Future Queen’s Piers Morgan has risen above circus royal conflict with grace and duty unlike poor Meghan & Harry, says Piers Morgan


“HELLO Piers, how’s my rhinoceros?” asked England’s next queen, Camilla Parker-Bowles, the last time we saw each other a few weeks ago.

“I hope you still take good care of it?”

Our new star columnist, Piers Morgan, says Camilla would be a great Queen


Our new star columnist, Piers Morgan, says Camilla would be a great Queen
It happened after the Queen announced that her daughter-in-law would be crowned Queen when Charles became King


It happened after the Queen announced that her daughter-in-law would be crowned Queen when Charles became King
Piers, pictured with the Duchess in 2006, says Camilla'can make you laugh with her dry wit'


Piers, pictured with the Duchess in 2006, says Camilla ‘can make you laugh with her dry wit’Credit: Getty

“That’s right, ma’am,” I chuckle. “It still hangs proudly on my loo wall!'”

Duchess of Cornwall is a keen amateur artist but has only sold one of her paintings, a watercolor painting of a large rhinoceros in the African bush that I bought at a charity auction in 2002 when I am the editor of the Daily Mirror and stuck in my office.

“Charles and I often see it behind your head when you do interviews, and we’re always absolutely horrified!” she told me, years later.

Now the royal rhinoceros is in my private throne room, and in many ways completely symbolizes Camilla’s own character.

After all, rhinos are intelligent animals known for their very thick skin, endurance, resilience, hard work spirit, and strong, flexible, protective personality.

What sets them apart from Camilla is the way they handle unusual situations.

If a rhino feels uncomfortable, it will immediately attack.

Camilla is made of calmer stock.

Several years ago, I was invited to a star-studded Christmas lunch at Fortnum and Mason.

I sat across from the incredibly regal Camilla, and Chris Evans sat to her left, who, unlike the rest of the crowd, preferred to dress casually and to wear a large amount of glitter. colorful carnival that he wore throughout the meal and which, in typical British parlance, nobody mentioned.

“Your Majesty,” I finally asked, “I have to talk to the elephant in the room – is this the first time you have sat next to someone dressed as a giant purple Christmas tree and are you confused? So messed up I am?”

All eyes, including Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry, Paul O’Grady and Dame Joanna Lumley, and a smirking Evans, were on the Duchess.

“Oh my god no!” she scoffed, “this is very tame.”

Her amused response – I can think of a few snobbish royals who took a snob about such revealing clothing – said all you need to know about the woman who has just been appointed. The Queen is officially confirmed as the next person to hold that historic title when Prince Charles became King.

I’ve known Camilla for over 20 years, and we’ve always had a strange understanding of each other, which may be because we grew up in the neighboring villages of East Sussex – she’s in Plumpton, I’m in Newick just across the street. one mile. – and of course, we are all unjustly misunderstood and malicious public figures!

Actually, in her case, that was true.

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Camilla is truly a smart, warm, super cute and sociable person who is not only a great friend but can make you laugh with her dry wit.

At a 2019 pre-pandemic dinner hosted by then-U.S. Ambassador Woody Johnson in her honor, she said to my wife Celia: “I heard you have a novel coming out? “

“I have!” Celia answered, slightly startled. Our future queen, whom she has never met, will know about her book. (Royals are always tactfully introduced to the people they are likely to encounter at such events.)

“What is it about?” Camilla asked.

Celia said: “A man who behaved badly but received a terrifying appearance.

Camilla turned to look at me. “Oh, that sounds… AWESOME! Can’t imagine where you got that idea from?”

I sat next to her at dinner and we had a fascinating conversation about everything from Donald Trump and Brexit for trophy hunting and the perils of social media.

She is informative, surprisingly obstinate (but only once she sets it up it’s all completely out of the box) and a lot of fun.


Then Ambassador Johnson stood up and announced, “Yes, time for some unexpected entertainment.”

Camilla also began to rise.

“Are you performing for us, Your Majesty?” I exclaimed excitedly.

“Yes, Piers,” she replied, “I’ll practice ballet for you. It’s been a long time so please forgive me for being a little short-tempered.”


“No, Piers.”

The great late Empress Dowager once described the art of being a popular royal as “Never complain, never explain, and rarely heard in public.”

No one else but the Queen embodies this philosophy better than Camilla, who has suffered more abuse, ridicule and barbaric criticism in the media than any other member of the Royal Family after all. the fallout from her love affair with Charles, but who has never once publicly answered it.

Unlike the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who constantly groans, sue, trash their family, play the victim, and flee their royal titles for crude commercial gain, Camilla rises above the often cruel unjust conflict with a grace and dignity. price, and a deep understanding of royal duties, which says a lot about her character.


And thanks to that, her fame has resonated not only with the Queen but also with the British people.

She also has the great gift that all successful public figures need: practicality.

My sister Charlotte used to regularly host top royal festivals while her husband Colonel Patrick ran training at Sandhurst Military Academy when Prince William and Harry were cadets. .

She says Camilla is always an absolute delight – “very friendly, easygoing and ‘casual'” – and full of great advice.

“She recommended the use of weights in skirts when performing in public on windy days to prevent unfortunate underwear leaks… and she introduced us to Ginger Liqueur. by King, which is now a family favorite.”

At our last lunch meeting in December, Camilla said she had “enjoyed” my book Wake Up about the crazy world we live in – I sent her a clone, knowing she finds it all as absurd as I do – and demanding to know when I’ll be back on television.

“Aww, do you miss me, Ma’am?” I laugh.

I miss your meeting with politicians“she giggled.” I usually get up early especially to watch them. “

Camilla is an act of class… not unlike the Sussexes who serve themselves pathetically with their endless whining.

As I explained to Camilla, she won’t have to wait much longer – My new global exhibition will be out in a few weeks – and now I will rate ‘By Royal Appointment Viewing’ on the opening titles.

I texted her son, Tom, a longtime friend, upon hearing of the Queen’s announcement.

“What a wonderful moment for your mother,” I wrote, “truly emotional for her. She totally deserves this, please pass on my sincere congratulations.”

“Of course, I will,” he replied, “You’ve been an advocate from the start, and I know how much she’s always appreciated that.”

I have, and the reason is because Camilla is a classy act.

She sent me a lovely handwritten letter last year when she heard that my parents were both suffering from severe pain due to Covid, asking me to pass on her best wishes to her. she recovered quickly).

And the fact that the Queen now thinks she is the right person to do the same Monarch acts as Charles’ consort that Prince Philip made for her too long, is good enough for me.

I can’t think of a woman in the world more suitable, or with more relevant experience, to do such an incredibly difficult job.

The TV Fire Company said Camilla was an act of class - unlike the Duke and Duchess of Sussex'pathically'


The TV Fire Company said Camilla was an act of class – unlike the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘pathically’Credit: Getty Future Queen’s Piers Morgan has risen above circus royal conflict with grace and duty unlike poor Meghan & Harry, says Piers Morgan


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