Final Fantasy War of the Visions: 10 Essential Vision Cards

The Vision Card is a very important and mandatory mechanic in Final Fantasy War of the Visions. Not only are they a shiny gacha item to collect and recharge the machinebut they also give players the necessary summoner spells for their units and can even change the course of each battle.

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There are many Vision Cards to collect in the game, from R to UR cards, and while they all have their respective benefits and powers, some are nearly mandatory for every player to own and maximize. maximize as soon as possible to be able to beat out of the competition or clear some of the game’s harder solo stuff.


war of visions visual card trousseau macherie

Trousseau is the best magic adjacent Vision Card knocker in the game. It not only gives the whole team +10 resistance to darkness, but also magic attack ability for the whole party +30. Any team consisting of a mage or anyone with a range of magic stats will be two peas in a party with Trousseau.

Light singles teams like Sakura / Yuna / Elsirelle will benefit the most from this card. Now let’s hope Gumi and Square Enix offer us a Macherie unit that can really show off her great looks in the artwork for this card.

Realm Reaver, Odin

Realm_Reaver, _Odin_from_WotV_vision_card has been cut

The Odin Vision Card is one of the most useful General Vision Cards in War of the Visions for Man Eater +10 only. Pair Odin with a tank and enemies have a big threat in front of them to overcome.

Not only does the card give a unit one of the strongest single-target powers in the game, but when the card is pulled, it is paired with the superpower Odin, automatically giving the player a variety of tools. than to enhance their unit formation.

Black Rose of the Battlefield

Black_Rose_of_the_Battlefield_from_WotV_vision_card has been cut

Although Black Rose is primarily used as a spell-based Vision Card, forgetting its side effects is almost criminal.

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Giving a team Agility +10% is amazing as it allows the player to freely add high agility units like Xiza or Vinera Fennes to attack enemies while powerful mages like Black Rose Helena sat at the back of the arena firing giant spells like One scary villain. And all thanks to the huge accuracy buff that the card gives spellcasters.

Moonlit Fang, Fenrir

fenrir vision card from wotv cut off

Besides providing players with superpowers for ice units and becoming one of the the most underrated summons In Final Fantasy, Fenrir also helps most players with +20 Magic Resistance.

Since the advent of War of the Visions, light units have waged clan battles and PVP as their own personal underground battle club, where betting against them is strictly prohibited. Since most of the best units in the element are mage, Fenrir is often more useful than having no resistance buffs and HP buffs to boot.

Hourne’s 1st place, Solidus

solidus from wotv englebert and frederika

Mages, like in every other game, are extremely powerful characters because they possess toolkits to quickly defeat opponents with high damage in a short time.

Solidus helps fix the slowness some mages can get in the stats department by granting them a +10 buff. But like all other cards, Solidus is very flexible. Solidus also grants a pool of +20 attack resistance to protect your mage from being constantly chained by slashing compositions.

Raging Earth, Titan

Cut off Raging_Earth, _Titan_from_WotV_vision_card

Sometimes the mages don’t cut it and the squad needs a little something extra and sometimes the quest quest requires a chain of 3 or more. That’s when Raging Earth, Titan appeared. It gives units Man Eater’s party-wide power +25 (greater than Odin’s buff), proc only when the attack is physical based.

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Titan is the perfect counter for full magic teams as it also gives holders +10 Min ATK and most mages don’t have penetration resistance built into their stats.

The howl of Ferocious Blaze, Ifrit

Howl_of_Ferocious_Blaze, _Ifrit_from_WotV_vision_card has been cut

If there’s one Vision Card that needs to be maxed out immediately, it’s Ifrit. This card gives the holder +50 percent Attack. The buff on this card can only be obtained after it is fully maxed out and is at level 99 because otherwise it is a much smaller buff around +10 percent.

This isn’t bad, but a 50% increase on anything is too good to ignore. Ifrit also gives the team Fire Attack +10 percent but when it comes with a buff is much bigger and better than it is. Besides, fire units aren’t the best in the game, so at most, three units would benefit from the assist.

Roaring Thunderclap, Ramuh

ramuh from wotv is cut

Ramuh is the magical equivalent of Ifrit, giving the user Magic Attack +50 percent, so by that logic since War of the Visions is such a heavy magic-based game, Ramuh is superior to Ifrit . Doesn’t knock Ifrit at all, but Ramuh is a spell-based card that will open up more formations than Ifrit.

Its biggest downside is the side effect of +2500 Max Damage Limit which, while awesome, only applies to lightning units, which are very lackluster in the game outside of Cloud.

Clear your mind

Removed Cleansing_the_Mind_from_WotV_vision_card

Just because a card is rated as a UR tag, it doesn’t mean it’s not strong. The game features some very interesting sleepers in the form of MR and SR cards. One of them is Clearing the Mind.

This card gives the user +15 percent Luck, which doesn’t seem like it at all when compared to summoner spells like Attack +50 percent and Man Eater +10 but the luck stat can generate Very interesting strategies using dodge or critical attack units.

Happy time

Fun_Time_from_WotV_vision_card rairyuu has been cut

The Vision Card can be frustrating. Especially at the start of the game and looking to balance Visiore for character shards, shop items, and banner drag. Fun Time is the best place to start when it comes to this part of the game.

As an SR card, maxing is easy and cheap because more often than not, pulling other banners gives the player a lot of shards for the card itself. As a new player, the +10 Critical Rate buff that Fun Time provides will also come in handy when clearing PvE content like story modes or even event quests.

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