Fashionframe is really the end game of Warframe

There is a saying in Warframe community that “Fashion Frames is the real end game.” When I first heard it in 2015, it was widely interpreted as a criticism of Warframe’s shallow gameplay. Seven years later, that quote is taken in a much more literal sense. Tenno used to participate in farm raids or T4 Void Survive for a 5% chance of getting some rare items. Today, players search for the perfect Riven Modes to market for thousands of Platinum — Warframe’s premium currency. And in true ending fashion, players use that Platinum to buy the galaxy’s best color palettes and outfits. I have to say: the end of Fashionframe is Warframe at its best.

In preparation for the The New War content update, I went back to Warframe a few weeks before I started upgrading my Necramech and Railjack — two vehicles that will be used in the The New War mission. Like most returning players, I spent the first few days farming Isolation Vaults and certain Railjack buttons to get the Mods and parts I needed. I’m no stranger to Warframe’s lengthy broods, so this is the equivalent of course.

Warframe Nightwave Reward

Some of the Mods that I obtained from farming have become quite valuable. I sold some of my spare Necramech Items and Items for a well-deserved Platinum. Most of it is geared towards buying unknown Modes and Formas. I don’t have much Platinum left, but I noticed that I leveled up my Nightwave — Warframe gets a Battle Pass. One of my promotion bonuses was an Ephemera that gave my Warframe a pair of wings.

I spent the next few hours toying with some of my Warframes, giving them custom color schemes and armor attachments to pair with my new outfit. The results speak for themselves.

Warframe Ember fashion comparison

You’d think I’m playing two different characters, but it’s Ember in both pictures. There is almost nothing to discuss when customizing your character in this game. If you’ve never played Warframe before, here’s everything the game lets you tweak:

  • Warframe Body Skin

  • Warframe Helmet Shell

  • Six unique color channels, seven if you include energy highlights

  • Your Warframe’s Idle Animation

  • Five armor attachment slots

  • An Ephemera — actually an aura

  • Syandana — space ninja cloak

  • Signs — glowing symbols on your body

  • Shoulder icon

No matter how much I liked my character, I couldn’t find a suitable shoulder pad. After searching through different menus I finally found the Arbiters of Hexis armor set which I could get by farming some reputation with that Syndicate. With a new goal in mind, I started buying myself a new set of armor.

It took a few days, but I finally got the Hexis set and perfected the look. Now look how bad my Warframe is.

Warframe Ember fashion set

Most cosmetics in Warframe are obtained by spending Platinum and not Syndicate reputation, so learning about Syndicate armor came as a complete surprise to me. I spent the next few days picking up some Weapons I didn’t own, working through my Helminth addendums, and customizing all of my characters in preparation for the New War.

The new war has finally come. My wardrobe is ready. To say that I was well prepared for the mission would be an understatement. The Railjack and Necramech part is a total joke, but I don’t care. My Warframe, Operator, Railjack and Necramech look great. If I lose the war with Sentients, I’ll look fashionable doing it.

Warframe Sacrifice Scene Captura

Unlike most cinematic quests, there isn’t much to do after completing the quest. I would normally stop playing and wait for the next mainstream update, but this time there was something different. Nightwave, Steel Path, and Arbitrations all give me a way to continue my custom addiction by instantly earning Platinum or cosmetics. I finally got something I’ve been complaining about for years now: a proper chase.

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Digital Extremes has inadvertently created an endgame that caters to most Warframe players. Everything you get in this game can be sold to other players for Platinum, which you can then use to buy anything you want. For me, that “thing” is cosmetics. If I spend thousands of hours playing a video game over and over, my characters are better off having minimal and drip builds.

What’s even better is that both the developer and the community accept this aspect. New War has released a new set of cosmetics that evolve as you complete certain challenges. If you participate in certain long-term wars, you can unlock new armor and permute Ephemera. Warframe even has a game type called Captura just for taking screenshots of your best Warframes and guns. That’s what I used to take most of the screenshots in this article.

Warframe Mesa Captura

Community members have also embraced Warframe’s extensive customization options by hosting fashion contests. Even if you lose, it’s a fun way to meet new people and get inspired for future creations. These competitions extend to Orbiters and even Dojos Clan. Someone has gone as far as recreate Riven of a Thousand Voices from Destiny 2 in their Dojo. I can’t think of many possible video games, but that’s in Warframe.

For some players, Warfarme’s lack of proper ending systems was a real deal-breaker. That’s not to say Warframe doesn’t have hard content; it has. I just have never been invested in the limited-time Eidolon Hunts, Steel Roads, and raids as they exist. For someone like me, trading with other players to buy a stupid armor attachment or color palette is more than enough reason to play Warframe. Spending hours finding the perfect red is as fun as flying through the air at a million miles per hour or eliminating a group of Grineer clones with a single skill.

I don’t expect Warframe to have a proper ending, but I don’t think it’s the dreaded omission that many veteran players have. Those unique wings helped me through Syndicate quests, Steel Path, Arbitrations, and interact with Warframe’s amazing community. For me, Fashionframe is the real end game.

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