Experts Love These Four Sports and Here’s Why

Sports play a significant role in our lives, from childhood years where sports is a serious matter to adulthood where it’s taken as either fitness routine, hobby, or sometimes a profession. People love different kinds of sports. But generally, these are the four most popular sports loved by experts.


Soccer is probably the most popular sport worldwide, with about 4 billion fans. The sport is played in over 200 countries by around 250 million players.

Two teams, each having eleven players, are involved when playing soccer. The players play using a spherical ball on a rectangular field, having a goal at each side. To score, players use any body part other than arms and hands to place the ball into the opposite goal, which the goalkeeper guards.

So, why do many people love it? And what makes soccer popular? Here’s why:

It’s for Everyone

With soccer, there are no physical or age restrictions to play. Whether short or tall, lean or muscular, everyone has an equal opportunity to be in the spotlight and win for their team during the game.

Sports like basketball require their players to be tall; as for American football, players should have a strong physique. There are no gender restrictions, and women can play just like men.

Relatively Safe

Compared to boxing which has a higher risk to players’ safety, soccer is relatively safe. Although accidents happen, as is typical with any game, they are usually minor injuries.


What does it take to play soccer? Players can start the game with a soccer ball, open field, and goalposts. Other games like baseball, rugby, and basketball require basic groundwork for players to play.  

It’s Simple

Often people don’t prefer watching or playing sports they don’t understand. And since soccer is a simple game that’s easy to understand, it’s trendy. Some sports like baseball can confuse fans about an in or an out.


Gold originated in Scotland, although popular in several countries like East Asia, Western Europe, and North America. The game has about 450 million fans. Players attempt to put a small ball in a hole with as few strokes as possible to score. There are several reasons why experts love this sport:

Anyone Can Play

People of any age group can play golf – whether toddlers, adolescents, or older adults. Someone can play from childhood to adulthood and make it a lifetime sport. Others can start playing the game in their crown years and make it a hobby. Since golf is a game of all, it can be a great way of bonding and building relationships if the whole family plays together.

Fair Game

Golf has a feature called the handicap system. This great feature enables players of different abilities to enjoy a close competitive game on a level playing field. During play, players’ scores are averaged over a long time. After averaging, players get a handicap depending on their play level. A weaker player receives a higher handicap to assist them, while a stronger player gets less. Therefore, players should get the best wedge for high handicappers to help improve their game. A good wedge allows players to get closer to the hole and make a better shot. There are different wedges on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. However, with a bit of research, you should be able to find the right wedge for your game. Handicapping allows less skilled players to compete with more skilled ones on a fairground. It also lets women, men, and children play against each other.

It’s Respectful

Golf etiquette consists of rules that players follow while playing. Keeping quiet when others play their shots or congratulating fellow players on good shots are golf traditions and manners. These rules help teach players respect, emotion control, and empathy.  

Great for Relaxation

Golf is not only a sport but an experience too. The stunning green outdoors, beautiful and lush surroundings, and fresh air make golf courses a superb experience for golfers. This extraordinary experience helps relax the mind, improving mental health. It also reduces anxiety, teaches mindfulness, and reduces depression symptoms.


Tennis is a sport with superb dynamics. With about 1 billion followers, tennis is considered a favorite of many. The game involves players on either side of an elongated net attempting to hit a ball using a racket to go past opponents or bounce on the opponents’ side twice, scoring points. Experts love this sport because:

Anyone Can Play

Tennis doesn’t have restrictions. People of different caliber, old and young, men or women, can play the sport. Kids above four years old can play mini tennis. Whether a beginner or a pro, they can all enjoy the game.

You Can Play Alone

In tennis, there’s no need for a team to play. With a ball, racket, and a friend, one can enjoy their time on a tennis court. Many public tennis courts have a backboard, meaning one can also play alone if there’s no one available.  

Improves Health

There are several health benefits of playing tennis, physical, social, and mental. The sport requires speed, coordination, balance, concentration, muscle stamina, and strength. Playing tennis helps players be fit, increasing their focus and mental strength.


With about 825 million fans, basketball is played across the world. There are two teams in this sport. The teams try to dribble a ball up a court and shoot it into a hoop-shaped net to score points. There are different reasons why experts love this game.

All-Weather Sport

Basketball is primarily an outdoor game played in driveways or parks. However, it can also be played indoors, especially during winter.  

Encourages Teamwork

This kind of sport encourages teamwork as players work together in helping them score. It also helps foster collaboration and helps players develop social skills.


Basketball rules are easy to learn. Players need to dribble the ball on the court and shoot it on the net to score.

Fun to Watch

This type of sport is entertaining to watch. Unlike other games, basketball is fast-paced and has a short duration. During the game, there is high anticipation and lots of scoring. The game is also full of excitement and has some of the greatest athletes.

There are different reasons why people love particular sports. For some, it’s the experience, health benefits, or ease of play, while for others, it could be the attire, entertainment, or adventure. Whatever the reason, we hope this article helped provide experts’ most popular sports and why.

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