Every possible way to get mod components

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Fate 2 no stranger to currencies. Guardians must face hundreds of enemies to obtain Masterwork materials, planetary resources, Upgrade Modules, strange consumables, and more common materials like Legendary Shards.

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Mod Components were once a fairly common material that players could find, although the introduction of the Destiny Content Vault changed this. Many reliable farming methods Mod Ingredients have been removed, providing players with limited options for completing their mod collection through Banshee-44 and HELM’s War Table. Fortunately, there are still ways to get Mod Components with little effort. Let’s look at every possible way to get Mod Components in Destiny 2.

Updated January 20, 2022, by Charles Burgar: To help you prepare for The Witch Queen expansion and beyond, we’ve updated this guide to include a section discussing the best way to get current Mod Components. If you are willing to farm Dares of Eternity, you can earn a large amount of Mod Components in a short period of time. We’ve also made some minor tweaks to the guide to make it easier to navigate.

How to get mod components

Destiny 2 mod components

With the sunset of many vendors and activities in Beyond Light, Mod Components has become much more sparse. The switch from consumable mods to a reusable system has also made dismantling mods no longer an option. Regardless, there are currently three ways that you can get Mod Components:

Method Type Quantily
Banshee-44 Dailies Bonus 2
Removing Y1 Gear Is different. first
Dismantling mode Is different. first

Gunsmith Bounties

Destiny 2 Gunsmith Bounties

Number of mod components: 2 for each bonus

Banshee-44 sells four daily bonuses that each grant two Mod Components. These bonuses are quite easy to complete, your task is to defeat the enemy with certain weapons. Since daily bonuses are tied to your character, you can complete up to 12 of these bonuses per day if you have three characters, up to 24 Mod Components that you can earn daily. This is the best way to get Mod Components if you can’t use next method.

Dismantling the device and mode

Destiny 2 mod components

Number of mod components: 1 for each dismantled item (weapon is not guaranteed to drop Mod Components)

Despite what the Mod Components description states, Legendary Gear currently does not grant Mod Components. Dismantling any armor shards using the Armor 2.0 system (every piece of armor obtained since Shadowkeep) will not give Mod Components. The weapons you acquire from Shadowkeep and beyond follow a similar system, as it’s an expansion that makes weapon mods reusable. To be clear, we’re referring to any gear you get from Shadowkeep and beyond, not just the gear tied to that expansion.

With that said, Legendary Year 1 Weapons level Mod Components when dismantled. From limited testing, it appears that only weapons offer Mod Components; 1st year armor only for Blacksmith Materials and legendary pieces. This allows veteran Destiny 2 players who played in Year 1 to obtain Mod Components by recreating weapons from their collection and then dismantling them. This is a rather slow way to get Mod Components, but it is a decent alternative for bounty farming.

Additionally, any deprecated mods in your Modifications tab (found in your Inventory screen) can be removed for each Mod Component. These mods include Transcendent Blessings, retired Leviathan raid mod, Paragon armor mod, Hive raid mod, Fallen raid mod, and backup Sweaty Confetti mod. Veteran players who have never dismantled these can do so to receive a large amount of Mod Components.

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Best way to get mod components

Destiny 2 Xur and Starhorse

By far the best way to farm Mod Components is by get and remove Sweaty Confetti weapon mod. This mod comes from the Dares of Eternity and Xur’s Treasure Hoard in Eternity game modes — both freebies added in the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack. Completing Dares of Eternity has a chance to give you this mod. If you don’t get it, you can use the Treasure Key obtained from Dares to buy spare Sweaty Confetti mods from Xur’s Treasure.

This is arguably the best Mod Component farm because of the popularity of the Sweaty Confetti mod. Running Dares of Eternity will give you this mod and the currency that you can use, you guessed it, buy more Sweaty Confetti mod. If you hate Gunsmith daily bonus farming and want a good farm, this is your best bet.

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