FTR considers Interaction between MJF and Happy Corbin

If Happiness Corbin and MJF are going for a steak, they better not forget the FTR.

Over the weekend, MJF and Corbin had a fun sharing on social media about going out for steak and renting a restaurant so that no fan who might be around would bother them.

This received a response from Dax Harwood of All Elite Wrestling of the tag team FTR early this morning. He asked MJF and Corbin not to forget to invite them if they were to go out for a steak dinner, posting a photo and text:

“@BaronCorbinWWE @The_MJF Don’t forget to invite us.”

Happy Corbin misses his friends in FTR

While MJF has yet to respond to tweets from his friends on The Pinnacle, Corbin happily replied to both with a GIF that reads, “Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.”

It is clear that Corbin formed a good relationship and friendship with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler while they were in WWE as the tag team, The Revival. While Corbin finds himself currently paired up with Madcap Moss on Friday night, one can’t help but wonder if an alliance with FTR and Corbin would be much more interesting.

If these four men had asked each other out for steak, the fans would have probably never heard of it. Still, it’s interesting to imagine how these four men interact with each other on WWE or AEW television.

What do you think about online interaction between FTR, MJF and Happy Corbin? Would you like to see these four men together on television in the future? Let us know what you think by pressing it in the comments section below.

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