Genshin Impact: 11 Best Claymores, Ranked

Claymore users are the hardest class to fight in The Genshin effect, and almost every claymore welder is used as the primary DPS. Featuring characters like Diluc, Razor, and Xinyan, the claymore class is known for its powerful attackers. Many players will form their team around these characters to deal massive elemental reactive damage to enemies.

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However, without the proper artifacts and weapons, not even Diluc should be expected to plow his game. There is a fairly long list of claymores to choose from, but not all of them will help the player succeed in battle. The list below will help you find the best claymore in Genshin Impact.


Updated December 26, 2021 by Kim Dailey: Genshin Impact has evolved a lot, but Claymore users still prove to be an attractive choice for teams. While powers like Hu Tao and Ganyu have fallen, there’s nothing quite like a Diluc armed with a Wolf’s Gravestone. Even players who can’t get a five-star claymore in Genshin Impact have a lot to look forward to. Tons of four-star weapons can be amassed through free gacha draws, including Rainslasher Genshin fans who seem to be hyped about this. We’ve added a few more to the list below, reviewing the best clays in Genshin Impact to help you choose the right one for your party.

Best Claymores in Genshin Impact

Chongyun Discover Liyue

Players will learn that claymores includes one of five weapons in the game. Although the attack speed is slower, they can deal tons of damage compared to other melee weapons. There is also a gust of wind before Claymore’s fury chain attacks that drain stamina. This may not work for all playstyles, so review all clays to find your most synergistic pick.

Favonius Greatsword

Favonius Greatsword Genshin Impact
  • Basic attack: 41
  • Secondary stats: + 13.3% mana recharge

The Favonius Greatsword is a perfect four-star weapon to round out a Claymore user. Its Falling wind the effect gives all critical hits a 60% chance to generate energy particles, this will give the character 6 energy and can spawn every 12 seconds. The Favonius Greatsword could be great for characters like Chongyun, who rely on elemental attacks.

Classic Prototype

Prototype Ancient Genshin Impact
  • Basic attack: 44
  • Secondary stats: + 6% Attack

The Prototype Artifact is a tamperable item that all players can craft as long as they harvest the required forging materials. The The one you like This skill grants the character a 50% chance to deal 240% to 480% AoE damage to enemies every fifteen seconds. This is a great free weapon and can be easily paired with any Claymore user.


Rainslasher Genshin Impact
  • Basic attack: 42
  • Secondary stats: +36 Elemental Master

Rainslasher is a huge four-star traction for characters like Chongyun or Razor, effective against hydro and electric enemies. Rainslasher is unique Bane of Storm and Tide ability makes it effective against opponents weak in electric and hydraulic damage. With no cooldown, the player will get a continuous attack boost from 26% to 36% against these enemies.

Sacrificial Sword

Impact of Greatsword Genshin sacrifice
  • Basic attack: 44
  • Secondary stats: 6.7% rechargeable energy

Here’s another four-star gacha pull that’s perfect for those who want to focus on elemental damage like Chongyun.

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The claymore’s Composed This ability gives the player a 40% to 80% chance of leaving an elemental skill CD when used. This reset can happen every 16 to 30 seconds.

Blackcliff Smasher

Impact of Blackcliff Smasher Genshin
  • Basic attack: 42
  • Secondary stats: Plus 12% Crit . Damage

The four-star Blackcliff Smasher can be purchased from Paimon’s Bargains for 24 Masterless Starglitter. The Click Advantage ability will increase character’s attack from 12% to 24% after killing an enemy. Each boost lasts for thirty seconds and the effect can stack up to three times. Players who want a claymore for heavy DPS in Genshin Impact can’t go wrong with this great non-gacha pick.


Whiteblind Genshin Impact
  • Basic attack: 42
  • Secondary stats: Plus 11.3% Defense

The Whiteblind is a four-star weapon that can be forged by any player as long as they gather enough materials. The claymore’s Infusion blade ability will increase attack and defense by 6% for 6 seconds with a stack of four. This can only happen every 0.5 seconds, making it a solid choice for Christmas and Xinyan.

Snow Tombed Starsilver

Effect of Snow-Tombed Starsilver Genshin
  • Basic attack: 44
  • Secondary stats: Plus 7.5% physical damage

This is another weapon that can be forged after the player has unlocked the recipe in the Dragonspine region. The blueprint of this particular weapon will be unlocked by doing the stone carving quest. Thanks to its ability to initiate elemental reactions, Snow Tombed Starsilver is perfect for characters like Diluc, Beidou, and Razor.

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Snow Tombed Starsilver has Frost Burial skill, gives the user a 60% chance to create an ice pellet that deals 80% AoE cryo damage. If the enemy is weak to cryo, this attack deals up to 200% damage, and the effect can occur every 10 seconds.

The Unforged

Unreinforced Genshin Impact
  • Basic attack: forty six
  • Secondary stats: Plus 10.8% Attack

Unforged is a newer five star gacha drag, and it’s exclusive to shield users, crafters Christmas and Xinyan a perfect match. Unforged has Golden Majesty This ability, increases the user’s shield strength from 20% to 40%. Additionally, hitting an opponent grants the player 4% to 8% of the attack that stacks up to five times and lasts 8 seconds each; This ability can happen every 3 seconds. Players will also receive a Increases attack by 100% when actively using shield.

Skyward Pride

Skyward Blade Genshin Impact
  • Basic attack: 48
  • Secondary stats: 8% rechargeable energy

Skyward Pride is another five-star traction and will likely hold a spot as one of the Best Claymores in Genshin Impact. This variation focuses on recharging, not to mention the Skyward Pride has Dragon’s spine tore through the sky that ability will increase the player’s damage from 8% to 16%.

When attacking or using your elemental skill, Claymore will create a vacuum blade capable of dealing 80% to 160% damage to enemies for twelve seconds at a time. This extra attack can trigger every 30 seconds. Skyward Pride is a powerful weapon that can make a four star like Xinyan Hit as hard as Diluc when leveling up.

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Song of Broken Pines

Song of Broken Pines Claymore Razor Genshin Impact's best stats
  • Basic attack: 49
  • Secondary stats: 4.5% physical damage

Song of Broken Pines is a five-star clay tablet that the Traveler can obtain from the Weapon Event Wish. It was recently featured in Epitome’s Invitation Wish Weapon Banner but has not been available in the game since December 14. Because Claymore’s ability focuses on agility, Song of Broken Pines is best paired with outstandingly agile characters such as Razor or Eula.

The claymore’s Rebel’s Banner Hymn this ability gives the weapon a 16% to 32% increase in Attack as you refine it further. Additionally, when a Normal or Charged hit lands with Song of Broken Pines, you’ll earn a Whisper Mark. This skill has a rapid rotation that can be activated every 0.3 seconds, allowing for continuous attacks. Sigil of Whispers can stack up to four times when all will be spent and granted to characters in the surrounding party Banner-Hymn of the Millenial Movement this skill, increases Attack Speed ​​by 12% to 24% and Attack from 20% to 40%.

Wolf’s Gravestone

Wolf's Gravestone Genshin Impact
  • Basic attack: forty six
  • Secondary stats: Attack 10.8%

Wolf’s Gravestone is a five-star drag solution that many people associate with top champion, considering it the hardest weapon to hit and the only best lightning in Genshin Impact. It is an extremely popular choice for Diluc. Wolf’s Gravestone comes with Wolfish Tracker This ability will increase the character’s attack by 20% to 40% and then increase by 40% to 80% for twelve seconds every time the character’s HP drops below 30%. This ability can be activated every 30 seconds.

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