest. These are the ones that are unlocked after defeating surrounding enemies, the ones that spawn after you track a Seelie, and the ones that spawn after solving a puzzle. Naturally, the quality of the treasure chest is factored in. For example, regular chests only grant 5 times the token, while the delicate chests give you 20 times the token. The most valuable are the luxury chests, which also grant the Kingdom of Light Cores to Bokuso Arts. They provide 25x marks.

Note: In addition to the chest, the tower quest and challenge markers also give 10x and 20x tokens respectively.

Genshin Impact Oathsworn Eye Is It Good Light Realm Sigil 2

Once you’ve reached level 4 on your Bokuso Box, you’ll be able to get the Oathsworn Eye catalyst in The Genshin effect. But, is it really that good?

Here’s the problem, the Oathsworn Eye has a very simple effect. It simply adds 24% mana recharge when a character uses their elemental skill. At first, I thought this would be great for Yae Miko, considering that she can spam her skill fee. Sadly, the effect doesn’t stack. So if I had 114% mana charged to Miko, I would only have 138% after defeating all three Sesshou Sakura. However, it’s really up to you if you like it (which is good if you want a completely free play option).

Note 1: Oathsworn Eye’s refining material, Ointment of Sight, is awarded when the Bokuso statue/Box reaches levels 5, 9, 10, and 14.

Note 2: Looks like there is no blueprint for Oathsworn Eye yet. Try not to accidentally use it as fodder.

Genshin Impact Oathsworn Eye Is It Good Light Realm Sigil 3

The Genshin effect available through it Official website. For more information, see guide and central feature. Genshin Impact – How to get Oathsworn Eye and is it good


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