Freddie Highmore’s performance as Shaun on ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 5

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THE EPISODE |Expired(November 22, 2021)

PERFORMANCE | We’ve seen Shaun overwhelmed before, but we’ve never seen him quite like this – both indignant and disgruntled, as he struggles to cope with the death of a child. infant and the betrayal of those closest to him in Monday’s fall finale.

We were able to give Highmore the award simply for the glimpse of Shaun’s face as Dr. Lim stopped pressing on Alma’s baby. He stood there quietly and let his piercing blue eyes say it all. Nary needed a word to convey the pain and frustration his character felt in that moment, knowing full well that this baby could have lived if it weren’t for the expired medicine. As he stormed into the pharmacy, you could feel Dr. Murphy’s fury overwhelm any sense of relief he might have felt pounding vial after vial of faulty supplies.

Highmore’s already superb performance becomes even stronger as Shaun confronts the two people he loves and cares about most in the world. The first fiancée to arrive was Lea, who lied to him and manipulated his patient satisfaction score. He couldn’t trust her anymore, and that made his pain tenfold. By the time Dr. Glassman walked in, he was exhaling heavily. You can feel how broken Shaun’s heart was for admonishing his surrogate father, both for his decision to pick up and move to Montana, and for giving up his duties as hospital president as soon as Salen come. If Glassman had maintained an active role at the hospital, Shaun argued, he might have been able to stop the cuts that leave the pharmacy still stocked with expired drugs.

But the part that really broke our hearts was the scene where Shaun fell to the ground, crying. There he was, surrounded by the two most important people in his life, and he still felt completely alone. Simply put, Highmore hit new highs as Shaun hit new lows – and while we hope to never see Shaun in this position again, we’ve been amazed at what the role has been. His performance was complete in the face of such a complex array of emotions.

Succession Season 3 Episode 6 Tom Matthew MacfadyenMEANING OF HONOR | Damn it is Tom Wambsgans. HeirThe resident’s punching bag has actually walked around the sewer this week, staring down the barrel of an extended prison sentence for Waystar corporate crimes, and Matthew Macfadyen quickly turned Tom’s terrible fate into a comedy. The actor mixes quiet resignation with barely repressed panic as Tom enjoys a sip of the biodynamic wine that isn’t great with Shiv and then indulges himself in the diner’s (gasp!) have the taste buds ready for prison food. But he also flashed a surprising bit of backbone as Tom resisted Kendall’s calls to betray Logan and come to his side, with Macfadyen finding a small source of life force in Tom’s defeated soul. We love casting Tom – so does everyone in the Roy family – but that’s only because Macfadyen is so good at making him hilarious, pathetically funny.

The Great Season 2 Hulu Elle Fanning Nicholas HoultMEANING OF HONOR | Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult form a dynamic duo (and dynasty) as a fighting couple at the heart of Hulu’s fun alternative historical comedy Wonderful thing. Catherine and Peter are not your typical husband and wife – she has replaced him as supreme ruler of Russia, she is pregnant with his child, she wants him dead — and Fanning and Hoult take what might be a piece of the dry period and infuse it with a glimmer of lively wit. The third episode of season 2 was a hit for both, with Catherine exploding with ambitions to reshape the country after inhaling a prescribed drug and Peter slowly becoming insane after being locked in her. set up with only his mother’s corpse to keep him company. It’s a shame they just can’t seem to work together, because they’ve literally become one of the best comedic couples anywhere on TV. To both we say: Huzzah!

Paul Rudd The Next Door Shrink POTW HMMEANING OF HONOR | In episode 5 of The Next Door Narrows, Paul Rudd presents a kaleidoscope of emotions following the death of Ike’s father, unfortunately pouring his grief onto Mr. Marty’s melancholic patient. As Ike continues to swoop, he pressures Marty to make drastic financial and real estate decisions, including the removal of a beloved cherry tree that represents precious memories. of the family. As conventional manipulation took the back seat, the actor’s inherent likability was kept alive, allowing Rudd to display his vulnerability and humility as Ike made clear about Dad’s paternal flaws. . Things take a turn for the worse when the doctor attacks Marty under the guise of therapy, convincing him that his mother’s love is unhealthy. As a result of these mismatched intertwined emotions, Rudd was able to shoot at all of the pylons, unleashing a torrent of physical violence on Marty’s fence when Ike finally succumbed to his sadness. The show is both complex and engaging, and proves that sometimes even a therapist needs a doctor of his own.

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