Fear the Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 7 synopsis – [Spoiler] Profit

Most of Sunday’s hectic events Fear the Walking Dead rotated around the Strand, his head growing heavier as it wore the crown. But not even the one who shocked at the climax The length of his hour can rival the moment viewers have been waiting for and awaits: Alicia’s return – and Alycia Debnam-Carey’s first appearance since Season 6.

In Strand’s film “Portrait”, although he turns his back on quite a few people seeking refuge at the tower – even those Howard notes may have been used – he allows Morgan, if only for June to check on a sick baby Mo (who turns out to be a double ear infection). Before long, not only were lurking pedestrians attacking high-rise pedestrians, they were also planting bombs and threatening to throw pedestrians armed with radioactive supplements through windows if Victor did not grant them. they shelter. At the same time, the Strand turns around – he’s been poisoned! (How very Shakespearian, no?)

In a pile of pickles and pickles, Victor decides to let Morgan go to the armory to radio Grace for outside help. He even complied with Morgan’s request to lower the total down an elevator shaft for him, before a handful of pedestrians could grasp. (Now, I’m not going to trust Victor for anything, but I don’t know if I let my kids spin anywhere near a delicious-looking buncha zombie and all!)

After begging Morgan to find Alicia, “because I don’t think she wants me to find her,” Victor is certain that his arch-enemy will not come back to him. However, upon returning, Morgan broke the news that Grace and Sarah had been doing dirty work outside and that the tower had been saved from stalkers. Now that the Strand has had the opportunity to turn this place into a safe haven to welcome, it will impress even Alicia.

Alas, while Morgan was talking to Victor, Strand noticed that his enemy’s fingers stuck to them were the same blue color as the poison he had inserted – Morgan tried to get rid of his enemies. when they shared a glass of wine before! “Get him on the roof!” Victor ordered.

Fear the Walking Dead Recap Season 7 Episode 7 Alicia is backBut of course, the Strand didn’t manage to send Morgan aside. Instead, he lets Grace haggle over the intercom: If he lets Morgan live, she’ll help identify and neutralize the walkers wearing radioactive material. Finally, Morgan is allowed to leave sans Mo, and Grace is allowed in (although the door intended for her is said to be non-revolving). “I’ll find my way back to you,” Morgan promised.

“No, you won’t,” Victor replied. “But I’ll give them everything you can’t.” Start, perhaps, with a giant to deal with!

At the end of the episode, he called lil ‘Mo, adding macabrely, “She’s got to get used to her new dad at some point.” [Shudder]

Meanwhile, back in the wilderness, as if you were a friend at the corner Starbucks, Morgan stumbles upon Dwight and Sherry, two wandering Stalkers. Their leader also wanted to speak to Morgan, the couple said.

Do I even need to tell you that their leader turned out to be Alicia? She assures Morgan that the stalkers attacking the tower are not hers, at least not anymore. And she is as happy as when she meets her old friend again, “I brought you here” because I need your help… These people are tired, hungry and desperate. “

Fear the Walking Dead Recap Season 7 Episode 7 Alicia is backIf she wanted Morgan to say a nice word to Strand, she would [bleep] out of luck. But their conversation didn’t even go that far, as several pedestrians approached with radioactive material strapped to their bodies, and before anyone could understand the word “Don’t shoot!” they were shot, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere. “Everybody run now!” Morgan cried. And that’s it.

So, what do you think about Alicia’s return after a long time? Waiting for? And for that matter, Wendell’s less important reappearance? We haven’t seen him for longer than when we met Alicia! Type in the comments with your thoughts.

https://tvline.com/2021/11/28/fear-the-walking-dead-recap-season-7-episode-7-alicia-returns/ Fear the Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 7 synopsis – [Spoiler] Profit

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