Every Season of Supernatural Rated Worst


The 12th season of “Supernatural” returns to Lucifer’s well once again, but there’s a twist: Lucifer is hopping the vessels to try to find one that can hold him without disintegrating. This leads to some interesting pranks, especially since Lucifer owns a rock star played by Rick Springfield. But that’s not the only thing going on in this jam-packed season.

Not only did Lucifer, in the guise of the US president, impregnated the commander in chief’s assistant, leading to the imminent birth of a half-human/half-angel Nephilim, this part also introduces a much less menacing threat in The Bible in the form of Men of Letters from England. The newcomers were better funded, better trained, and more deadly than the American hunters, and they proved to be as much of a threat as the monsters Winchester regularly confronted.

The season also features the revival of Sam and Dean’s mother, Mary after decades of separation, leading to an unlikely reunion and Mary’s unfortunate alliance with the Men of the English Mail. If that wasn’t enough, during the season’s finale, the Winchesters and their allies do everything in their power to keep Lucifer away from his newborn son, leading to his gruesome death. Crowley and Castiel, simultaneously banishing Mary and Lucifer to an alternate dimension.

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