Former NJPW Champion Wants To Take On Jon Moxley

Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and Top Star of New Japan Pro Wrestling Will Ospreay had a chance to name the former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley last weekend.

Ospreay appeared at a UK RevPro promotion over the weekend, where he is their current heavyweight champion. Ospreay cut a promo the night he named the former AEW world champion, teasing a potential confrontation.

The Aerial Assassin has emerged in 2022, with the three most relevant contenders of the year in January alone. Fight Kazuchika Okada at NJPW’s Kingdom of Wrestling event, AEW’s Brian Cage for Warrior Wrestling and RevPro’s Michael Oku for Ospreay’s British heavyweight title.

Meanwhile, Moxley has returned with a fiery gaze since his absence from the ring at the end of 2021. The lunatic has racked up three AEW wins so far, while retaining his championship title. his GCW heavyweight against Homicide at “Their WRLD on the GCW event”.

Jon Moxley vs Will Ospreay Could Happen in Chicago, Illinois

Will Ospreay has hinted at the potential venue for a future dream game in Chicago, Illinois. While that could be seen as very specific, if not irrelevant at face value, Chicago’s location is critically important thanks to a recent announcement from NJPW.

NJPW will host”Windy City Riot“event in Chicago on April 16, an event that Jon Moxley has confirmed he will attend through a video posted to the NJPW US Twitter page.

The show looks to be one of the biggest events NJPW has hosted in the US since the COVID-19 pandemic halted promotion from touring the world. Other top NJPW stars scheduled to appear are Tomohiro Ishii and former IWGP heavyweight champion, and current Bullet Club frontman Jay White.

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