Five discontinued iconic bubble gum brands we’ll never see again – and fans are missing their ‘inner child’

Chewing on your favorite pack of gum may no longer be an option for you as four brands are long gone.

Growing up, we might all have our favorite flavors that we feasted on as kids.

Chewing gum fans miss their favorites


Chewing gum fans miss their favorites

But over the years, gum fans have had to say goodbye to some of their favorites due to poor sales and demand.

While you may still be able to snag some on sites like eBay, good luck finding them for the loose change you used to pay.

Long gone are the days of paying a quarter for a pack, as nostalgia has taken a fee.

Below we’ve compiled a list of five gum brands that fans saw sadly.

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The Chiclets brand was discontinued back in 2016, although it still remains a mystery as to why.

After the exit, the brand decided to offer fans Chiclet Chews.

Although they look almost identical, they are definitely different.

While the gum is long gone, some fans are just now noticing its disappearance.

One chiclet lover tweeted: “Omg deep memory of me I just remembered – chiclet gum?! Why was it discontinued, it was so good.”

For the diehards who want to score even more before they’re gone forever, head to eBay and buy a pack.


Beechies was a fan favorite as the peppermint flavor was strong and lingering


Beechies was a fan favorite as the peppermint flavor was strong and lingering

Similar to Chiclets was a popular brand of chewing gum called Beechies.

While it was first introduced in the 1930s, it really picked up steam in the 80s and had at least 10 flavors.

Fans could grab it in Grape, Cola, Banana, Strawberry or its very peppery minty flavor Peppermint.

Unfortunately, fans can no longer buy the gum in stores, but like most things these days, it can be found online.

Just note that you pay a premium as some sites sell it for more than $19.


The Gatorgum was short lived in flavor and in existence


The Gatorgum was short lived in flavor and in existence

The company, known for its sports drinks, tried to get into chewing as early as the 1970s.

It might not have the most enduring flavor, but the gum came in two classics, orange and lemon-lime.

While Gatorade gum varied over the years, there was always some form for sale up until the 2000s.

It’s not clear when the gum was actually discontinued, as some fans say it was in the 80’s and others claim they could still buy it into the 2000’s.

Either way, it’s long gone now and some fans are still devastated.

One Twitter user wrote: “Remember Gatorade gum? It was wonderful!”

4. bubbly

Some have noticed that Bubblicious Grape is missing


Some have noticed that Bubblicious Grape is missing

One of the most notorious chewing gum brands is Bubblicious.

While fans can still snag some flavors, others have been missing for years.

Many have claimed that there were at least 28 flavors and 10 of those were discontinued.

Fans took to Twitter after being shocked to discover the popular Cotton Candy flavor was no longer stacked on shelves.

One fan wrote: “RIP to the best bubblegum flavors ever, Bubblicious Twisted Tornado and Bubble Yum Cotton Candy. IDK why both got hired but years later my inner child hurts for both of them.”


This fan favorite was introduced after World War II by the Topps Company in Brooklyn, New York.

It had super patriotic packaging and even came with a Bazooka Joe comic strip.

In addition to the original flavor, distributor Topps eventually added Strawberry Shake, Cherry Berry, Watermelon Whirl, and Grape Rage flavors.

Bazooka also made sugar-free flavors.

The company, as well as fans, claimed to have a longer-lasting, more intense flavor.

While it’s hard to believe that the iconic chewing gum is being discontinued, fans can still snag it in specialty stores and, of course, online.

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Kroger has confirmed that it has discontinued its “best after-school” snack.

Also, Arby’s fans are boycotting the chain until they bring back a fan favorite. Five discontinued iconic bubble gum brands we’ll never see again – and fans are missing their ‘inner child’

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