From acne to feeling puffy

The festive season is filled with food, booze and communal fun and games.

But one expert has warned that our overindulgence can actually cause a ‘festive face’.

Festive joy can wreak havoc on our bodies. Here's an expert reveals if you're suffering from carnival face and what you can do about it


Festive joy can wreak havoc on our bodies. Here’s an expert reveals if you’re suffering from carnival face and what you can do about itCredit: Getty

After many families have been unable to celebrate Christmas together due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that a lot of us will be out and about this year.

We all want to look our best during the festive season but overconsumption can mean we’re left with dry, flaky skin, breakouts and the general feeling that you’ve lost your beauty. radiant.

Helen Green, National Aesthetic Nurse at Transform Hospital Group says that for many people, the festive season can leave you feeling like a Santa Claus.

Here Helen reveals the conditions the carnival face can include and how you can get rid of it and regain your shimmering beauty.

Feeling puffy

Helen suggests if you feel a little puffy around your face it could be due to the food you ate.

“Party foods tend to be high in salt which can make us dehydrated and our bodies to retain water, which can leave us bloated and our faces look puffy,” she explains. especially around the eyes.”

Helen says to combat that bloated feeling, you should try to drink more water and get a good night’s sleep.


Booming is trash and no one wants points when family and friends are constantly snapping their carnival selfies.

Helen explains that too much sugar, cheese and greasy fried foods can cause our skin to break out.

“That’s because they can affect our insulin levels, stimulate sebum production and interfere with our digestion.

“This means we can’t detox our bodies,” she added.

Helen says the best thing to do to treat acne this holiday season is to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, and water.

Look red

While Santa may have rosy cheeks from being hit by the wind on his sleigh, your red face could be due to being drunk.

Helen says that while alcohol can dry out our skin, it also causes blood vessels to dilate making us look flushed.

“Switch to non-alcoholic beverages instead, which won’t have the same effect.”

These are a lot easier to find as the years go by, and many bars now offer a selection of mocktails and non-alcoholic gins.

If you buy beer at home, companies like Infinite Sessions, Brewdog, and Becks all offer low or zero alcohol beers.

Dry skin

Dry and flaky skin can be uncomfortable and unsightly, not ideal if you plan to use the image for next year’s Christmas card.

Dry and flaky skin is often caused by dehydration, which is the main culprit of drinking too much alcohol, says Helen.

“Try to cut your intake, replace every other drink with a glass of water and keep your skin thoroughly moisturized,” she adds.

Lose your sparkle

If you’re just feeling a little ‘meh’ your light may be a little dim.

“If lack of sleep, alcohol, and sugar are making your skin look dull and tired, the best thing you can do is take a vitamin and mineral supplement and before that, hydration,” says Helen.

She says you can also opt for Hydrafacial which can help unclog pores and keep your skin glowing.

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