Five discontinued soda brands you’ll never taste again – and not all customers are mad

SODA has become a staple of American culture, and nothing feels like that first fizzy gulp when you open a can of Coke.

Over the years, soda makers have tried different concoctions and recipes to create the next big hit soda flavor, but not all have landed.

Coca Cola launched OK Soda for a limited time in the 1990s


Coca Cola launched OK Soda for a limited time in the 1990sPhoto credit: Coca-Cola

Many soda brands never made it and discontinued their products shortly after launch.

Depending on the brand, shoppers are nostalgic for the lost flavors of the past — or, on rare occasions, shocked that those products ever existed in the first place.

Here are the top 5 discontinued soda flavors.


The Orbitz soda should look like a lava lamp


The Orbitz soda should look like a lava lampPhoto credit: Orbitz

Nothing quite like Orbitz soda has made its way back to stores since the line was discontinued in the 1990s.

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The Orbitz brand aimed to create a soda that mimics a lava lamp in appearance, with the clear soft drink containing floating, chewy droplets.

Orbitz’s flavors included vanilla-orange, pineapple-banana, cherry, coconut, and raspberry-citrus.

The brand was first launched in 1997 and only made it two years before disappearing completely.

While consumers were initially curious about the odd drink, most settled for the standard Coke and Sprites in the long run.

Those who have tried Orbitz don’t look back fondly on it.

“I don’t think I liked the taste, but I kept getting these because I thought they looked cool,” shared one Redditor. “I think I remember one of them having a weird artificial pink lemonade flavor.”


Pepsi used an artificial neon dye in this soda offering


Pepsi used an artificial neon dye in this soda offeringPhoto credit: Getty

Pepsi Blue was one of the legendary soda company’s biggest flops in history.

While some Pepsi flavors achieve global success and popularity, Pepsi Blue has been left out.

Shoppers described the flavor differently, with some saying it imparted a blueberry vibe and others believing it tasted like cotton candy.

However, the neon blue food coloring was likely turned down by buyers as its synthetic dye is hotly debated by doctors and banned in several countries.

However, some still miss the nostalgic flavor.

“Pepsi Blue was out during one of my childhood highs and it brings back great memories of summers at the beach or a game at Shea Stadium,” said a shopper on Reddit.


Imagine your favorite chewing gum in soda form.

Does that sound gross or awesome? America was undecided when Wrigley launched Hubba Bubba soda in the late 1980s.

While initially it was primarily shoppers and children who gravitated towards the innovative soft drink, it was phased out over the years as interest in chewing gum waned.

Shoppers still remember the iconic pink cans and ultra-sweet taste.

“I remember this one, it tasted very, very sweet. Like sugar with extra sugar,” recalled one Redditor.


Strange faces adorned the OK beverage cans


Strange faces adorned the OK beverage cansPhoto credit: Coca-Cola

With a name like “OK,” it’s no wonder why this soda brand didn’t fly off the shelves when it first launched in the 1990s.

Coca-Cola launched OK Soda with a unique can design and mixed citrus flavor.

Each can featured different worrying, sad faces as Coca-Cola reportedly wanted to appeal to the younger Generation X.

Ironically, the lemonade’s slogan was “Things are going to be okay.”

Think again because the design and flavor just didn’t go down well and OK Soda was discontinued soon after.

“It was awful soda,” wrote one Redditor. “It tasted like you accidentally mixed three or four lemonades from the fountain and that’s what came out.”

5. 7-UP GOLD

Some Americans loved the spicy taste of 7-Up Gold


Some Americans loved the spicy taste of 7-Up GoldCredit: 7-Up

7-Up Gold was formed when 7 Up teamed up with Dr. Pepper joined forces, but not everyone was thrilled with the partnership’s outcome.

The soda was said to give off a spicy cinnamon and ginger flavor, but it had an unattractive hue of amber and brown.

Still, some appreciated the limited-time flavor.

One Redditor said it tasted “something like a mix between ginger ale and a mix of lemonade and coke. It was so good.”

Perhaps it was the lemonade’s misleading campaign that led to its eventual cancellation.

Its slogan was “never had it, never will” about its caffeine content, but 7-Up Gold actually contained caffeine, causing customers to be confused and upset.

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