Final war between Ukraine and Russia: Paranoid Putin could be ousted by ‘deadly’ secret plot to oust him from Kremlin, CIA claims

VLADIMIR Putin could be ousted by a deadly plot by his closest allies to remove him from power, a former CIA agent has claimed.

Daniel Hoffman, a former Moscow station chief, believes Putin’s position would be in jeopardy if the war in Ukraine fails – with a plan to remove him potentially life-threatening.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, Hoffman said: “These guys who are going to do it will keep it so secret that Putin doesn’t find them and kill them first.

“It’s going to happen all of a sudden. And he will be dead.

“No one will ask, ‘Hey Vladimir, do you want to go?’

“No. It’s a friggin’ hammer on his head and he’s dead. Or it’s time to go to the sanatorium. They smack him for it. They will.”

Speculation about the despot’s health continues, with various reports claiming the Russian leader is suffering from a variety of diseases, including blood cancer and Parkinson’s.

Putin has been spotted at a parade with his legs covered in a thick blanket in the past and appeared to be shaking uncontrollably during a meeting with Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

However, Hoffman believes there are three key figures to keep a close eye on should Russia’s president be replaced.

You are Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who played a crucial role during the Russian war in Ukraine; Nikolai Patrushev, head of Putin’s Security Council; and Alexander Bortnikov, the director of the Russian secret service FSB.

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  • Russia promises Belarus Iskander-M nuclear-capable missiles

    Russia will begin sending nuclear weapons to its allies in the coming months as the war with Ukraine escalates.

    The Iskander-M missile is a short-range nuclear-capable weapon.

    Putin stated that it “can fire ballistic and cruise missiles of both conventional and nuclear types.”

  • It will take over 10 years to demin Ukraine, sources claim

    Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine included a key tactic of laying mines across the country.

    Newly released information has revealed that it will take over a decade to remove these mines.

    Asked if Britain would support Ukraine in clearing the nation’s mines, Johnson replied: “Yes, I don’t want to go into the technical or military details, but you can see it from what we’ve already done in supplying equipment have to the Ukrainians, to protect themselves, that we are certainly talking to them on a technical level to help demin Odessa.”

  • Young Putin was a ‘treacherous’ boy who ‘pulled children’s hair out in battle’

    VLADIMIR Putin “fought to the end” as a child during feuds at school, his former classmates and teachers claim.

    The Russian tyrant was branded “insidious” and “a troublemaker” by those who knew him in his younger days – decades before he waged war in Ukraine.

    According to his former buddies, Putin would terrorize his school in Leningrad’s Dzerzhinsky district and “go into a frenzy” should anyone pick a fight with him.

    His newly qualified homeroom teacher, 26-year-old Tamara Chizova, said she was exasperated by the “disorganized” youngster who “would definitely cause problems,” reports The Times.

    With a rebellious streak, his childhood best friend Viktor Borisenko recalled that Putin was the first to join a fight when one broke out.

    He said: “He could get into a fight with anyone. He wasn’t afraid.

    “It never occurred to him that the other boy was stronger and could hit him.

    “If a big guy insulted him, he would jump straight at him – scratch him, bite him, pull chunks of his hair out.

    “He wasn’t the strongest in our class, but in battle he could beat anyone because he went into a frenzy and fought to the end.”

  • Inside the Russian billionaire’s £61million superyacht

    A superyacht owned by a Russian tycoon with a staggering asking price of £61million is set to be auctioned off after being confiscated.

    Dubbed The Axioma, the stunning 240-foot vessel has an array of bougie features, including six decks, a pool with a swim-up bar, and even a movie theater.

    The mighty yacht, owned by Russian billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky, was seized in March amid Western sanctions over Vladimir Putin’s bloody war in Ukraine.

    It is now set to be auctioned off for a huge sum of cash by order of the Gibraltar High Court, reports YouTube channel ESysman SuperYachts.

    And the highest bidder will set sail amidst plenty of luxury, with six staterooms accommodating up to 12 guests.

    All rooms are located on the main deck, which offers stunning panoramic views through large windows.

  • Desperate Putin ‘calls overweight 20th retired general, 67’

    VLADIMIR Putin has called a morbidly obese general out of retirement to lead his troops in Ukraine as he is reportedly running out of senior officers.

    The Russian despot is now “scraping the barrel” and counting on the 20th vodka-drinking General Pavel, 67, to revive his faltering invasion.

    He is said to be in charge of Putin’s special forces in eastern Ukraine after the unit’s former commander was seriously injured in an artillery attack, a source told the Daily Star.

    The hulking veteran reportedly served in Russia’s botched invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s and has over four decades of experience under his strenuous belt.

    General Pavel first became commander of elite troops 25 years ago, but had settled into high-calorie retirement.

    He reportedly drinks five meals a day and washes them down with at least a liter of vodka.

  • Ukrainian forces ‘probably withdrew from remaining positions in Donbass’

    According to the British MoD, Ukrainian forces are likely to have withdrawn from the remaining defensive positions in Sieverodonetsk.

    In its latest intelligence update, the ministry said: “Most of the Ukrainian armed forces have probably withdrawn from their remaining defensive positions in the Donbass city of Sieverodonetsk.

    “In April 2022, Russia changed its immediate campaign plan from a goal of occupying most of Ukraine to a more focused offensive in Donbass.

    “Russia’s capture of the city is a significant achievement within this reduced objective. The settlement was an important industrial center and occupies a strategic position on the river Siverskyi Donets.

    “However, it is just one of several challenging goals that Russia must achieve in order to occupy the entire Donbass region.

    “This includes advancing on the main center of Kramatorsk and securing the main supply routes into the city of Donetsk.” Final war between Ukraine and Russia: Paranoid Putin could be ousted by ‘deadly’ secret plot to oust him from Kremlin, CIA claims


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