Finally, we are fighting against transgender brutality

WHEN Lia Thomas stood on the winning podium as the 500-yard freestyle champion in Atlanta, Georgia, she took the women’s sport’s longstanding brand to international heights.

Competition governing bodies, politicians and individual athletes can no longer dismiss demands for clarity and precision about what makes a woman a woman.

Trevor Kavanagh wrote:


Trevor Kavanagh wrote:
Lia's legacy of male puberty has resulted in stronger muscles, bigger lungs, bigger hands and a longer reach that no female rival biologically can hope to match. Okay


Lia’s legacy of male puberty has resulted in stronger muscles, bigger lungs, bigger hands and a longer reach that no female rival biologically can hope to match. OkayCredit: AFP

Lia, 6ft 3in, was ranked 554th among male swimmers until her transition in 2019 and leapt to the women’s No. 1 spot on Friday night, pushing five female students out of the competition. top position on the go.

Her legacy of male puberty offers stronger muscles, larger lungs, larger hands and a longer reach that no other female competitor can biologically match.

Lia, taller than runner-up Emma Weyant, was booed by some in the audience. Emma, ​​the silver medalist in Tokyo, was cheered loudly.

Some of the poolside comments are controversial to read in an era when journalists, broadcasters and politicians have to tread on eggshells with words.

Not so Kellie-Jay Keen, a British activist who attended the Atlanta competition and rejected the idea that an athlete born male could choose to compete as a woman . Keen was recorded telling another audience member: “I am a woman. It’s not a woman.”

When asked if she was qualified as a biologist to discuss Lia’s gender, her response went viral: “I’m not a veterinarian, but I do know. What is a dog?”

Kellie-Jay, some will recall, was banned by Liverpool police from displaying the dictionary definition of women – “Mature woman” – outside a Labor Party rally.

Harry Potter Creator JK Rowling The same has caused an online frenzy following mocking attempts to rename women as “menstruating”.

She tweeted: “I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. I need some help. Overwhelmed? Wimpund? Dirty? ”

Shockingly, the author who turned two such actors Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson into the millionaire heroes of Hogwarts has discovered that they have openly distanced themselves from her “cross-cutting” phobia.

There is no middle ground in this debate. Disagreement is hatred.

However, it is women, especially lifelong feminists like Germaine Greer and Julie Burchillwho is leading the fight for women’s rights born in sports and elsewhere.

Women feel they are fighting an uphill battle against abuse, rape and violence against men. They are fighting for privacy and hard-won safe space, not compromised by biological men.

They resent having to share toilets and changing rooms with large fluffy guys, even though they identify as female.

Female prisoners wanted separate cells. The patient requested a single-sex ward.

Now, following Lia’s win, these claims are extending to the sports arena, where women want women-only events or an asterisk to denote transgender competitors in open competitions. .

Their objections are shared by many transgender men and transgender women – including Caitlyn Jenner, who won an Olympic gold medal as a pre-transgender male athlete in 2015 and appeared on the cover of Playgirl as the most famous transgender woman in the world.

Their argument is simple – but fiercely contested. Women are genetically determined by the “XX” chromosome, men by the “XY” chromosome.

Biological men have penises, testicles, and naturally high levels of testosterone that enhance their strength and stamina. Biological women are not.

Now top international athletes, from American tennis legend Martina Navratilova to British swimmer Sharron Davies, want the definition of women’s sport to be crystallized once and for all.

They wanted a clear distinction between athletes born female and competitors who started life with all the physical advantages of a man.

Yesterday Sharron criticized the International Olympic Committee as “cowardly” for exploring rules so transgender women could compete after testosterone suppression, only to have them give it up altogether.


“Last year they dropped testosterone suppression and prioritized the inclusion of transgender athletes in fair sport for women, against half the world’s population,” she told the Mail on Sunday. It was cowardly and it contributed to this situation.”

Politicians do not help. Labour’s Keir Starmer, Yvette Cooper and Diane Abbott pass the wheel and the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon will be happy people switch at the expense of taxes.

But on Friday, Secretary of State Liz Truss dipped a toe in the shark-infested waters.

The moment Russia's'Z' tank explodes in dramatic Call Of Duty-style footage
Abramovich'rejects offers from countries that sanction Russia' could see Chelsea go bankrupt

She told Tory supporters on Saturday: “Now is the time to end the culture of lack of confidence, constant self-questioning and introspection, ridiculous debates about language, statues and pronouns .”

It’s a very small toe. And these are very deep waters.

‘Does not no what’s shameless’

BORIS JOHNSON dared to compare freedom-loving Ukrainians to Britons who voted Brexit, sending foam-filled Tory Remainiacs, Lib Dem Rejoiners and Labor hysterics jostling for their smelling salt.

“Shameful, disgusting, insulting,” Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves honked the horn.

However, it is not only Brexit voters who refer to Brussels as the “new Soviet Union”.

Talk to Greeks, crushed under the heels of German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the 2009 financial crisis. Either Italians, Hungarians or Poles today.

Or for the Ukrainians themselves. They were sold into the river by Germany, which wanted a quick ceasefire.

An early ceasefire would mean a total surrender of Russia. Or, for the EU, peace at any cost. Finally, we are fighting against transgender brutality


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