Final Smash Bros. Final Fighter Adjustment. Now available in version 13.0.1

It’s finally over – finally Finally Smash Bros. fighter jet tuning is ra. Prohibit anything that asks NintendoAttention immediately, the lineup is likely to stay the same, without further buffs and nerfs in the future. The version 13.0.1 update targets a total of 24 characters and mostly makes changes in favor of less powerful warriors.

Donkey Kong, Link and Meta Knight are some of the most buffed characters, while the main characters Pyra and Min Min may find themselves slightly weaker than before. Other characters get a combination of buffs and nerfs, but the good news is that the pros definitely rule out the cons.

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Donkey Kong mains will find that their attacks have more punch, as his downward slant will keep opponents in their damaged animation for a longer period of time. It will also be faster to activate DK’s super armor, and his second neutral attack will make him less vulnerable.

Inkling, Meta Knight and Bowster Jr. get the most overall incentives. Considering the latter two are usually placed at the lower tiers, that’s not too surprising – but Inkling is already at level A. Unless mitigated by other fighters’ summoner spells, this can be seen Splatoon protag is getting more and more popular.


The only real losers here are Pyra and Min Min. Pyra is now more vulnerable when specially cast on her side, while Arm Fighters take reduced damage and are more vulnerable on the chessboard. However, considering the old one is currently classified as an S rank, this may not be the end of the world. Min Min varies from tier B to high tier A, but it’s still weird to see her face the most nerfs in the patch.

Funny enough, Sora only faces one change, and that’s just his animation speed when knocked to the ground. Looks like the developers thought they got him the first time, so Heart Kingdom fans can keep playing without getting discouraged.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is only available for Nintendo Switch.

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