Gautam Gambhir on KL Rahul replaces Rishabh Pant as goalkeeper

Gautam Gambhir completely ruled out the possibility KL Rahul take over glove holding wicket from Rishabh Pant in the Cricket Match Test.

Pant has been impressive with Batman since the beginning IndiaEngland tour in 2021. Rahul, on the other hand, has grown in stature as a Test cricketer during the same period.

During a discussion on Star Sports, Gautam Gambhir was asked by a fan if Rahul should be asked to keep the trio in the Tests because of Pant’s indifferent performance with the bat.

#AskStar @StarSportsIndia We’ve seen Pant appear in the same outfit multiple times. Will they be able to keep Rahul on the keeper and play as an additional hitter if Pant continues to bounce off hasty shots.

He responded:

“I’ll just say Rahul is the opener, Rahul is the keeper. If you see any of the keepers, if he holds the ball for 150 passes and then he has to play the first ball, then then that’s not possible. It can work in ODIs and T20Is but you need a regular keeper of the ball in Test matches.”

The former Indian cricketer added that Rahul should be allowed to sublimate at the top of the order as an opener. Gambhir explains:

“Your keeper can’t be the opening header in the Tests, that can be the case once when you don’t have the opener. But that’s not a long-term solution. So Rahul as a goalkeeper – definitely not, because you want him to score with the new ball and he’s just starting to get into the rhythm of Test cricket.”

It is certainly not advisable for KL Rahul, who is not a regular athlete, to wear gloves during the Cricket Test. Team India may look for other alternatives if Pant doesn’t continuously fire with the bat.

“Why are we only talking about Rishabh Pant the batter?” – Gautam Gambhir

Rishabh Pant has greatly improved his ability to wear gloves behind the wick
Rishabh Pant has greatly improved his ability to wear gloves behind the wick

Gautam Gambhir emphasized that there has been a significant improvement in Pant’s retention over the past few months. He observes:

“Why are we only talking about hitter Rishabh Pant? If you see his retention over the last 6-7 months, he’s done brilliantly.

The 40-year-old pointed out that Pant has stood out behind the wickets in all conditions. Gambhir explains:

“We’ve said before that Rishabh Pant is a batter that can hold and we need his impact in 6th place. But over the last few months, whether it’s the bend or South Africa or Brother, I don’t remember him. missed more than one strange opportunity.”

Gautam Gambhir concludes by saying that it is necessary to stick with Pant. The former opener insists Pant cannot just be seen as an influential smasher in sixth place as he has become an equally good goalkeeper.

Edited by Sai Krishna

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