Fun things to do with friends physically or virtually in Birmingham

To improve your social life with people, either physically or virtually, find enjoyable, meaningful, and engaging methods to connect online. Socializing has myriad positive effects on both physical and mental health. People who regularly engage in meaningful social relationships are often happier, healthier, and more satisfied with their lives.

Here are a few enjoyable and meaningful things you could enjoy in Birmingham with your friends, even if you can’t see them.

Organize a gaming night

There are several websites and applications that can assist you and your friends in getting together for some online games and fun. There are numerous games you can try on the website. You can also visit some betting sites not on gamstop to have a fun and limitless betting experience together with your friends and perhaps have a little bit of competitive rivalry between each other. It could be about your favorite sports, players, or anything else. Maybe you will want to bet on Birmingham FC or Aston Villa?

Alternatively, why not download an app and add some competitiveness to your casual catch-ups while you video chat and play online games?

Enroll jointly in a course online

We all have a constant desire to learn, develop, and get better, and finding online buddies who have those same objectives or hobbies may be a terrific experience.

Online classes and courses are a terrific way to stay in touch with friends, especially since they make it easier to schedule frequent get-togethers. A further benefit of setting objectives with a friend is that you are both more likely to follow through and complete them. A shared purpose and cooperative effort can also deepen your friendship.

Watch movies with your friends

You don’t need to be in the same space anymore to watch a movie with your friends!

You can share streaming accounts like Netflix with your friends. When everyone is watching a movie at once, a chat box appears as well, you can imagine how fun it is to communicate with your friends while watching a movie.

This allows you and your friends to simultaneously laugh at the corny acting or be in awe of some amazing cinematography. This is definitely one of the nicest things to do virtually with your friends.

Create a book reading and discussion board online

You may currently have a little extra free time, and you’re making room in your life for additional books. Or perhaps you already read a lot and are loving the opportunity to find new books.

Discussion nights or virtual book reading can be a great and entertaining way to stay in touch with your friends online. Try pitching this concept to your friends to see if there is any interest, and if enough people are on board, schedule a start day and time. To keep everyone interested, rotate among your group, allowing each participant to select a book or meeting topic in their turn.


The majority of the time, engaging in the same types of activities that you and your friends used to enjoy when you would hang out in person online is just as fun as they are physical while out in Birmingham. There are still numerous of these listed above such as watching movies or playing games.

If none of these strike your fancy, consider developing a list of some of the activities you used to like doing with your closest friends while out in Brum town. Consider strategies to virtualize these activities next. Then enjoy a good time with your friends!

Huynh Nguyen

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