Experts reveal subtle signs that your relationship is about to fail

A DATING expert has revealed that singles have become more picky about their potential love preferences – claiming they are now concerned about ‘pink flags’ which could lead to ‘red flags’ .

That’s bad news if you enjoy watching TV with your partner, British relationship expert and Wingman founder Tina Wilson insists, because it means you’re running out of things to talk about.

Dating expert Tina warns that watching too much TV together can be a problem


Dating expert Tina warns that watching too much TV together can be a problemCredit: Getty
She also said to watch out if only one of you takes pictures of you as a couple


She also said to watch out if only one of you takes pictures of you as a coupleCredit: Getty

She also says that never posting pictures together on social media means your partner doesn’t want people to know about you.

Tina talked to FEMAIL about the subtle signs that your relationship may not be working for long.

“With so many couples breaking up during the first lockdown and realizing that they don’t even like each other, it underscores the fact that we really need to choose wisely who we are,” she said. we take our time.

“Daters are smarter than ever and are less tolerant or willing to compromise than they were in pre-pandemic times, so the vigilance for who you might match is at an all-time high. Grand.

“That’s why ‘pink flag’ has become a new term because singles don’t want to waste time looking for their match.”

Tina reveals when you should “act fast to protect yourself from wasting time and ultimately heartbreak”.


Neither of you took pictures together or you were the only one taking pictures of both.

Pink Flag: “Your new interest might be not just taking pictures but checking out his online social networks – how often do they post and what? Are they hiding your existence from their followers? ”

Red flags: “Their Instagram feed is flooded with photos, but you can’t see it, or even worse, they’re dating you but there’s no reference to you anywhere which is seen. Obviously they don’t want people to know about you… move on quickly,” advises Tina.


“Cookies jarring” happen when you are not your lover’s only option and they still haven’t decided if they want to commit to you or not.

Pink flags: “Things are going well but you still haven’t had the ‘talk’ to define your relationship and you wonder why and when this will happen. Something is stopping you from bringing it up. “

Red flags: “You find out you’re not exclusive, and they’re talking or seeing other people behind your back. You are basically one of those ‘cookies’ that they are keeping as an option when things are not going well with the others. Know your self-worth and don’t be redundant,” says Tina.


Love bombing is when your new crush obsessively focuses on you and makes you feel like royalty with their swag.

Pink flags: “Your new partner is showering you with flowers, words of love, endless gifts, and lavish trips – is that really romantic but a bit too fast?”

Red flag: “After the love bombing, they were suddenly quiet for a while before reappearing with love and gifts. Similar to ghosting but the main difference is the behavior during the weeks or months that you’ve been dating.

Tina explains: “Nothing can stop yourself from being bombarded with love, but paying attention to obsessive behaviors early on can make you step back a bit to be more cautious and see real intentions. lucidity”.


“Pocket” is when your love keeps you in their metaphorical pocket until they are sure they see a serious relationship with you.

Pink flags: “You’ve been dating for a few months but your new partner still hasn’t introduced you to their friends and family, which could be a sign that you’re being picked on.”

Red flags: “If you’ve taken the first action and you’ve referred them to your friends and family but they still haven’t introduced you to them, you’re probably at two different emotional stages. touch.

“Don’t rush them if they haven’t gotten there yet but it could show they’re not sure about you. Do you want to waste your time with someone who is not sure about you? ‘ Tina asked.


This happens when communication fades, indicating that your relationship is “fading out”.

Pink flags: “Are calls, texts, and meeting plans becoming less frequent? It could be a sign that your relationship is slowly fading and potentially entering a shaded phase where one of you will stop responding altogether.”

Red flags: “If you find that you are the one trying to get together and make plans for both of you, this is a sign you need to give up.

“If you’re the one in need of closure, spot the signs before the communication stops completely and be ready to move on,” says Tina.


While it can be pleasurable to watch TV with your partner, it can actually be a warning sign.

Pink flags: “You’re overdoing it on Netflix. Watching your new favorite movie together can be fun, but cramming one movie after another means you guys don’t really attract or show interest in each other.”

Red flags: “When you’re on a date but your conversation just revolves around the TV or you don’t see much of it. You are entering relationship disaster,” Tina warns.

If communication has dropped, this could be a sign of'fading' in your relationship


If communication has dropped, this could be a sign of ‘fading’ in your relationshipCredit: Getty

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