Every position of a punishable enemy in Shin Megami Tensei

Here’s where to find all of the Punishers in Shin Megami Tensei V, including information on how to defeat them.

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Scattered around Shin Megami Tensei 5The desolate world of Da’at is filled with treasures. The caches are filled with gubbins, little demons tied to Glory, and titanic petrified demon from the ancient past. Some treasures are hidden in plain sight – but they are usually guarded by the Punisher.

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Giant demons represent what a normal demon stands for, these enemies are not for the faint of heart. Most, if not all, have the potential to kill you on first encounter and dodging is the best strategy. However, they are not immortal, and killing them is usually well rewarded.

What is the punishing enemy?

SMT5 Amon Scanned

Punishment enemies, like all demons, roam the various regions of Da’at – Minato, Shinagawa, Chiyodaand Big ears. However, unlike an ordinary demon, The punitive enemies are significantly stronger. Usually accompanied by a level boost, as well as bonuses to their stats, Punishers act as optional mini-bosses that roam the world.

You can detect the Punisher Enemy just by looking at the size of the demon approaching you. Punishers are significantly larger than their ilk and this is also shown on your minimap. Furthermore, once you have seen the Punishment Enemy up close, they are marked on your map for easy tracking later. Usually much later.

Some Punishers are linked to Side Quests and will not appear on your map. These enemies are usually directed by the game as you get close. This also means that some Punishers aren’t unlocked until you’ve progressed the main story far enough or completed a series of prerequisite Side Quests.

Reward for defeating punitive enemies

SMT 5 Xuanyu Battle

Punishing enemies, like a standard boss, tend to grant large amounts of EXP. Defeating them at the intended time (mostly mid game) will reap the most benefits. Many Punishers are also involved in Side Quests, so killing them usually gives you Experience Points, Essences, Special Fusions and Amulets.

Notebook, you cannot communicate with the Punisher Enemy like a regular demon. This means that you cannot convince them to join your ranks. However, you can run away from them – unlike a regular boss.

Where to find all punishing enemies

SMT5 Loki Scan

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