From the Depths: Seven Tips to Improve Your World of Warships Experience


It’s not a secret World of Warships It’s been a tough year thanks to dodgy earning mechanism and Wargaming’s treatment workers and player. But the game itself is undeniably one of the most unique arcade war PvP experiences out there – and it’s a tough game to master. Over the past two years, I’ve picked out a few tips to help improve my play and keep my sanity. Hopefully some of these recommendations will make the experience smoother for newer and seasoned players.

Don’t rush to chain the tech tree or buy your way into higher levels

In every forum about every MMO game, a player who recently discovered the game posts the same question: What’s the fastest way to the end of the game? World of Warships is no exception, with the “endgame” usually being a level 10 battleship of some sort. Despite the warnings and advice of more seasoned players not to rush into the experience, the new player strongly believes that due to his natural talent and years of playing the game, he will be the exception to the rule. rule and will win when everyone else has failed. Spoiler alert: He won’t.

First, I debate the concept that the only pleasure to have Battleship at higher levels. I’ve had more interesting 5-8 games than 9 and 10 Second, the best way to be effective in the higher ranks is to play more games. The tech tree starts at level 1 for a reason. The game is designed to slowly introduce new concepts, abilities, and skill levels to opponents as the player progresses through the row. Playing all the way to level 4 and then buying a premium level 9 ship will only cause more frustration for both the player and his teammates as they will enter the match unprepared for the higher level game. Do not skip the grinding process.


Play many and many ship classes

There are several schools of thought on this issue. Some players claim that specializing in a certain type of ship will allow for more practice and better expertise for that type of ship. I took the opposite approach of playing as many different types of ships as possible to learn the techniques and capabilities of those ships. World of Warships feels like a game of chess where all the pieces move at the same time in both offensive and defensive positions; Success in skirmishes depends on understanding your opponent’s capabilities. The first thing I do at the start of a match is scan the enemy ship list for the number of radar ships, torpedo boats, and other nasty surprises.

And how do we know which ships are equipped with those gadgets? Because I played most of them! The best way I’ve found to memorize a ship’s abilities is to jump in and use it. Playing with ships that I’m not familiar with, is to take the chess metaphor a little further, like trying to play against a horseman or a horse without knowing how the piece moves. In addition to weapons and consumables, different ships use different attack and defense techniques and have different armor schemes, detection ranges, speed, strengths, and weaknesses. It took some time, but in the end, players who have been through various ships can gauge one-on-one skirmishes and even larger strategic maneuvers at a glance on the screen. .

Study the game outside the game

Read posts, watch YouTube videos, and interact with streamers. In previous posts, I lamented about lack of feedback mechanism Build No Thanh World of Warships. In a 12v12 random match, it is nearly impossible for new players to judge whether a move is valid or to analyze a strategic mistake based on the outcome of the match. Some distinctions come naturally with gameplay, but I find it helpful to look through the role of an experienced streamer. I recommend finding someone who can explain both why she made the move and why it was successful or not. Avoid players who are quiet and rarely explain game mechanics. They can be fun, but you won’t learn much. There are also many good ones Battleship YouTubers, but beware of outdated videos. Games are edited frequently, so videos older than two years tend to be no longer useful for educational purposes.


Don’t pay too much attention to your win rate

This has been a difficult one for me but has become important for me to continue enjoying the game. Using in-game summaries and various third-party websites, you can super-analyze your match statistics in Battleship. In fact, it’s possible to drive yourself crazy with your match stats. I usually look at my stats on a daily basis, thinking it’s a good way to measure progress and improve.

The problem with this is your win rate (most popular metric cited by WoWs player) is more useful for long-term analysis than tracking day-to-day progress. “Bad” results for several days in a row may not show a player’s improvement due to unpredictable matchmaking. These days, I like to check my stats every three or four weeks just to see how things are trending. I’ve noticed that my improvement is better reflected in the long run using this method. Regardless, don’t get too hung up on any numbers in your stats dump. 43% win rate might indicate relatively poor performance, but it doesn’t rule out moments of enjoyment!

Ignore Your Karma Points Completely

In a lackluster attempt to address the lack of feedback mentioned earlier, Wargaming implemented a karma system that uses player favors and drops for various reasons. In theory, karma (through the number of compliments and reports) should give players immediate feedback on how they just performed in the previous match. Unfortunately, players can be praised and reported to any reason (or no reason), and they never know where the feedback is coming from or why; some players report others simply playing a type of ship they don’t like.

So it’s essentially useless as a feedback mechanism and could instead frustrate players that might have been doing well. I found the system so useless that I installed a mod that blocked all notifications related to the karma system and hid my points from me. Just ignore it; You will be happier and less confused. Like your personal stats mentioned above, the low karmic rate can be frustrating for new players. But unlike your personal stats, karma is not based on actual game performance but on the personal whims of other players who may or may not be as fearless as you!


Look at the minimap often

New players often overlook the importance of minimaps in WoWs. But I once heard a seasoned player say that he spent half the game looking at the minimap. The minimap is a chessboard that tracks the movement of every piece in play. It’s easy to localize what’s going on in your vicinity and forget that there are 11 other ships on your fleet, some supporting you and some in need. Players who can react and anticipate situations based on friendly and enemy position have a greater influence on the game than those with tunnel vision.

Consider buying premium time once you’ve learned the basics

If you are a newer player who can already control a level 10 ship or two and you feel that it is time to spend some money on the game, the best thing for your money is premium time . While buying a ship will allow you to play that ship with an additional bonus, the pay period includes bonuses for credits and experience accumulation on any ship you play. It can speed up the grinding process once you have a firm grasp of what makes a good play and a bad one. The period special is $100US for 365 days, but was previously on sale for 50% off as the year ends. However, my advice is to play the game for free until you can crush a level ten ship or two. An added benefit of buying paid time is that it sends the message that this is the form of money players want, not the random loot boxes that seem to be all the rage.

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