Explaining how to grow mushrooms at home in ONE DAY

This popular ingredient is surprisingly easy to grow but doesn’t require much effort and attention.

Mushrooms are a healthy addition to any diet and can be grown in many places.

Mushrooms are the ideal vegetable for beginners


Mushrooms are the ideal vegetable for beginnersCredit: Getty

How to grow mushrooms at home

Mushrooms are different from other home grown vegetables because they’re not really a vegetable.

Part of the fungus family, fungi develop from spores and have root-like hyphae.

You can grow them using a mushroom growing kit that includes pre-grown spores for your own use.

Note that each species of mushroom needs different conditions, so research the species before planting.

Most mushrooms will grow well throughout the year but can survive the winter due to wet ground.

If you’re growing from fresh spores in a tray indoors, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Set up the potting medium by filling a shallow, wide tray of wood, plastic, or metal with compost (and compost if you can handle the smell temporarily).
  2. Leave about an inch at the top of the tray.
  3. Spread the spores on top.
  4. Always keep the soil moist, spray twice a day and cover with a damp towel for best results.
  5. For the first three weeks you need to incubate the spores and keep them warm. If you have a warm area in your home, place your mushrooms here but don’t let it get too hot, or they could die. A seedling mat is a great option if you’re unsure about how to keep the mushrooms at a good temperature.
  6. When the top of the soil is completely covered with plant roots called mycelium, lower the temperature by repositioning or removing the heating pad.
  7. Cover the mycelium with about an inch of potting soil (or fill it up almost to the top of the tray.)
  8. The tiny mushrooms will now begin to sprout.
  9. Harvest after about a month, use a sharp knife to cut off the stem.
  10. Never pull the fungus from the soil as it can damage the rest of the growth.
  11. Cook or eat within a few days because mushrooms do not last long after cutting.
  12. They will continue to grow for up to six months if you harvest them daily.

If you’re growing mushrooms outside, make sure the temperature stays around 15 degrees Celsius to keep the spores at the right temperature.

You can also grow mushrooms from hardwood logs, but they must be healthy and not coniferous.

Holes drilled in wood can be drilled with a hammer and logs can be placed outside in a damp place.

If you have a mushroom kit, check out what the kit recommends for that particular mushroom species.

How much rain does it take for mushrooms to grow?

When other vegetables can be sensitive to over-watering, fungi like moisture and they especially like water from rain.

About 2 inches of rain is thought to be enough for the fungus to grow, make sure they are watered abundantly and regularly.

When growing straw mushrooms at home, be careful not to let the mushrooms dry out.

Mist the mushrooms regularly or water them regularly, if you’re growing them outdoors, make sure the location isn’t completely shielded from rain.

How long do mushrooms take to live?

After a heavy downpour, it will take about two weeks for you to start seeing wild mushrooms sprouting.

However, if conditions are not warm enough, the spores will not germinate, preventing rain from providing them with the water they need.

It is not possible to grow mushrooms in just one day, but if you have a set of mushrooms, it will be faster than growing from fresh spores.

Right from the first planting, you should have mushrooms ready to eat from 10 days to 4 weeks.

Keep an eye on your plants and cut them when you’re ready to eat as they don’t last long in the fridge.

Are mushrooms growing in your garden toxic to dogs?

Not all mushrooms are toxic to dogs, just as they are not all toxic to humans.

It is difficult to determine which mushrooms are safe to consume, especially wild mushrooms.

Even mushrooms growing in your garden can be dangerous, so it’s best to get rid of them or keep your dog away from them.

There are a number of highly toxic mushrooms that grow in the UK, including:

  • Death Cap
  • Deadly Webcap
  • Angel of Destruction
  • Funeral bells
  • Funnel of trickery
  • Cap
  • Angel wings
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Signs that your dog has ingested poisonous mushrooms include profuse drooling, vomiting, and possibly organ failure or collapse.

Sadly, mushroom toxins vary widely so there is no antidote to this type of poisoning but your veterinarian will remove the toxin from your dog’s body. Explaining how to grow mushrooms at home in ONE DAY


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