Ex-soldier Harry has finally ignited his bond with Wills after slandering the monarchy in spectacular Technicolor

SO the former army man has finally pulled the pen – and detonated the royal family.

After months of digging, clues and prodding, Prince Harry has finally made his choice.

Harry's Netflix documentary has detonated the royal family


Harry’s Netflix documentary has detonated the royal family
In one fell swoop, Harry has betrayed the company Wills has been trying to keep squeaky clean


In one fell swoop, Harry has betrayed the company Wills has been trying to keep squeaky cleanPhoto credit: Getty

Yes, in the latest trailer for his explosive Netflix docuseries, he slandered the monarchy in spectacular Technicolor and accused a nefarious third party of actively covering for his brother.

“They happily lied to protect my brother (William). They were never willing to tell the truth to protect us,” he growls.

Exactly who “they” are remains to be seen.

But we can probably assume it’s the royal PR machinery, the well-paid men and women behind the palace doors.

The men and women that, like swabs, dental bills, and utility bills, we happily pretended didn’t exist.

Men and women specifically employed to protect the reputation and regulate the palace residents.

Well, William should probably demand a refund because, in one fell swoop, his little brother exposed the dirty workings of royal life and besmirched the brand the runner-up worked so hard to stay whiter than white.

(Which is ironic given that Meghan and Harry have also accused the royal family of being racist monsters).

The biggest problem with this is that for years the British public believed that the royals were decent, hard-working people. . . and what you see is what you get.

The idea that the royal family is no better than fame-hungry starlets — who pay teams of people to make them look good — is infuriating.

In showbiz, I’ve seen firsthand how agents lie, celebrities pull backstabs, and awkward deals are made to maintain relationships.

Reputations were saved, marriages preserved, affairs kept secret.

It can be dirty work. But hey, it’s showbiz.

These are celebrities, they are not taxpayer-funded royals born into a privileged position.

Harry doesn’t make his brother look any better than an inferior member of Hollyoaks.

It shatters the facade of royal life.

When Harry and Meghan left the monarchy, they pledged to uphold the late Queen’s values.

They were expected to follow the Nolan Principles of Public Life, seven standards governing the behavior of people in public office.

These principles are selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

By exposing such a royal secret, exposing it as a filthy lifestyle, he has shaken the integrity of an entire institution.

In signing a £100m deal with Netflix to tell his story and break his open privacy, Harry shows no objectivity or, well, selflessness.

Whether they can keep their titles afterwards remains to be seen.

Of course, Harry would also argue that this is his truth, and so he’s honest, outspoken, and perhaps justifiably holding his family accountable.

After plowing through the first three episodes, I have far more sympathy for him and his wife than I imagined. Harry lived in a cage, albeit gilded.

And considering how the pair have been driving the news agenda over the past few weeks — and this is where I’m talking about them for the second week in a row — their ploy to be “seen” clearly works.

Sometimes Meghan comes across as charismatic, bright and sparkling.

(Poor Kate Middleton, maintaining a dignified silence, must be hating every nanosecond).

It is also undisputed that the couple is very much in love. But they remain oblivious to the possibilities that Harry’s birthright offers and that are yet to come.

In another clip, Harry can be seen grinning at the camera from a plane and saying, “We’re on the Freedom Flight!” (Probably a private Freedom Flight.)

He and Meghan weren’t fleeing war-torn Lviv. The lack of prospects is frightening.

Netflix is ​​a big organization. It has lawyers. Lawyers who would have gone through those transcripts with a fine-toothed comb.

It is reasonable to assume that Harry must have proof of his various claims.

This is certainly the beginning of the end of his and William’s relationship.

LAST week, Harry and Meghan took to the stage to accept a human rights award.

The intrepid duo took time out from their busy schedules to blame the royal family and accuse Brits of being racist in order to be herogrammed for their work on mental health and racial justice.

After all, Harry and Meghan are nothing if they are not principled.

So the event was moderated by Alec Baldwin.

A man who allegedly shot his colleague and once called his daughter a pig.

And nothing screams “Peace Prize for Human Rights” quite like . . .


JUST when the NHS thought things couldn’t get any worse, Richard Madeley emerges at the forefront.

Sleeves rolled up and tie tucked in – “Putting my tie in wasn’t compulsory but I did it myself just in case” – Richard rocked out at poor Whiston Hospital in Merseyside to highlight the strains on emergency departments across the country.

Richard Madeley's stunt to highlight the strain on A&E didn't help at all after he brought his camera crew and barking producers with him


Richard Madeley’s stunt to highlight the strain on A&E didn’t help at all after he brought his camera crew and barking producers with him

Whilst, ahem, A&E is believed to be under considerable strain thanks to a camera crew, barking producers and a panel of six stationed outside reception to discuss the dangers of the NHS.

Seamless, boys, seamless.

It has emerged that nurses may be given bodycam recorders to protect them.

Which is not so much a damning indictment of the NHS as of us, the ‘at large’ British public.

A study in Oxford found that cameras worn on their uniforms made nurses feel safer from aggressive patients.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has raised the possibility with union leaders as he looks for ways to improve the working conditions of nurses without raising the government’s salary offer.

It’s further proof that nurses have one of the toughest – and most underrated – gigs in Britain.


CAN someone please tell me the purpose of Royal Mail?

Sending a first-class letter today not only costs a week’s rent, but also takes around a year before it reaches the recipient. If it matters at all.

Which it invariably doesn’t.

Now that the only mail we ever get comes in the form of basically pathetic brown envelopes (parking fines, council tax or happy notes from HMRC) why do we even need snail mail?

With 18 planned strikes this year, Royal Mail is the only one of all the striking industries that will have virtually no impact.

Clobber is up the creek

NOW I’m for a little bit of comfort over style. But no, Katie Holmes, no.

The Dawson’s Creek star took it back to the early 2000s with this “look” – in the broadest sense of the word – of a dress over frayed jeans paired with trainers.

Is Katie Holmes' terrifying'look' really here to stay?


Is Katie Holmes’ terrifying ‘look’ really here to stay?Photo credit: Getty

Shockingly, style bible Vogue sees this trend as unbroken.

It’s not in Wigan.

Thanks Rob


THANKS to Robbie Williams and Ayda Field for the most whimsical Christmas present of the year.

The couple surprised me with a delivery yesterday – a bottle of champagne, a signed Robbie CD. . . and a pair of Rob’s socks.

Second hand. From Ayda’s own fitness kit range.


£12,000? JOG ON, DIOR…

HONEST, everyone who buys this deserves to fall right off from behind.

Just in time for Christmas, Dior has released a £12,000 treadmill (and a £900 blow-up ball… for jumping?).

Everyone who buys this Dior treadmill deserves to fall off the back


Everyone who buys this Dior treadmill deserves to fall off the backPhoto credit: Dior

The French fashion house describes the limited-edition machine as “sleek, easy-to-use, intuitive and quiet,” adding that it “offers the ultimate running experience.”

Which is basically a massive oxymoron.

“GOBLIN mode” is the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year.

For the uninitiated, the official dictionary definition is “unafraidly smug, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a manner that defies social norms or expectations.”

Think: no makeup, greasy hair, sweatpants, and some kind of grease stain. Bonus points for caked food around your mouth and a matted dreadlock.

A sentence never spoke to me more.

Brilliant advice

The UK Health Security Agency played blind.

The official government agency has once again saved the day with some forward-thinking advice.

“Keep your bedroom windows closed at night,” it warned of this cold snap.



HAVE you ever heard anything more official?

The blobs have been ordered to call their Christmas celebrations “holiday celebrations” to avoid offending other faiths.

In a further step to promote diversity and inclusion, officers have been told not to drink alcohol if a team member is teetotal.

Poor jesus.

An American student's final text has been revealed as a 22-year-old goes missing in France
Mike Leach hospitalized in critical condition as college issues statement

All the trouble turning water into wine.

And 2,000 years later, here we are, cheerily cinching H20 on its special day.

https://www.the-sun.com/news/6900995/harry-detonated-bond-with-william/ Ex-soldier Harry has finally ignited his bond with Wills after slandering the monarchy in spectacular Technicolor


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