Expert Copywriting Tips for Beginners

A copywriter is a business professional that writes text, or copy, that is used in product marketing and promotion. An example of something that a copywriter would produce would be a product description box on an eCommerce retailer’s website. In addition to product description boxes, copywriters also produce copy that is published on social media and in press releases.

Copywriters are in high demand nowadays, due to the surge in online businesses and eCommerce shops. People no longer want to buy from high street shops, they want to shop online.

This article will offer a few expert copywriting tips for beginners:

Use Software

Instead of writing your own copy, it is entirely possible for you to enlist the help of expert AI content production software. An AI copy tool can simplify and make the production of copy much easier. Instead of having to write it out yourself, you simply programme the software to write it for you, which you do through the use of keywords and carefully created titles. This software is very affordable, making it a much better option, allowing you to focus your time elsewhere.

Conduct Research

If you are going to manually write copy, then the first thing that you need to do is to conduct research into the subject that you will be writing about. Not conducting research is one of the biggest mistakes that a copywriter can make. It’s very obvious when somebody is writing about a subject that they know absolutely nothing of, because they tend to use lots of filler, and their sentences never arrive at a point. With this in mind, and so your content does not appear unprofessional, take time to research the subject of your copy extensively.

Inject Personality

A lot of people, when they are writing copy, try to avoid injecting their personality into the content, instead choosing to sound as professional as possible. While it’s always important to appear professional in your writing, that doesn’t mean that you can’t insert a little bit of yourself into the article. Often, the people that contract you to write for them will appreciate this. It will make the content sound a lot more natural and less robotic. Consumers pick up on content that sounds robotic, and more often than not stray away from it. A little personality injection can make your content go a long way.

Simplify Content

If you want your audience to be able to read your content – and enjoy it – then you need to simplify it. The hallmark of a good writer is that they are able to break down an incredibly complex subject and make it readable and understandable. The people that contract you to write for them will definitely appreciate it if you simplify the subject to the content’s audience. With that said, do not oversimplify the content, because oversimplification can be misleading. If you oversimplify content you could trick your audience into thinking that they can master the subject that you are writing about overnight, which may not be possible.

Visual Appeal

Your content should look visually appealing. Make sure that you use proper grammar, sentence structure, and paragraphs. If your content appears to have a rhythm, it will be easier for your audience to follow it and read it. Not every writer is able to produce visually appealing articles. An inability to do this can actually impact their efficacy as a writer and can push clients away, stopping them from hiring them. Do your best to produce content that looks good, as well as sounds good.

Tell a Story

Whenever you are writing copy, the best way to encourage your audience to support the brand that you are writing about is to tell a story. With that said, sometimes it is not appropriate to tell stories in the content that you are producing. Check with the person that is contracting you for the work beforehand and ask them what they think and whether a story would work well with the content that you are writing. More often than not, people will agree to this, because it is no secret that stories sell. Storytelling is a crucial part of content marketing because stories are a very effective way of capturing your audience’s attention. 

Audience Satisfaction

Write your content in a way that gives your audience what they want. This is the best way to satisfy your audience. You need to write it for them, not for yourself. When they read it, they should feel like their questions have been answered and their queries satisfied. They should want to buy products from the brand that you are writing about. Bear this in mind when you are writing copy. If you are unable to do this then you need to go back and do some practise, working on your skills again.

Refine Headline

Refine your article’s headline and title, so that it is simple and concise. Overly wordy titles can be very off-putting. Your audience doesn’t want a title that’s just word soup, they want to know what the article is about. If the person that has hired you has a title they want you to follow but you think that it is overly wordy, then get in touch with them and explain this to them. They will likely take your suggestions seriously because after all you are a professional copywriter and they have hired you to write for them. If they do not get on board with your idea, do your best to make the article compensate for the poor title.

Add Intrigue

Your content needs to capture your audience’s attention. One way that copywriters do this is by including flowery words and sentences, as well as opening lines that grab one’s attention. This is suitable in some circumstances, but not all. If you are writing a press release, then flowery sentences are inappropriate, as are attention-grabbing introductions. As a writer, you need to be able to adapt to each piece of copy and each article. If you can’t then you won’t succeed.

Copywriting isn’t easy. If you are new to it and want to excel as a copywriter, then take this article’s advice. If you constantly work at it, you should be able to improve your writing. By doing so, you will make it easier for yourself to get work.

Huynh Nguyen

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