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Stardew Valley is bursting with content for players to enjoy. There’s a rich story and community implications, as well as plenty of post-game content. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the cinema.

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Available later in the game, the cinema replaces the JojaMart store. Here you will be able to invite villagers to watch movies with you. First, let’s see how to unlock the cinema.

Updated January 12, 2022, by Ashely Claudino: The movie theater is one of the last places you’ll unlock in Stardew Valley. It’s late game stuff you have to complete the Joja route or the Community Center and it’s definitely worth doing to get access to this awesome place where you can take your NPC friends Let’s go. We’ve updated this article and added some details about certain characters like Linus and Krobus and about how the movie rotation works.

How to unlock the cinema

jojamart from Stardew valley abandoned at night
via Noella / Steam

To unlock the cinema you need to Complete Community Center. Once the Community Center is completed, JojaMart will move out of their building, leaving it abandoned.

When you enter the abandoned building, you will see a small sign for the missing Bouquet. This is the final pack in the game. Check out our complete guide to complete the missing package.

Once completed, Junimo’s will transform the abandoned building into a movie theater!

If you choose to follow JojaMart plot and turn the Community Center into their inventory, you can still have a movie theater. A payment of 500,000g will turn the building into a cinema.

Buy ticket

Stardew Valley's ticket booths revolve around the cinema

Once the theater is unlocked, you can start watching movies!

To enter the cinema, you will need a ticket in advance. Tickets can be purchased at the front of the theater, in the right window. You can see the circled window above.

One ticket will cost 1,000g. You can use this ticket for yourself, but you can also invite villagers to join you. If you’re going with a villager, don’t forget to buy two tickets; one for each of you.

After you buy your ticket, give it to the people in the village you want to watch the movie with. Next, just walk into the cinema on the day you gave it to them. If you wait a day, then the villagers will forget and not participate in the movie. You can buy extra tickets for future use, but don’t give them to the villagers unless you plan to go that day.

Each villager has a different preference for watching movies, so let’s take a look at each movie the cinema has to offer.

Movies available

movie theater with steppe king's journey is showing moving pictures
via emem / Steam

* Eight different movies showing in theaters. These movies run on a two-year cycle and unlock at different times. This means you will be able to watch different movies from time to time. The first movie unlocked will depend on the season in which the player unlocks the cinema. So, if the cinema is built in the spring, The Brave Little Sapling will be the first to air, but if it is unlocked in the fall, then Mysterium will be the first.

Outside the cinema there will be two different posters. The poster on the left is for the movie currently playing and the poster on the right is for the movie that will be showing next week.

Villagers can love, like or dislike a movie. When you invite a villager to watch a movie they love, you will earn 200 friendship points. If they like the movie, you’ll earn 100 friendship points. If you take them to see a movie they don’t like, their friendship won’t be affected.

Below, you can check out all 8 movies and when they unlock. Also, you will see which movie the villagers prefer.

Movie Unlocked The villagers love this movie
The Brave Little Sapling Spring, year 1 Caroline, Dwarf, Jas, Penny, Sandy, Vincent
Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture Summer, year 1 Caroline, Dwarf, Jas, Robin, Sandy, Vincent
Mysterium Autumn, year 1 Abigail, Dwarf, Elliott, Leah, Sandy, Sebastian, Wizard
Miracle at Coldstar Ranch Winter, year 1 Dwarf, Emily, Evelyn, Gus, Harvey, Marnie, Sandy
Natural Wonders: Explore our vibrant world Spring, year 2 Demetrius, Dwarf, Jas, Lewis, Leo, Maru, Sandy
Wumbus Summer, year 2 Alex, Demetrius, Dwarf, Gus, Jas, Maru, Pierre, Sam, Sandy, Shane, Vincent
It howls in the rain Autumn, year 2 Abigail, Alex, Dwarf, Sandy, Sebastian, Shane
Zuzu City Express Winter, year 2 Dwarf, Evelyn, George, Harvey, Jodi, Sandy

Above, you may have noticed that Some villagers don’t have a favorite movie. These villagers include Haley, Clint, Kent, Krobus and Willy. Let’s take a look at each of these villagers’ hobbies.

Haley Liked all movies except:

  • Journey of the Steppe King
  • Wumbus
Clint Liked all movies except:
Kent Liked all movies except:

  • Mysterium
  • It howls in the rain
Krobus just love Mysterium
Will y like all the movies

Linus doesn’t like all the movies available at the cinema. Perhaps, since he was an outcast and didn’t get along with anyone in town, he simply preferred going about his day rather than spending it on the movies.

Besides, random villagers will have a chance to attend. If the villagers were Pam, then Penny would love the movie, whatever it was. Random villagers in the audience won’t be affected by the movie playing, so you won’t get any friendship points from their presence.

Franchise available

cinema inside with disc player, penny, emily and sand
via Hayashi Leroi / Steam

While at the cinema, you will also have the opportunity to purchase various offers.

Like movies, villagers will have a preference for snacks in their movies. A favorite snack will earn you 50 friendship points, and a favorite snack will earn you 25 friendship points. Snake dislike will not affect friendship.

Below you can find a complete list of all the snacks and preferences of the villagers. Out of 24 snacks, 5 will be randomly selected for you to purchase.

Snack Price The villagers love this snack
Apple slices 100g Harvey
Black licorice 25g George, Krobus, Magician
Cappuccino Mousse Cake 220g Elliott, Evelyn, Gus, Haley
Chocolate Popcorn 130g Jodi
Cotton candy 50g Penny, Sandy
French fries 100g Clint
Hummus Snack Pack 90g Shane
Ice cream sandwich 150g Marnie
Jasmine tea 50g Harvey, Lewis, Sebastian
Jawbreaker 250g Vincent
Joja Cola 40g Shane
JojaCorn 10g Shane
Kale smoothie 120g Emily
Nachos 100g Pam, Shane
Panzanella Salad 200g Gus, Leah
Personal Pizza 150g Sam, Pierre, Shane
Popcorn 120g Demetrius, Kent
Hard candy 90g Abigail, Dwarf
Salmon Burger 150g Alex, Linus, Willy
Salted Peanuts 120g Robin
Sour slimes 80g Jas
Star Cookies 150g Evelyn, Gus, Maru, Mage
Stardrop Sorbet 1,250g Everyone (except Krobus)
Truffle Popcorn 180g Caroline, Elliot, Gus

Every villager has a favorite snack. Buying a snack is optional, but if there’s a villager’s favorite available, you should definitely buy it.

How to play crane game

stardew valley crane game with bonus
via LorienBlackmore / Steam

Finally, we have the crane game. When entering the cinema, you will see the crane game in the upper left corner. This game can be played before watching the movie. There is a 25% chance that a person will stand in front of the machine and you will not be able to play it. Also, you cannot play the crane game after a movie is over.

Above you can see the crane game in action. It sounds a bit confusing at first, so let’s take a look at how to play.

Crane Games price 500g and you will have three chances to win a prize. Every effort will last 15 seconds, starting from the first time you move the crane.

First, you will move the crane horizontally. After you move horizontally, you will move the crane vertically. Then the crane will drop down and try to grab a prize. The prizes will be on a carousel, but you can find rare prizes hidden in the ornamental bushes. These will reveal themselves if you drop another prize on top.

Like the crane game in real life, This crane has a chance to drop the item when transferring it to the collection bin.

Below you can see every price the crane game offers. Each season, there will be a new selection of awards. The prizes won’t change each year, so if you miss a seasonal award, you can try again the following year.

Whole year
  • Futan Bears (normal and large) and Futan Rabbit
  • Push the little Junimo
  • Dinosaur eggs
  • Omni Geode
  • Farm Warp Totem
  • Mega Bomb
  • Cinema ticket
  • Exotic and luxurious tree
  • Factory 13
  • Movie poster from the current movie
  • Indoor hanging basket
  • Push the rabbit
  • Lawn Flamingo
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Seasonal Plants (1, 2, 3 or 6)
  • Indoor brush
  • If Wumbus is playing: Wumbus Statue, Bobo . Statue
  • If Steppe King’s Journey is playing: Long palm tree, long cactus
  • Wall Pumpkin (normal and small)
  • Tombstone dried flowers
  • Viper or purple snake statue
  • Winter tree decal
  • Candy sticks
    • big red and green stick
    • normal red and green sticks
    • mixed sticks
  • The Tree of the Winter Star

Not all of these awards will be available at the same time. Each time you play a game, the prizes will be random. If you play twice in one hit, the prize will be different.

Tips for visiting the cinema

inside stardew cinema with sebastian lines
via Luna / Steam

Taking a villager to the cinema is a little different than giving a gift. You can give gifts to villagers twice a week, resetting every Sunday. This means you can give gifts on Friday and Saturday, then give them again on Sunday.

* With movies, there is a ‘cooldown’ period. If you invite a villager to a movie, they won’t want to come back for seven days. Try to replace the people you invite to the movies. Krobus, however, is not in the movies on Friday, perhaps for the same reason he wanted to remain silent on that same day, paying his respects to Yoba.

When you watch the movie, don’t forget to enjoy! Every movie has a story and we even rate all movies for you.

Overall, the cinema is a great place to get to know your villagers. It is unlocked later in the game, so you may already have strong friendships with the villagers of Pelican Town, but don’t forget to bring Krobus, Dwarf, and Leo from Ginger Island!

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