Forza Horizon 5’s “inappropriate” name issue is being fixed

Some players were unable to mount their cars with their own names due to the “inappropriate content” flag.

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Forza Horizon 5 came out last week appreciate. It quickly became one of the best-reviewed games of 2021, even sparking talk of it being worthy of a Game of the Year nomination. More than five million people have given Forza 5 a whirlwind shortly after it launched, largely because it was available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. Even so, very few games are completely without problems at launch and that includes Forza.

Shortly after Forza’s full launch, some players discovered that the game considered their name “inappropriate content”. WB Games’ Osama Dorias was one of the first to highlight this issue. The game designer shared a screenshot that proves Forza won’t allow them to use their name on the number plate in the game. The common theme-link names that Forza seems to have problems with are of Arabic origin, but the good news is that Playground Games is working on a fix.

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A Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer’s Ishraq Subhan: “We are aware of and are working on a fix to develop and regulate our content moderation. A timeframe for the fix or how the team plans to implement it was not specified. 4 Winds’ Nazih Fares shared a similar screenshot for Dorias, adding that this isn’t the first time his name has been deemed inappropriate by the game’s AI.

TheGamer reached out to Fares about the issue before Microsoft revealed a fix was in the works, at which point he explained why just one patch to the problem would not be enough. “It’s just a start, but it doesn’t really solve the problem,” Fares said. “Don’t be ignorant about it. There are plenty of people from the region who can help you on that front… all of these are fixable mistakes.”

It’s a shame that Forza Horizon 5 got it wrong this way considering how well it shines in other areas, including comprehensiveness. One of the first things players are asked to do is choose pronouns they want to be used to refer to them while playing the game. You can also provide your driver with prosthetic limbs. However, there was a problem with Transgender players are called by their dead names in-game because Forza obtained it from their attached Microsoft account.

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