Everything you need about Pokemon’s weather system

Weather effects were introduced in Pokemon Generation II and has been a mainstay in the series ever since. They have been used as combat mechanics and as a way to change the landscape aesthetically. So far the series has introduced Rain, Hail, Severe Sunshine, Sandstorms, and even Fog as weather conditions that affect combat conditions.

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Most players will focus on Rain when teaming up based on the weather, and while Rain is arguably the most offensive weather condition, ignoring others will be harmful to your victory. Weathermen control the story in Pokemon, so take your time to learn all you can about how weather can be used in each Generation.

ten Acid rain

Acid Rain glitch occurs in Pokemon Platinum while Magneton and Parasect take damage

This weird glitch weather only occurs in Pokemon Platinum, Heartgold, and Soulsilver. This weather will take effect if any weather has occurred and a Pokemon tries to move out but faints due to the Pursuit move. If this happens, all weather effects will occur at once, damaging every Pokemon on the field four times at the end of each turn. Even Pokemon that are immune to normal weather take damage, and this effect lasts for the rest of the battle.

While this effect is rare and usually harms all players, there is a way for this glitch to be abused. If a Pokemon has an Ability like Dry Skin or Ice Body that can heal them from weather conditions, that Pokemon will instead be healed four times per turn, not damaged.


9 Weather affects accuracy

Foggy weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Although weather affects accuracy, it is only for certain moves. Hurricane, Thunder, and Blizzard moves all start at a basic accuracy check of 70 percent. The accuracy of these specific moves can be enhanced under certain weather conditions. Rain increases Thunder and Storm’s accuracy by 100 percent, while Hail does the same for Snowstorms.

In contrast, certain weather conditions can severely limit the accuracy of these moves. Harsh Sun reduces Thunder and Hurricane accuracy by 50%, although Blizzard is unaffected. Also, it should be noted that the move Aurora Veil can only be used while Hail is falling.

8 Darkness Aura

a Shadow Absol in Pokemon DX

Shadowy Aura is a weather effect exclusive to Pokemon DX. It can happen at certain places in the game or be summoned by a Shadow Sky moving Shadow Pokemon. This weather effect will damage any non-Dark Pokemon on the field for 1/16 health per turn. It will also increase the power of Shadow moves by 50 percent.

This weather condition is only present in this game and is dependent on the existence of Shadow Pokemon. While we haven’t seen these weather conditions since that title, Pokemon Go now uses Shadow Pokemon. This could mean we’ll soon see a revival of Shadow Pokemon in the main series games, and so this weather condition could be brought back.

7 Weather affects healing

a shiny Palossand from Pokémon Sword and Shield

Weather conditions can affect the amount of HP restored by certain moves. For example, Moonlight, Synthesis, and Morning Sun all restore 50% of health when used in conditions of no weather or strong winds. This can be increased to 75 percent health when used in Harsh Sun. It will drop to just 25 percent when used in cloudy weather.

These pieces of information can be relatively common knowledge for longtime players. What many people don’t know, however, is that Shore-Up moves are also affected by the weather. This HP recovery move is exclusive to Pokemon Sandygast and Palossand. It restores 50 percent health in any other weather conditions but increases to 75 percent in Sandstorm.

6 Stats change depending on the weather

Sandstorm in the covered world of Pokemon Sword and Shield with Golurk in the background

Weather can make many Pokemon much stronger, while it can paralyze others. Cherrim’s Flower Gift increases not only its own Special Attack and Defense in Inclement Weather, but also that of any allies on the battlefield. Additionally, Rock-type Pokemon gain 50% Special Defense during Sandstorm.

Weather can also have negative effects. In Generation 4, Mist has been introduced. This weather effect does not increase any stats. Instead, it exists only to reduce the accuracy of all Pokemon by 10%, although this is no longer the case. Harsh Sun reduces the power of Water-type moves by 50%. Rain will also do the same with Fire attacks.

5 Weather and capture rate

Three types of weather in Pokemon Go Overworld, Sunny, Rainy and Snowy

Pokemon are increasingly turning to their weather systems to make the game more immersive. Where can Immersive Weather be found in both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sword and Shield Certain Pokemon only appear in the underworld if certain weather conditions are met. Pokemon like Combee, Lampent, and Umbreon can only be found if the correct weather conditions are in play.

Pokemon Go follows this trend by making certain types of Pokemon more likely to appear in certain weathers. Sunny or clear weather increases the spawn rate of Fire, Grass, and Ground Pokemon. Snow spawns Ice and Steel, Mist for Shadows and Ghosts, Rain for Water, Electricity and Bugs, Cloudy for Fairies, Battles and Poisons, and Wind for Dragons, Psychic and Flying.

4 High school weather?

Pokemon Sun screenshot of Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko, and Tapu Bulu, in Grassy Terrain. Electric Terrain and Grass Terrain

As the Pokemon universe expanded and new typologies were added, the team at GameFreak found that not all weather can cover the many typologies associated with the series. Primary Weather includes real-world weather effects that affect less mystical typefaces including, Severe Sun, Rain, etc. Terrain forms.

The Pokemon war machine shows no signs of slowing down, and so new typing is inevitable. To keep the new typefaces relevant in combat situations, new weather conditions will likely be created to promote these typefaces.

3 Weather developments

Sliggo evolves into Goodra in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Weather has been talked about a lot throughout this article as a means of combat. But did you know the weather affects gameplay beyond battle? Some Pokemon must meet specific weather conditions to evolve.

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At the time of this writing, only Sliggoo uses weather as a means of evolution. Sliggoo will evolve if exposed to Rain at level 50. While it’s the only Pokemon that currently evolves when exposed to weather, it’s very likely that it will become a popular topic in the future once it’s gone. introduced as a mechanic.

2 Pledge Weather

Sea of ​​Flames weather is the result of Fire and Grass Pledge in Pokemon Generation 5

Introduced in Generation 5, Grass, Water, and Fire Pledge are combo damage. Many players ignore these moves, as they can only be fully effective in Doubles or Triple Battles. These moves deal nearly double the damage, and have a secondary weather effect when used together.

When Water and Fire Pledge are used during the same turn, a Rainbow falls to the allied team for the remainder of the turn. This rainbow grants an ally a stack of Serene Grace with the same Ability. If Fire and Grass Pledge are used together, it will damage the opposing team’s Pokemon with 1/8 health unless they are Fire type at the end of each turn. Grass and Water Pledge create a swamp on the opponent’s side that reduces the speed of those Pokemon for four turns.

first Abilities and weather

Castform Various weather forms Pokemon

Many Pokemon have the ability to make the most of the weather, and so should you. Solar increases a Pokemon’s Special Attack by one stage but causes them to lose 1/8 HP as long as the harsh Sunlight remains. Sand Force increases the power of Stone, Steel and Ground attacks by 30% in a sandstorm.

Such possibilities are not always offensive. Snow Cloak makes Pokemon harder to hit in Hail, while Sand Veil has the same effect in Sandstorm. Swift Swim Increases Pokemon’s speed in the rain, while Chlorophyll does the same thing in Harsh Sun. Ice Body heals one Pokemon each turn Hail falls, Rain Dish and Dry Skin do the same in Rain.

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shocked pokemon
This is what AI-generated Pokemon looks like

Pokemon artists must have run out of ideas. It is possible to let an AI have a crack.

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