From Eddie Bravo’s Flat Earth Theory to the Dave Portnoy scandal, Joe Rogan’s deepest engagements with podcast guests

FOR more than a decade, “Joe Rogan Experience” has been one of the most popular podcasts in the world, racking up millions of views per episode as its titular host interviewed a multitude of guests.

From billionaire Elon Musk to whistleblower Edward Snowden, Joe Rogan has had thousands of entertaining conversations that have captivated his audience.

Joe Rogan has had a fair number of wild guests on his show over the years


Joe Rogan has had a fair number of wild guests on his show over the yearsPhoto credit: YouTube / Joe Rogan Experience
He particularly lost his composure when discussing conspiracies with Eddie Bravo


He particularly lost his composure when discussing conspiracies with Eddie BravoPhoto credit: YouTube / Joe Rogan Experience

But with a host as insightful as Rogan, and with thousands of interviews behind him, there are bound to be some episodes where the feathers are ruffled.

Rogan has often argued with guests, often creating awkward or intense moments on the show.

Many of these arguments went viral, with fans praising Rogan for staying calm and composed most of the time.

The US Sun has listed some of Rogan’s most heated arguments over the years.

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One of the few times Rogan lost his composure was on a 2017 episode with JRE regular Eddie Bravo.

Bravo, a martial arts instructor and comedian, is a well-known supporter of conspiracy theories, particularly the claim that the earth is flat, which sparked a debate between him and Rogan.

As a result, Bravo asked Rogan and his team to show him “a real image” of Earth from space, but immediately thought it was “fake.”

“Why does it look wrong?” Rogan asked, to which Bravo replied that the image looks like he would see it in a movie.

“That’s because when they do it in a movie, they try to look like what looks real,” Rogan tried to explain.

The two men walked back and forth, with Bravo claiming round-earth images were “propaganda” but unable to provide Rogan with a flat-earth image when he asked for one.

After about 40 minutes, Rogan snapped at Bravo, calling his beliefs “insane”.

“Eddie, you’re talking about the earth being flat!” he yelled. “Thousands of scientists have looked into this, you think they’re all wrong? This is so crazy!”

Bravo replied, “You haven’t looked into it.”


Things got exciting again in an episode starring Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy that aired earlier this year.

Things got heated as the men discussed sport, particularly boxing, with Portnoy arguing that Tommy Fury, professional boxer Tyson Fury’s younger brother, was not a ‘real boxer’.

Portnoy claimed that Tommy was only famous because of his brother’s name, saying, “We wouldn’t know who Tommy Fury was if his last name wasn’t ‘Fury’.”

“We probably wouldn’t know that much about him,” Rogan agreed, adding, “But he’s still a good-looking guy, he’s got a great build, you know, he’s good-looking.”

The conversation was initially mostly amicable until tensions rose when the men watched clips of Tommy Fury boxing, with Rogan complimenting him and Portnoy disagreeing.

“The guy’s fights look good. You’re crazy if you don’t think Tommy Fury is a boxer,” Rogan said.

However, Portnoy kept calling for another video to be played and Rogan got excited and yelled at Portnoy to watch it!


Rogan sat down with author Brian Dunning in 2014, years after he wrote an article claiming Rogan was promoting harmful pseudoscience.

From the very beginning of the episode, it’s clear that Rogan seems irritated with his guest and tries to counter Dunning’s talking points.

For three hours, the men argued back and forth about everything, with Rogan calling Dunning’s arguments “factually inaccurate on so many different levels”.

“I don’t understand why you wrote it that way,” he said. “There are things you’ve said that I don’t think I’ll do. That I never said I do them.”

However, Dunning Rogan hit back, arguing that several of the claims he makes on the podcast were made without prior research.

“I’m sorry, you’re against any reasonably sound science and you’re trying to make money off the possibility of people getting killed, and I have a big problem with that,” Dunning said.


Rogan’s drunken encounter with his podcast host Steven Crowder on a 2017 episode of JRE is perhaps the most high-profile verbal altercation he’s ever gotten into.

Both men had a few drinks throughout the episode, which many fans say led to the “fallen apart” argument between the two over marijuana use and legalization.

Rogan has often been vocal in support of legalizing marijuana, believing there are several benefits to doing so. However, Crowder is against using the drug.

Crowder argued that legalizing weed had led to an increase in car accidents, so Rogan took him to Google to see if that was true.

Rogan released a year 2014 Washington Post commentary It claimed that traffic fatalities in Colorado had reached near-historical lows since marijuana was legalized.

However, Crowder accused Rogan of searching for sources that he wanted to “find”.

But their civil debate escalated into a 40-minute argument in which Crowder called Rogan “a bully” and said he was “hostile.”

After the episode aired, Rogan apologized to Crowder, saying the show “got off the rails.”

“First of all, I really like Steven as a person and while I may not agree with him on everything, I think he’s a good man,” he said wrote.

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“I take 100 percent responsibility for it getting off the rails and I’m really sorry if it upset any of you who heard or saw it. We managed to put it back together in the end, but of course the s are only for damn parts, otherwise I’ll focus for a while.

“My humblest and sincerest apologies. I do my best with these things, but like all of us, I have flaws.”

Dave Portnoy, founder of Rogan and Barstool Sports, also prevailed against Tommy Fury


Dave Portnoy, founder of Rogan and Barstool Sports, also prevailed over Tommy FuryPhoto credit: YouTube / Joe Rogan Experience
The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is one of the most watched in the world


The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is one of the most watched in the worldPhoto credit: Getty


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